Bucs say LeGarrette Blount wasn’t injured


During Sunday’s game between the Panthers and the Bucs, Tampa running back LeGarrette Blount seemed to be injured.

The specific injury wasn’t clear.  As the video shows, he seemed to be wobbly and he seemed to be woozy and he landed on the ground and he grabbed his knee.  He then left the game and didn’t return.

It almost looked like he was feeling the potential effects of a concussion and opted to grab his knee in order to throw off the trainers or anyone else who may keep him from returning.  But he ultimately didn’t return.

According to Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times, the team says Blount wasn’t injured.  Still, there was no sign of him following the non-injury injury.

After the game, Blount was long gone from the locker room before the media had a chance to conduct interviews.  He finished with eight yards on three carries.

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  1. Saw it live and he got hit helmet-to-helmet and then wobbled big time getting up.

    After watching Martin hit holes with no hesitation and Ware play well on 3rd downs, Blount may be done in Tampa.

    He just doesn’t run with much authority most of the time.

  2. I thought he was dancing at first – which really irritated me as a Panthers fan. Then I thought maybe he was having a seizure! Then he fell down and grabbed his knee. Who knows. Strange though. I will be curious to know the end result.

  3. @pantherstime…

    As a Bucs fan, i thought the same thing… I was wondering why he’s busy celebrating a short run and not getting ready for the next play.

    Then when he hit the ground, i saw him grab more towards his hamstring and started extending his leg out a couple times (like riding a bike).

    My ASSumption is that he cramped up a little bit, but i’m sure we’ll never know the truth. Schiano looks like he’ll be the next Belichick, as far as player information is concerned…

  4. It took me one game to become a complete and utter Doug Martin fanboy, but I still want them to use Blount more. 24 carries for Martin is a lot, and there’s a lot of value in having a second back to carry the ball 10-12 times a game. Blount’s running style annoys me in lots of ways (nobody that big should go down at first contact as often as he does), but he stillc an be an effective hammer to spell Martin a bit.

  5. I thought he had cramps in his leg and was trying to loosen it up and then just fell. I could see the concussion.

  6. Martin averaged 4.0 yards a carry, and only got that on his last carry. Blount has a carrier 4.6 yards per carry average and has already produced huge plays at the NFL. Martin will be a good back, solid. But Blount, if they actually used him, could be a star. Schiano, if you read the Sp Times articles doesn’t let his players show they’re tired in practice, because real men don’t sweat. So the fact that something happened to Blount means he’s not a tough guy like Schiano so he pulled him out of the game.

    But you know the Bucs offense did score 16 points, so it’s not like they needed any more offensive help – we score 16 points every game and we’ll be 16-0 come the end of the season.

  7. Definitely was a concussion. Hines Ward admitted to doing the same thing. Players know they won’t go back onto the field if it’s concussion-like symptoms.

  8. I could see concussion, although he didn’t look that wobbly, his moves looked pretty coordinated and I think if you were knocked silly it probably wouldn’t be so much dancing.

    I also find it hard to believe that after getting concussed and wobbling around, someone would have the wherewithal to grab a leg instantly. That has to be pretty far from your mind unless you’ve 1) been concussed before and missed time or 2) you’ve been told to do that the minute you suspect a concussion.

  9. Just so I am clear…you think that it was possible he may have had a concussion and his cognitive abilities were clear enough IMMEDIATELY post-concussion to fake a knee injury.

    You’ve had a ton of concussions, haven’t you?

  10. It is fairly clear that his right leg failed as he was trying to get up and he was hopping on his left leg while trying stay upright. His right leg just wasn’t straightening back out. Then he slaps his hamstring a few times. Cramp, pulled hammy…

  11. “From what i understand…. Blount missed a block and Schiano took him out of the game…”

    Actually he missed a tackle on the first play of the series he got hurt on, however he was still in there 7 plays later when he got hurt. Schiano pulled Blount because real men don’t get hurt — just look at Joesph, he had the gull to get an ACL injury so Schiano benched him for the year. Schiano is a tough guy, if we were playing the Bears and an actual bear attacked him he’d turn around, put the bear in a headlock and kick it in the balls. Tough guy indeed.

  12. Was at the game by Bucs bench. Blount missed a block that lead to freeman getting hit as he threw the ball. That is why he was not in the game. Dj ware and martin did a great job picking up blitzes almost the whole game. Just a bottom line buisness for schianno, if they can’t pass with Blount in game, it tips off the run!

  13. Blount DID NOT miss a block… he blocked the blitzer straight up and got pushed back a little bit.

    CLEARLY Schiano was telling him on the sideline that he wanted Blount to cut block the blitzing defender, which he did not.

    Personally, I didn’t have a major problem with Blount, not cut blocking the blitzer as he is big enough to take on a LB head-to-head and cut blocking is only effective if the QB gets rid of the ball on time because a cut defender can usually get up and get pressure by the time the QB is scanning for his 2nd or 3rd option. The block was decent, not great, but that was clearly was Schiano was talking to Blount about.

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