David Nelson out for the season with torn ACL, Jackson up in air


The Bills feared the worst for David Nelson.

And that’s exactly what they got.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Nelson indeed tore his ACL, and would be out for the season.

Nelson caught 61 passes for 658 yards and five touchdowns last year, production they’re going to struggle to replace. Third-rounder T.J. Graham was inactive, as they had just four full-time receivers (not counting Wildcat quarterback Brad Smith).

Schefter also reports there was nothing conclusive on running back Fred Jackson’s MRI, and that it would be a week to 10 days before they knew more about his knee. That will at least take him out of this week’s game against the Chiefs.

14 responses to “David Nelson out for the season with torn ACL, Jackson up in air

  1. That is a huge blow to this offense. Nelson was set for a breakout year. Welcome back Naaman. The TE’s really need to step it up now, hopefully Dickerson can fill in and stop the bleeding a bit. Fred should take his time, Spiller deserves the touches going forward, and no reason to hurry back and get hurt worse unless Spiller struggles.

  2. CJ Spiller looked spectacular, so losing Fred Jackson for a week won’t hurt their running game. However, they were already short on talent at WR, so that could be a huge loss.

  3. It stinks that Nelson is lost for the season, It hurts even more knowing we only have a few Receivers left. Instead of keeping a kick-off specialist and four Quarterbacks, we should have kept two more Wideouts, Hagan(who was already picked up) and Naaman Roosevelt who is another WR that has chemistry with Fitzpatrick. Now Gailey will have to scrape the bottom of the WR pool to search for replacements. I know Aiken and Easley are sitting on the PS, but you have to replace them once any are moved to the 53. Hopefully Freddy Jackson is alright, but until we find out CJ Spiller will have no problem finding the endzone. Tashard Choice can get the short yardage job done as well, so we should be ok in that department.
    Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick, I was a believer in you, one of the few that actually believed that this team could contend with you at the helm. I know your arm is average, your short for a starting QB and very few fear your scrambling ability, but c’mon, your an intelligent guy, I didn’t think you would throw that pick-6 or the other terrible decision. You don’t have to be 6-5, 240 with a rocket arm to make it in this league, please stop taking so many risks and prove the doubters wrong, It may be slim, but I still have some belief in you… Get it done.

  4. No mention at all about the fact that LaRon Landry was responsible for both knees and cheap shots out of bounds. He is a dirty ball player!!

  5. As a football fan..you hate to see injury. The way that Fred Jackson’s injury looked, I am glad it is not that bad. Fred Jackson is a class dude and I hope that he gets back in the lineup soon.
    As a Jets fan we meet Buffalo down the road and I hope to see Fred Jackson back in the starting spot.

  6. @EJ

    I hear ya on Fitzy. Here’s my whole take on yesterday. We were outplayed becasue we were out coached. I think Fitz had two of his picks before we ran the ball 8 times, that should not have happend. The defense was extremely lax, rushing only 4 way to many times. You could call this game a blowout, but without the pick-6 and punt return, it’s a much closer game, a game that a better prepared Bills team should have won. I still belive in Fitz, but Chan needs to lay off of him a bit, he is putting the whole offense on his shoulders when he has 2 dynamic backs that can lessen the load. The true test is the next 2 weeks. Talent wise, the Bills are better than both the Cheifs and Browns, but will they be prepared and mentally ready to bounce back from a demoralizing defeat? We will have to wait and see, but I’m leaning yes.

  7. Bills fans gotta be down but there’s a good number of decent WRs still out there.

    Their QB just needs to step up his play. I still think the Bills can have a decent season.

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