PFT Live: Is Peyton’s performance the real deal?

Mike Florio wraps up the first week of the 2012 NFL season by telling fans to temper their hopes after their team either won or lost, if Peyton Manning’s performance is what we can expect from him going forward, how incredible RGIII looked compared to Andrew Luck, and how good the replacements officials performed under the Week 1 microscope.

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2 responses to “PFT Live: Is Peyton’s performance the real deal?

  1. ANY QB can make those passes and have those yards when ya Defence plays 25 yards off the ball in a zone Defence..I’m honestly hoping Dick Lebeau retires and takes that soft 3-4 zone with him. My second hope 4 next year is that the Steelers make moves for DBs who can play Man to man and MLBs who can cover. But that being said, Manning took what he was GIVEN as any good QB would

  2. You guys keep saying the replacement refs are doing better/fine/not making mistakes. The Packers/49ers game was HORRIBLE 18 penalties called, many were botched, and many penalties were missed against both sides. Why are you in the NFL’s pocket?

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