Justin Tuck “disgusted” with Giants opener


With everything that went down on Sunday, it feels like it has been a lot more than five days since the Giants and Cowboys opened the season last Wednesday night.

However long it might feel, it hasn’t long enough for defensive end Justin Tuck to wipe the bad taste of the 24-17 loss from his mouth. Tuck said he and the rest of the team remain “disgusted” with the way they played against Dallas and said that he felt like the team didn’t play as well as they are capable of playing. Thankfully, Tuck was man enough to credit the team that beat him and the other Giants with winning the game instead of playing the “We Beat Ourselves” card.

“I’m not saying Dallas didn’t beat us, they definitely did,” Tuck said, via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger. “They did a lot of things better than we did. But we didn’t play well. In certain situations, we didn’t give ourselves a chance to win the game. That’s not to say that if we would have played well we would have won. I don’t know.”

If the Giants are going to get back on track against the Bucs this weekend and in the games to follow, it will help if they have a healthier secondary than they had on Wednesday. They got mixed news at a practice Tuck called “great” on Monday.

Cornerback Prince Amukamara, battling a high ankle sprain, went through a whole practice on Monday after working on running over the weekend. Amukamara said he’s still experiencing soreness in the ankle, although said he was “optimistic” about his chances of playing on Sunday. Cornerback Michael Coe, who started against the Cowboys and left with a hamstring injury, wasn’t able to practice and rookie Jayron Hosley is still being bothered by turf toe.

The Giants also didn’t have safety Kenny Phillips at practice Monday because of a back injury. He’s planning to practice Wednesday, when the Giants will resume their attempt to avoid another helping of disgust.

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  1. Come ooooon….. Is anyone really surprised the giants lost the opener? They will be a blah team for the first half of the season and start trashing fools sometime in November and contend once again! Same old M.O.

  2. I can’t wait for he sub par Garcon to reappear. The guy was unreliable for the Colts, so its only a matter of time before he becomes unreliable for the skins. And fans are demanding he be traded before the deadline.

  3. Where do all the redskins fans appear from in August and September? And what hole do they scurry to once December rolls around?

  4. Why do the Giants always say nonsense like this? How do you come out flat to the first game at home following a SB title? The first game doesn’t mean a whole lot, but really? At home? Celebrating SB 46?

    If they lose to the Bucs, Ugh. Eli seemed to start taking over the game in the fourth. His offense scored easily. Why on earth does it take three quarters before the reins come off Eli Manning? What is going on here?

    It was interesting watching Denver feel out Peyton last night. It was awkward at first, but then Peyton was let loose to run his no huddle, and that was it. The Steelers could not keep up. They let Peyton be Peyton. Can the Giants offense finally let Eli be Eli?

  5. As a Redskins fan, I’ve seen this before. Giants get hurt early in the season, recover by the end of it and kick ass in time for playoffs. Nothing to see here folks. Move along. Redskins/Giants will be a very entertaining/struggle of a game again this year. NFC bEast.

  6. Soon as we have depth at LB we start losing corners left and right, i hope Hosely gets healthy fast, i think he could be the guy to step up.

  7. Everybody seems to be citing a depleted secondary. Dallas never was at full strength there last year, so they fixed it. NYG drafted a running back and WR in the first 3 rounds this year, way to think ahead

  8. I don’t think Skins’ fans should get too excited yet. Soon there will be film on Mr RGIII and thing will start to change. Cam (Superman) Newton found this out yesterday, the hard way. He had a good game, but when he can’t run, he’s done, and 31 teams in the NFL now know this.

  9. rooster34 says: Sep 10, 2012 2:56 PM

    Everybody seems to be citing a depleted secondary. Dallas never was at full strength there last year, so they fixed it. NYG drafted a running back and WR in the first 3 rounds this year, way to think ahead

    Giants lost 5 CBs last year…TT, Bruce Johnson, and Coe included. They assumed they would be getting them back. They did, only to lose 2 of them already.

    Additionally, they knew that they were most likely going to lose Jacobs and Manningham, leaving less depth at RB and WR. And they did lose them.

    So yeah, they were thinking ahead.

  10. I facepalmed almost every time the Cowboys threw the ball that game.

    Whatever, Coughlin will be hard on them and they’ll bounce back week 2, even without a competent corner.

  11. and this is why the giants win championships..because they have the ability to to self critique themselves and be honest and not make up excuses for why they lost unlike the packers or niners.. yes kiwi did say something about the refs and as a giants fan i completely disagree refs did a damn good job giants just got out hustled, out played, out worked in the second half and thats that… nothing worse than losers making up excuses why they lost..and that is why the giants will rebound against tampa sunday

  12. @mikelou

    Maybe Eli has mastered the art of picking apart Prevent Defenses?

    That’s obviously an embellishment of the truth, but how many defenses play the same in the final 10 minutes of play when they’re up two scores?

    The fact is the Giants squeaked into the playoffs last year at 9-7 and had a historic Cinderella run. NOBODY in the NFC East looked poised to win the Super Bowl. Giants did.

    But a dose of reality was in order. “Let’s Make It a Dynasty” was not said by Vick, but by Tuck.

  13. The secondary is hobbled and this loss proved that without a doubt. You just cannot give an NFL team as many yards as the Giants gave up last week without them running up the scoreboard. I was talking to a coworker at Dish about the game, and he placed the blame squarely on the defense. I would say that the offence had its problems too, but they were not what lost the game. I even went back to the recording of the game, and you could see Romo was looking long nearly every play. I love having the tapes to look at because the stats only tell half the story, and my Hopper’s huge hard drive lets me keep every game so I can go back and re-watch them. It has really helped my fantasy picks this year.

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