Cam Newton not happy with himself after Panthers’ loss


Is Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in for a sophomore slump? It looked liked a possibility on Sunday, when he struggled through an ugly 16-10 loss to the Buccaneers.

Newton was hard on himself after the game, saying he was at a loss to explain his two interceptions.

I don’t know what you want me to say,” Newton told reporters. “No one likes losing. The most frustrating part on my behalf is knowing I wish I could have those two throws back.”

Newton called his second interception, on which he misfired on a pass to Steve Smith and was picked off by Buccaneers safety Ahmad Black, “disgusting.” And Panthers coach Ron Rivera admitted that Newton didn’t look like himself out there.

“He did make some mistakes and it was, at times, unlike him,” Rivera said.

The Newton who was on the field in Tampa on Sunday was unlike the Newton who played a spectacular rookie season. The Panthers need last year’s Newton back on the field soon.

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  1. Maybe, just maybe last season was a total fluke and we are now seeing the true Cam Newton that most experts predicted we would see last year

  2. Cam wasn’t very good, but the O-line couldn’t stop anyone. The Bucs rushed 3 or 4 only at times & were still in the backfield. A very pathetic showing for that group. And shame on the coaching staff for not adjusting to account for the Bucs pass rush.

  3. Like I’ve been saying ever since the Cats drafted Newton, he’s never going to be an elite quarterback until he learns it’s all about TEAM instead of all about ME.

    He’s in commercials plugging products, he’s sporting his attire for GQ, and he’s wearing a white towel on his head to draw more attention to himself.

    We’re going to see that white towel on his bowed down head a lot this season. Earlier I predicted 8-8 for the Panthers. That now seems overly optimistic given the pathetic performance from the defense, the offense, the special teams, and the coaching.

    When a second year head coach with as many years NFL coaching experience as Rivera has admits a first year NFL coach befuddled him with “new looks,” you know you have a team with problems.

    Big problems.

  4. Cam’s problem is simple: Make him a passer, and they’re a pretty easy team to beat. When he can become a rusher is when he truly becomes a threat. But let him throw for all the yards he wants, it just makes him a one dimensional QB.

  5. If 23/33 for 303 and a TD with 1 “acceptable” tipped INT and one bad INT is a “slump” then I will take it. Considering at one point he was sacked by 5 guys – FIVE before he could drop back 5 steps – I would put that one of the line – not some phantom slump.

  6. He needs to stop going for the home run every play. Once he figures out that throwing it 40+ yards every play isn’t the way to go, Carolina will have a truly unstoppable offense. Until then, the INTs are going to continue to rack up.

  7. Cam Newton was actually pretty good, he’s just a competitor and is really hard on himself.

    The O-line stunk and the running game which has been a staple in Carolina for years was non-existent. The run blocking was bad and pass protection may have been worse.

    Newton’s going to be fine, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Carolina beat the Saints this week.

  8. It won’t get any better the Saints are coming to town. They are known for destroying teams after a big loss. Can’t wait for Drew to school this rookie, and you all know it’s gonna happen.

  9. lol if the guy playing the way he did with the absolute zero support he got from his offensive line and his coaches playcalling is quantified as a slump then this guy is destined to be the greatest to ever play the game.

    23/33, 303 yds, 1TD, 1 true INT, as the first was a beautiful pass that tipped off of his receivers hands.

    God if this is the beginning of a slump then I can’t even fathom how strongly he’s going to dominate once he matures and his team starts helping. Unprecedented.

  10. Throwing the ball he looked incredible yesterday. His accuracy was amazing. Their OC had a horrible day though. Tampa abused Carolina’s OL day and they refused to adapt and get away from the 7 step drops and slow developing routes. Really did the Panthers in trying to go down the field every play. The protection just wasn’t there.

    Also didn’t help that the their OC kept trying to get cutesy with the play calling.

  11. To perform solid with no protection from pass or run blocking is shocking. Newton needs to take what the defense gives, no need to be a gunslinger all the time and force throws.

    Compeleted 70% of his passes, 303 yards, with a 9.2 ypc is good. 2 ints with only 1 td is bad, yards don’t mean much when you can’t punch in the the endzone.

    Better luck next time until you play the falcons lol.

  12. “Like I’ve been saying ever since the Cats drafted Newton, he’s never going to be an elite quarterback until he learns it’s all about TEAM instead of all about ME.”

    Are you magician who can preidct the future? Do you know or ever met Cam Newton? Can’t judge a player until year 3 or 4. Not as a rookie.

    “He’s in commercials plugging products, he’s sporting his attire for GQ, and he’s wearing a white towel on his head to draw more attention to himself.”

    I guess Tom Brady, Aaron R, RG3, are me first players because they are in commerical plugging products? Cam Newton been wearing the white towel over his head since college.

  13. Cam is a gamer. I’m a Saints fan, and I can say that easily. He’s not in a slump. Its one game. If you don’t like him, just say so. I’m not such a big fan myself. But that doesn’t mean I’m blind to what he brings to the table.

    And if my team can’t wake up by next week, he’s gonna have a career day. And not one of you will post on here that you were wrong about him.

  14. Cam was not the problem. If you missed the game, you missed some incredible throws by Cam. He tried to force one to LaFell, and it got tipped and intercepted. Another time, he just threw it up for Steve Smith, and it got picked.

    The O-line just got punished. Give credit to the Bucs. Any QB that gets harassed like that is going to make mistakes. Don’t be so quick to write him off.

  15. Like it’s been said, the tone of this article doesn’t tell the whole story. Cam actually played pretty well considering the situation.

    The oline was letting guys through like crazy, even with 3 dudes rushing. The OC kept calling play actions, even though they hadn’t been successful running all day, just allowing the defense more time to get in Cam’s face. Horrible play calling by the OC in general. Facing pressure? Do some quick slants, quick routes, 3 step drops. Screens, slow down those rushign linemen. But no, none of that. Only rushed, what, 10 times too? Inexcusable.

    That loss was not on Cam, (who had a decent rating, decent percentage, and decent YPA), but moreso on the OC. Credit to the Bucs for coming out and playing with a intensity it’s obvious the Panthers weren’t expecting either.

  16. Could it be that the Bucs D actually played up to their potential and that’s why the Panthers achieved those results? That’s what it looked like to me. Cam actually looked like he did against the other two NFCS teams last year. The Bucs D were simply horrible underachievers last season and now has some player upgrades and MUCH better coaching and preparation.

  17. @captainspangle
    You do know the offense scored 10 points and you do know that it will probably take more then 10 points to win many games right? Not a very productive day. Relax it will get better. Now that all the pressure of being undefeated has been lifted.

  18. He’ll be fine. Poor gameplan on the account of underestimating a rejuvenated Bucs defense and shaky protection are to blame. They’ll correct it andya’lls fantasy teams will be back to what you were hoping for when you overpaid for the guy.

  19. I love how the Bucs get no respect for shutting down the QB that scored 8 td’s against them last year and held them to only 10yds rushing. But whatever, it helped get the 10 loss streak out of my head. Go Bucs and yeah I was at the game.

  20. phillyfanmatt says:
    Sep 10, 2012 10:55 PM
    I don’t care what stats he puts up does he win games? The answer to that question is no.


    The defense had a lot to do with that last year, and the O-line and Bucs D-line had a lot to do with that yesterday. Hard to win games when you rush for 10 yards. To call that one dimensional would be an insult to line segments.

  21. You can blame who you want in him not winning games but the fact of the matter is this is a QB driven league. The QB gets all the credit when the team wins and all the blame when the team loses.

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