Kurt Coleman loses hat, not head and comes back with big play

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If Trent Richardson had a poster after one game in the NFL, Kurt Coleman would be the guy getting dunked on.

But Coleman had the last laugh in the Eagles’ 17-16 win over the Browns, with a pair of interceptions including the final one.

Coleman will get noticed more for having his helmet popped off during an early run by Richardson, who dipped into Coleman and flicked his helmet off like a bottle cap.

The Eagles safety was cut under the lip and across his nose when it went flying off.

“My chin strap popped off, and then I couldn’t even see,” Coleman said, via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News. “The rest is history. He ran right into me, my helmet did some work on my face, as you can see . . . Even though I’m in pain, I feel good.”

Coleman had a pick earlier in the game, but the last one was sweetest, as it sealed a game the Eagles repeatedly tried to give away. As an Ohio native who played at Ohio State, getting the win in front of family and friends meant more than making the highlights.

“It’s a little emotional, I’m not going to lie,” Coleman said. “It was my first time, really, coming back and playing. I was nominated captain. I’m just really proud of this team.”

And they’re proud of him, for helping rescue a game that could have easily gotten away.

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  1. Coleman was playing deep, there was a guy wide open 10 yards in front of him and the QB threw the ball 5 feet over his head to Coleman, who was just standing there….it was like catching a punt, his other int was basically the same play, 99% of the people on this site could have made that int.

  2. Re: tbpdog

    Not going to lie the Eagles looked horrible – the Eagle defense did their job. Young Weeden threw up a chicken but Kurt Coleman still made the play, which is literally more than 99% of people on this site…

    … because you know, he plays in the NFL unlike me and 99% of people on pft.

  3. Coleman did get “JACKED UP!!” he did take it like a man, and he did make the tackle. Its cool to see him progress as a late pick from Ohio State. We need a safety leader and he plays with that fire. Underrated hands, pretty good tackler, pretty good play recognition, good enough speed. Still young(er)

  4. succulentnipples says:
    Sep 10, 2012 10:28 AM
    Trent Richardson had something like 39 total yards. Put that on his poster.



    He averaged 2.1 ypc. 19 rushes for 39 yards. That isnt anything poster worthy. I dont know why you would make an entire article about it.

    Watch the replay. Coleman was offbalance from evading a blocker. I think any running back in the NFL could have popped Coleman in that situation.

    And I think that was Richardsons biggest play of the day.

  5. Coleman got two easy INTs, he didn’t hawk to the ball, they came right to him. Kudos for catching them though.

    Weeden looked HORRIBLE by the way. Browns fans should be regretting they didn’t go harder for RG3, he looked amazing.

  6. If you watch the closeup replay from the side his helmet strap was already over his eyes from getting blocked righ before Richardson even made contact with him. He couldn’t even see Richardson before he got hit and Richardson just hit the helmet in the right spot making it look like a much bigger hit than it was. Go back and watch it and you’ll clearly see what I’m talking about.

  7. By far Richardson’s best run of the game. But, any poster of him so far would would have to include DeMeco Ryans draped over him. I bet Richardson had nightmares last night about #59.

  8. Unbelievable to me how many people are disgusted with the Eagles 9 consecutive victory. Some fool called WIP calling for Reids head yesterday. And I could think of was they’ve won their last 9 football games. Smdh….

  9. Coleman played a really good game. Nobody is really talking about the tackle he made on Cribbs on a punt return. If Cribbs had got past him he was probably gone. Good to see a good character hardworking kid get rewarded. The Eagles defense looks really good, the problem with the Eagles is Vick sucks and Andy Reid refuses to run the ball even when he has one of the best Running Backs in the game. I just don’t get it. Why not run the ball on 1st down, instead they throw on 1st down every series and end up in 3rd in longs putting a bad QB in Vick in bad positions thus resulting in 5 turnovers.

  10. Unbelievable to me how many people are disgusted with the Eagles 9 consecutive victory. Some fool called WIP calling for Reids head yesterday. And I could think of was they’ve won their last 9 football games. Smdh….


    dude, you counting the preseason. come on man you’re better than that. this team is just not that good. it’s ok. not the first time reid and the birds have sold you an overrated team.

  11. Wow someone really pulled out the 9 straight wins. Dude 4 of them were BS wins at the end of the year last year that meant nothing but a lower draft pick, 4 were preseason where are starters were mostly dominated and our backups won for us, and yesterday’s game was pitiful. This team is not as good as what it should be, and it starts with Reid’s coaching and continues to Vicks execution.

  12. People please..enough with the excuses about the chin strap and the helmet. Dude got the hammer put to him by Richardson. No shame in that. He took it like a man, buckled back up and helped the Eagles win the game. Kudo’s to him. If I was an Eagle fan I’d be more worried about Vick than the coaches. He looked awful. The only good thing about his performance was it happened in a game where Weeden looked even worse ! Before you start about the 300+ yards passing—it took 55 passes, 4 interceptions, numerous knock downs, a dropped interception the play before the last td pass and bad throw after bad throw to get there. Hope for you Eagle fans it was just rust from playing so little in the exhibition games, or else its gonna be a long season in Philly !

  13. Lucky he didn’t have the Green Bay packer refs otherwise he would have been penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct for removing his helmet.

    I kid you not. They threw a flag on Aldon Smith for a similar event.

  14. “Unbelievable to me how many people are disgusted with the Eagles 9 consecutive victory.”

    Unbelievable that you’re counting preseason games. That’s not only hilarious… it’s pathetic.

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