Brent Grimes done for season with Achilles injury

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The smiles about the Falcons’ 40-24 thumping of the Chiefs are about to get a little smaller.

Falcons coach Mike Smith opened his Monday press conference by announcing that cornerback Brent Grimes is heading to injured reserve. Grimes left Sunday’s game late with what was being called a calf injury, but an MRI revealed that Grimes suffered a major injury to his Achilles. He won’t be designated for a possible return, which means that Grimes is done for the year after less than one game.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Grimes. He’s heading toward free agency after failing to reach agreement on a long-term deal with the Falcons after getting the franchise tag this offseason. Grimes will now have to prove that he’s healthy to get any deal and whatever he gets is almost certainly going to be a lot smaller than either a new long-term deal or the 20 percent pay bump he’d see if the Falcons chose to franchise him again.

It’s not ideal for Atlanta, obviously, but they do still have Dunta Robinson and Asante Samuel to plug in at corner. It’s a step down from Grimes, to be sure, but things could be worse. Based on Sunday, their offense could also be prepared to carry the defense in a few contests should that be the only way the Falcons can get themselves a win.

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  1. Its only been a matter of time for Atlanta.

    They’ve been pretty injury free in their 4 year winning season run.

    If they could only play the Chiefs every week….

  2. Here’s wishing Brent a full recovery so he can continue his career.
    Bad timing to miss your best CB with Peyton Manning next up.

  3. That sucks. I hate the Falcons, but I can respect a good player, and he was a really good player. Hate for that to happen to anyone. Hope he makes a full recovery.

  4. that’s why we see hold outs one major injury and it impacts how much he can potentially make…gonna be hard for him to get all that guaranteed money he was expecting after this yr…get well

  5. That’s the problem with the franchise tag. I don’t know why the player’s union allowed for the tag in the last CBA. Grimes has been forced to play under the tag. Sure, he gets paid a lot this year, but he just lost millions as he will now not get near the contract when the tag expires that he would have if he would have stayed healthy. When a contract expires, it expires. To force a player to either accept a tag for one year or sit out is pure BS.

  6. Anyone who watched the Falcons over the past 5 or 6 years knows the absolute leaps and bounds that Grimes has made in his game. From NFL Europe, to the most fan hated player on the team, to a player that has All-Pro ability to shutdown receivers despite his size. He has unique athleticism I have never seen before.

    As one of my favorite players, it is absolutely awful to see him go down on a team that has potential for its greatest success yet. Wow.

  7. This is why players holdout for long term deals! Feel bad for the guy since he got franchised.
    From a Bucs fan, I hope him all the best in his recovery and hope he can come back next year like AP has this year

  8. The Falcons whipped the Chiefs. No argument from me. But don’t in one breath say “injuries can kill this team” then say “if they could play the Chiefs every week” in the next. The Chiefs were without their starting pro bowler Hali, soon to be pro bowler Flowers and a solid starting FS Lewis. A healthy Chiefs team would’ve likely beat the Falcons at home. The Chiefs out produced in every category except the one that matters, score. Good luck Falcons, you won easily and deservingly.

  9. Very sad to hear this news. I’m a Saints’ fan, and he was the guy on that defense who really scared me. He made an unbelievable pick against us I’ll never forget. Hate to hear this–I wanted to beat the Falcons at full strength! Hope he has a speedy & full recovery.

  10. People who complain about the franchise tag are being ridiculous. It was agreed to by the NFLPA, and agreeing to it got them some concession from the owners that they felt was important. If it really is horrible, next time around insist on getting rid of it and expect in response to have to give the owners some concession in return.

  11. To jason49er — What happens is the achilles snaps and rolls up the calf creating an apple-sized sore in the middle of the calf muscle. I suspect Grimes did not completely rupture it otherwise it’s easy to diagnose. I tore mine playing tennis and it was a no-brainer. For a pro athlete even a partially torn tendon is as good as a fully torn one. It’s gonna blow eventually.

  12. I had a full rupture of my achilles (sounded like a shotgun going off). You’re ruined, never the same, not even close. That ones a crippler.

  13. Franchise tag worked out fair. Grimes gets paid big money for this season. Team does not have him locked into big money for future years without knowing what he will be able to give.

    I don’t know why people think it is fair for a player to get paid big money up front in case he can’t complete the contract due to injury. Look at it from the other direction. Suppose Grimes got the big new deal in the off-season, he’d have the big bonus and possible 1 game to show for it.

    The system works fine. Sometimes to the players advantage, sometimes to the teams, sometimes just right. Seems odd that people tend to root for a guy to (or feel bad that he didn’t) “get paid” before he got hurt and couldn’t earn his contract.

  14. Don’t know if it’s good conditioning, dumb luck or a combination of both, but the Falcons have had relatively few major/season-ending injuries in the Mike Smith era…this may be the biggest. Don’t know if Asante Samuel has lost as much as Eagles fans seem to think, but Falcon fans are sure glad they spent some money & a 7th round pick for him now…..

  15. I dont want to group all ATL fans in the same group because every team has good and bad fans, but I had quite a few call me an idiot for saying Hali/Flowers would have made a difference Sunday… I wonder if when they struggle Grimmes missing will ever come up?

    I hope he comes back strong, not wishing any ill will.

    Its amazing the difference stars make in a game.

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