Monday morning one-liners


There was a familiar feeling to the Bills’ 48-28 loss to the Jets.

Dolphins T Jake Long didn’t blame physical ailments for his Sunday struggles.

Patriots rookie defenders Chandler Jones and Dont’a Hightower had splashy regular season debuts.

The Jets wide receiving corps was a big question entering the season, but Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley each came up big in Week One.

Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees will be on the spot against the Bengals.

A look at some of the keys to a Bengals win on Monday night.

Browns RB Trent Richardson’s first outing wasn’t a great one, although Eagles S Kurt Coleman will probably remember the meeting for quite some time.

Said Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger, “There’s no one to blame but myself. I already told my teammates and coaches, it’s my fault and it’s on me. That loss is squarely on my shoulders.”

Texans DE J.J. Watt joked that volleyball practice helped him tip three passes in Sunday’s win.

The Colts defense started out with a bang, but finished with a thud.

Said Jaguars LB Paul Posluszny, “Defensively, we had that game in our hands and let it slip away. If we want to be a great defense, that has got to be the knockout punch right there.”

The Titans were left looking for a lot of answers on Sunday, but QB Jake Locker’s play didn’t lead to many questions.

Broncos CB Champ Bailey was happy with the way the defense responded after a poor third quarter.

Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star believes that the Chiefs’ Sunday problems go beyond the absent players.

The new Raiders cornerbacks are still working on forming a bond with the team’s safeties.

It’s been a tough summer for Chargers WR Eddie Royal, right down to the death of his family dog.

With WR Roy Williams retiring, one last look at one of the worst decisions in Cowboys or history.

LB Keith Rivers handled himself well in his Giants debut.

Eagles defenders were impressed by the way LB DeMeco Ryans played against the Browns.

The Redskins defense was able to keep Saints QB Drew Brees from his typically strong performance.

High marks all around for the Bears defense in their opening performance.

RB Kevin Smith was happy the Lions went to him with the game on the line despite two earlier drops.

The Packers didn’t like some of the penalties called against them, although S Charles Woodson conceded that’s the case with the regular officials as well.

Going with rookie K Blair Walsh paid off for the Vikings in Week One.

Falcons RB Jacquizz Rodgers played an expanded role for the team on Sunday.

The returns of linebackers Jon Beason and Thomas Davis seemed to have a positive effect on the Panthers defense.

WR Marques Colston contributed to a rough day for the Saints.

Buccaneers S Ronde Barber said Sunday felt like the old days when Tampa won behind its defense.

The Cardinals defense held after mistakes put them on the brink of losing the game.

The Rams lost a tough one on Sunday, but they looked like an improved team while doing it.

49ers QB Alex Smith could bathe in the praise he’s receiving after Sunday’s win.

Leon Washington flashed his old kick and punt return skills for the Seahawks.

10 responses to “Monday morning one-liners

  1. 60 passing attempts against the nfl’s #2 pass d from last year
    19 rushing attempts against the nfl’s #32 run d from last year
    (23 total but 4 were Vick and D Jack)
    at one point, Shady had 7 carries for 50+ yards and 3 more brought back by holding penalties that went for a combined 40+…that’s abut 100 yards rushing on 10 carries yet Marty Mornhinweg thought it was a great idea to get Vick an entire preseason’s worth of work yesterday. MM can’t get fired soon enough!

  2. Interesting how a positive story can be made of a LB that tackled Demarco Murray after a 5 yard gain, supposedly mitigated by the fact that he was being blocked by a guy with a lacerated spleen. Instead of a story about how Sean Lee single-handedly made the Giants bench their first round draft pick or how Scandrick, Claiborne and Carr shut down the Giants’ WRs, we get more Roy Williams!

  3. sunburntshanny September 10, 2012, 7:50 AM EDT


    As a Redskin’s fan while I can appreciate your homer-ism, but stop anointing us division champs… it’s the first game of the season with a rookie QB who played exceptionally well. This DOES NOT mean that we’re running away with anything… We beat a team who had the 29th ranked pass defense last year and had no pass rush… We have a long way to go.

  4. So the Packers have the nerve to be complaining about the officiating after they literally GAVE them a TD from that kick return and that bogus penalty against the 49er who had his helmet knocked off?

    It’s that sort of arrogance which is why they lost and why their season will end in such disappointment …

  5. S HILL is going to be a great receiver. I see a
    Pro bowl receiver next year if not this year and the sanchise is going to have a big year and the jet D line is one of the best in the NFL and D Revis is of to a great start he’s the best
    Defense player in the league. And lashon Landry is the best SS in the league. And Austin Howard is going to be a great Rt for the jets.

  6. Yes prophet, the packers had the nerve to complain about the niners defenders getting away with murder on the pack receivers, but everything was called on green bay. They had the nerve to complain about it after the missed call on the td, and the niner player BREAKING THE RULES by flinging his helmet off.

  7. Alex smith played great its amazing what a head coach that’s not a defensive guy can do for a QB. He showed flashes of this in his year with norv turner but now that he has security a a QB minded coach and stability in the coaching staff (7 OC in 7 years) he is only going to get better. And all the smith haters will be eating their words. He may never be a 4000-5000 used passer he will be a 10-14 game winner which in the long run is much more important.

  8. Chicago beat Luck an the Colts like they stole something an the media is talking about Luck’s first game was bad…. Talking about the mistakes he made…. The CHICAGO BEARS HAD A LOT TO DO WITH LUCK’s BAD DAY. He was hurried.. Sacked.. Made to fumble.. an Picked off all day… Rodgers you are NEXT

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