Lions benched Titus Young for head butting Janoris Jenkins


Lions receiver Titus Young has been one of the poster children for the team’s reputation as an undisciplined bunch, but after Young was sent home from offseason work this summer for sucker punching teammate Louis Delmas, he said his days of causing problems were over.

So how long did it take Young to break that promise? One game into the regular season.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz benched Young on Sunday after he picked up a 15-yard penalty for head butting Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins, and Schwartz said afterward that he was frustrated that Young didn’t just walk away.

He didn’t do a smart thing,” Schwartz said of Young. “We knew what was going to happen in some situations. He and a couple of guys [Jenkins and Rams defensive back Cortland Finnegan] were going back and forth, and the whole thing was right in front of me. It looked like he was going to do the right thing and walk away, but at the last second he turned and made a really dumb decision.”

Dumb decisions have been far too common for Young. And Schwartz’s messages don’t seem to be getting through.

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  1. And Lions’ fans (among others) complained about the Ryan Broyles pick.

    Titus Young, Sr. is a wonderfully talented WR with great hands, a short fuse and an out-sized Ego. The Lions will likely let him walk after his rookie contract, because his idea of his own self worth is sure to not the match that of Mayhew’s and Schwartz’s.

  2. Same old cheap shot Busch league Lions. I’m sure the fan base is a little less looking forward to week two after the Lions struggled at home vs. the Rams and watching SF manhandle the PFT POWER POLL darlings. Looking forward to the post game handshake.

  3. The league should hit “scum bag senior” with the biggest fine and suspension that is allowed.

    Failure to act on the part of the Lions is criminal!

    Janoris could have been seriously hurt and nothing is done?

    Delmas could have been seriously hurt when he was sucker punched only 60 days ago and not much was done.

    What does it take Lions.

    Does this scum bag have to use a firearm to get your attention?

    I hold the Lions totally responsible for this behavior. This scum bag just keeps assaulting people and nothing is done!

  4. This is how Schwartz is getting a handle on penalties in the game that happen after the play, and it’s working.

    Rams had triple the penalties the Lions did in week 1.

  5. I think the head coach should hold his players accountable .. Bench him and see if he listens, he would be less inclined to repeat if he knows he is going to miss games. Otherwise these “grown men” will cost Schwartz his job ..

  6. Infantile rage is common amongst these overgrown spoiled immature athletes that have been coddled for years. They’re not even smart enough to figure out goading is a strategy to get those penalty yards from hotheads.Cool down, man up, youngblood.

  7. Playin2x…..he was benched. It’s in the title of the article. Whether it gets through, guess we will see. I would be in favor of making him inactive next week and starting Ryan broyles instead.

  8. Coughlin benches his rookie RB for the game after a fumble, and that benching hurt his team. Schwartz benches his player for one series in the second half for costing his team 15 yards and having a history for stupid mistakes. Grown some stones coach, do what’s right and have some teeth to your punishments.

  9. He was benched, yes, for ONE series. I was waiting to see Broyles move into his slot for the rest of the game but he didn’t even sniff the field. This kid is an idiot.

  10. Kid has a temper problem. Welcome to NFL rosters. Thank God the penalty didn’t actually hurt the team. Not surprised at the enormosity of the overreactions here in this space, tho. As for Broyles, he was inactive for the game. Suspect he will be again this next weekend unless Delmas and Houston or Bentley are healthy enough to play. Oh, and this Lions fan can’t WAIT for those 49ers next weekend. Last year’s game was a classic, and this should be, too – especially if the Lions DL brings it like they did against the Rams.

  11. @motorcity20…..he was benches for a more.than 1 series. also Broyles wasn’t active for the game, so how could he step on for young???

    Why isn’t there an article about the rams WR that took a cheap shot on Bentley in the first quarter? 50 yards away from the play after the whistle, he lays out Bentley. where’s the article???? oh I forgot, only Lions players lose their cool during a game, no other team ever does that…….

  12. This type of stupid reaction cost this team dearly last year. Is it possible that the coaching staff is negligent for three years in teaching the players what it can cost a team by acting out in a such a way? Where are the veteran players? Other successful teams in the same situations respond by allowing their opponents to get the penalty and walk away knowing they helped their team. The Lions still need to learn simple lessons.

  13. Titus Young didn’t do anything worse than the roid raging Laurenitis was doing all game long. Get off your high horses and just admit you are scared to play the Lions so you are desperately hoping they cut players that have talent.

    Or just continue to feign outrage… whatever lets you sleep at night.

  14. Young’s conduct on the field was a stupid over reaction and so are a lot of the comments here.

    I guess the Lions detractors are also “who we thought they were…”

  15. wherezwaldo says: Sep 10, 2012 12:40 PM

    the Detriot Dumbs. Bring on Handshake Pt2!!

    Wow! Really? I remember when I was 12 and not so witty

  16. I think it’s time for the Commish to step in and drop the hammer since the Lion’s inept coaching department and FO can’t seem to keep their players in check.

  17. Laurenitis was looking to get into the Lions players heads all game (watch him post whistle on nearly every play he was involved in) we all know about Finnegan and even Jenkins was talking WAY more trash than a rookie ever should (he tried to bait Megatron earlier in the week, to no avail) the lions had 1 personal foul penalty by a player we all know is immature.

    Now what he did happens in every single NFL game every week except sometimes the referees catch it and sometimes they let it slide. The rams also got a 15 yard penalty for one of their WR shoving our CB Bentley way after a play yet there is no article devoted to it. The media labeled the lions dirty last year and have been running with it ever since (remember Suh was a darling his rookie year and played in the exact same fashion, minus a thanksgiving stomp) so now we have to listen to this ridiculously over played rhetoric about this team.

    Remember last year when Suh “stomped” the packers OL, that same day a packers LB got a domestic violence charge for beating his girlfriend and that story got 0 attention in the media.

  18. “It looked like he was going to do the right thing and walk away, but at the last second he turned and made a really dumb decision.”

    Wait wait wait. So after last year’s stamping of the feet debacle, Coach Schwartz still can say with a straight face to his players, Just walk away? The hypocrisy runs strong in him.

    Harbaugh will teach you a lesson next week… again

  19. No article on the Rams recievers cheap shot on Bentley, No article on fisher benching him or being a bad coach……where’s the article????

  20. On the whole the Lions were very well behaved except for this headbutt considering Janoris, Laurenitus and Finnegan were in everyone’s face after every play trying to bait them. I can’t believe they were trash talking while giving up 355 pass yards.

    IMO, Benching him for rest of 3rd quarter is the right punishment. If there is a next time, bench him for the half.

  21. Considering the news just released about the time clock screw up, the Lions lucked up on that win!!!! No wonder everyone was wondering what Fisher was doing there at the 2 MW. Dude’s smart. He knew it was messed up. The refs didn’t take the time off the clock! Lucky Lions that day! Lol

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