Report: Ireland could be in serious trouble without a quick bounce


It’s going to be a long season in Miami.

And that might mean a short leash for General Manager Jeff Ireland.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Ireland could be in trouble if the Dolphins don’t turn things around this year.

A source close to owner Stephen Ross told Jackson that he didn’t have “blind faith,” in Ireland, which is reasonable.

Another business associate of Ross suggested it would be hard for Ireland to survive a season for five wins or fewer, unless quarterback Ryan Tannehill progresses or coach Joe Philbin convinces Ross he and Ireland work well together.

“Steve really likes Jeff personally and gives him the benefit of the doubt,” the associate said.

If the Dolphins had expectations for this year, yesterday’s loss to the Texans should have brought them into a more realistic focus.

And with moves such as dealing cornerback Vontae Davis for future draft picks, and never appropriately replacing wide receiver Brandon Marshall, it’s fair to suggest Ireland’s planning for the future rather than the present.

Whether he himself has a future there remains to be seen.

45 responses to “Report: Ireland could be in serious trouble without a quick bounce

  1. And with moves such as dealing cornerback Vontae Davis for future draft picks, and never appropriately replacing wide receiver Brandon Marshall, it’s fair to suggest Ireland’s planning for the future rather than the present.


    Seemed pretty obvious to me that they are rebuilding this year. Seriously though, draft some wideouts.

  2. You cannot be a GM in this league for 5 years, have a #1 pick, a #8 pick, a #12 pick, and a #15 pick during that time; and go into the 5th season with no wide receivers, no tight ends, a weak offensive line, and the most inexperienced of inexperienced quarterbacks.

    The Brandon Marshall trade was a killer. Not the trade away to Chicago. The trade from Denver. We had the #12 pick. Just keep the pick and draft Dez Bryant. Is Dez a nightmare? Yes. Was BM a nightmare? Yes. It’s a wash.

    So they give up two 2s for BM, and in doing so, they felt like they had to get them back so they traded the #12 they could have used on Dez and moved down to #28, and all they got was a mid 2nd rounder (used for the very forgettable Jared Odrick and even more forgettable Koa Misi, who btw also has had run ins with the law). If you move down from 12 to 28, don’t you have to get more than a mid second?.

    And then the trade to Chicago. Ugh. If you’re going to trade away your only playmaker because he’s a head case, you have to replace the guy. So you pick Chad Johnson? Cue Seth Meyers, “Really?”

    The VD trade was very defensible, but they’re going to waste the pick, don’t you know it.

    The list goes on and on. He’s come out on the losing end of very move/trade (except Bush), every time.

    He’s not the first Dolphins GM to make crappy moves. They’ve had horrible drafts going back to 84, and I’d argue they haven’t come out on the willing end of a trade since the Joe Thomas days (not the Browns LT numb nuts).

    But come on out on Sunday for the free hat celebrating something that happened before anyone under the age of 45 can remember!!!!!!

  3. I thought Tannehill looked ok. Not great- he needs to stop locking onto receivers in a way that helps the DL bat down his passes- but definitely promising. If he pans out, then Ireland is vindicated to an extent but if not he doesn’t deserve another year.

    It doesn’t help that receiver, OL and safety have been an issue for 5 straight years without anything being done about it. I’d also be happy for Dansby and Burnett to leave- they make far too much $ for the production and impact they have.

  4. I understand Ross kept Ireland to help him hire a new coach but Ross should have cleaned house and started new. At any rate Ross is a businessman and Jeff Ireland is fielding a team that is bad for business, meaning his days are numbered. See ya Jeff can’t say I’ll miss you.

  5. This would be the first move Ross makes that will show the fan base he has a clue. The PR coup alone will help win fans back.

    A new GM will even buy him some time, because a legitimate GM and talent evaluator is going to look at the roster and openly admit, “we have no talent and we are rebuilding.” That buys them a couple of years (and they’ve got a lot of good picks next year). Ireland has continued to lie by saying they’re not rebuilding. If they’re not rebuilding, they shouldn’t be this bad, so he’s essentially hung himself.

    Right now to Dolphins fans, his GM is the ugliest girl in the world. Whoever he hires will look like a combination of Kate Upton and Bar Refaeli………… least for awhile!

  6. While I have been a big Ireland supporter and agreed with most of his moves, the “suckiness” of the wide receivers is palpable and inexcusable. However…

    What good does it do to fire the GM in the first month of the season? Will that turn the team around? NO. If after the season they want to scapegoat him, fine – but I think it’s pretty silly to overreact to game 1 against a Super Bowl contender. Especially when the next 10 games are against much more beatable teams.

    Of course, this isn’t even an actual story I’m commenting on. It’s just typical reporting on rumor and the own reporter’s point of view. All the quote was is that a Herald reporter talked to a “source close to Ross” who said he didn’t have “blind faith” in Ireland.

    Boy, that’s NEWS!

  7. It is hard to win with a lack of talent. Here come a 2-14 season, 4-12 at best but if there are a few injuries on defense and the offensive line then the Dolphins could be 0-16.

  8. Ireland should be in trouble. Trading Brandon Marshall for a third round draft pick isn’t effectively planning for the future. It’s simply dumping players you don’t have the patience to deal with. Ireland’s had plenty of time…

  9. Then why let him stay for another season and waste a draft pick on Tannehill? Anyone with any sense of scouting awareness knew that Tannehill has nothing to offer in this league. Nothing.

  10. Ireland is a dead man walking. He should’ve been fired along with Sparano. He is acting rather pretentious trading valuable pieces for “the future” when he should be showing urgency and trying to win today.

    Ross is steadily losing $ on his investment and Ireland’s lackluster moves will not earn the faith of fans which means Ross will continue to lose money. Ross needs a GM with a true gameplan that will make an impact this year and for future seasons.

  11. Mark Kriegel was wrong, the New York Knicks don’t have the worst owner in sports. That guy lives in South Beach!

    Why not fire Ireland before the draft if there was chance for major struggle?

    The only way Ireland’s exit works is if there’s a Packer executive that can work well with Philbin and Sherman as his replacement. As the cliche goes a new GM wants his own coach.

    By the way Stephen Ross you hired two ex-Packer coaches while the ex-Packer executive Reggie Mckenzie has been declared as a national hero before the Raiders played even played their first game in Oakland!!!

    Nice work pal!!!

  12. Jeff is definitely in trouble. Trade that 2nd for GB WR Jones and fans will see some attempts to be competitive. NE has quietly drafted a
    A monster of a front 7.

  13. What I honestly don’t get is, what about this roster at the start of the season made Stephen Ross think this was anything but a 5 or less win team? You watch your G.M trade away your best players and are shocked that you suck?
    Thanks for the laughs Ross, and I know they will keep coming.

  14. Trading Vontae and replacing him with Richard Marshall could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I watched Marshall all game and he was there for the taking, but lucky for him the Texans started sloppy. Now that there is game film on him, Tom Brady and others will feast on him!

  15. Jeff Ireland is a product of Parcells who did not believe in drafting a WR in the early rounds. Jeff can blame a lot on Parcells but he is responsible for the lack of skill position WR’s with the Dolphins. Brandon Marshall who Ireland traded caught 9 passes Sunday and was thrown to 15 times. The 9 receptions were for 120 yards. Jeff did not have a replacement for Marshall which makes that trade unacceptable for a GM.

  16. By the way, the guys picked immediately after Vontae and Koa Misi?

    Clay Matthews and Rob Gronkowski.

    Anyone else need a drink?

  17. I am ok letting Philbin be Head Coach and GM. If you fire Ireland, you need to hire another GM who may not agree with Philbin’s style.

    I think Philbin will succeed. Unless we find someone from the Green Bay organization that wants to come to Miami, then Philbin should be given the keys to this monster. I don’t trust Ireland anymore and want true football gurus handling this organization.

    Miami needs a complete overhaul in their culture, mentality and desire for the game. Ireland continues the failed mantra from the last 13 years which is why Miami is still considered a joke.

  18. I’m thrilled just at the discussion of firing Matt Millen 2.0, but let’s stop with the Bill Polian talk.

    Peyton Manning made Bill Polian look like a genius for 12 years. Without Manning last year, the Colts were the worst team in the NFL. In a not so funny twist of fate, last year’s Colts are this year’s Dolphins.


  19. Wow talk about over reacting everyone. We just played the concensious pick for the super bowl. The defense is going to be very good this year. We just held a very good offense to zero points until half way through the second quarter. If we hadn’t turned the ball over at or near the red zone four drives in a row we had a serious shot at winning the game. RT looked good at times yesterday. He needs to work on his red zone and His eyes. Other than RG3, all the other rookie qbs had just as bad first games. Our d played well, Matt S threw receivers open who were well covered yesterday. Mtge pass rush needs to improve some. 0 and 16 give me a break. Have you seen our schedule? With our d and running game we showed yesterday, there are 9 very winnable games on our schedule. Keep telling us it will be a long year, the turn around begins next week against Oakland.

  20. I’m gonna be honest here.

    I agree with some Ireland picks: Tannehill, Jonathan Martin, Mike Pouncey.

    Not all these mistakes are Irelands but he has compounded the problem previous GM’s have started. I’ve been wanting the Phins draft a QB in round 1 since Marino retired.

    2001: Drew Brees
    2005: Aaron Rodgers
    2007: Brady Quinn (I’ll admit it)
    2008: Matt Ryan

    Also 2006 Free agency wanted Brees over Culpepper. Mainly because Brees was FA and Culpepper was under contract which would cost us a 2nd round pick to obtain him.

    Other notable picks we passed which would have filled needs:

    2009: Hakeem Nicks (still need a WR)
    2010: Earl Thomas (would have preferred to stay at 12 if need position is available, and we still need a FS)

  21. rajbais says:
    Sep 10, 2012 9:29 AM
    Mark Kriegel was wrong, the New York Knicks don’t have the worst owner in sports. That guy lives in South Beach!


    No, he was right…Dolan is an absolute disgrace and what’s worse is he doesn’t even care…This is the guy who has a standing offer to Isaiah Thomas to come back and take a job with the Knicks after Isaiah ran the Knicks into the ground as a coach and a GM and then cost the Knicks $11.5 million because he sexually harassed a female employee…I’ll sign up for Steven Ross right now as a Knicks fan

  22. The deeper problem that is bubbling under the surface is the reality that players have heard about him and know the way he deals with players and sees them as commodities. The Dez Bryant incident speaks volumes to this. Rather than be understanding to a person’s background he demonstrated a callous methodology of how he deals with players that has been exposed by former players. It is a method of dishonesty (i.e. when he told former workhouse and team captain Yeremiah Bell – we are not going to cut you and then they cut him after most teams spent their free agency money thus reducing Bell’s opportunities. By the way bell had the most tackles on the Dolphins team last year. Another example is during the HBO show Hard Knocks, Philbin asked Ireland what he thought of making the trade of Vontae, Ireland said, “I want to pull the trigger”. No wonder talented NFL players DO NOT WANT TO PLAY for the Miami Dolphins as long as Jeff Ireland is in charge. Ross needs to know what is going on. Last week, player wide receiver Roy Williams TURNED DOWN an invitation to try out for the Dolphins because he just “wasn’t feeling it”. Can you blame him? Jeff Ireland cannot be the guy to make seven IMPORTANT picks for the Dolphins next year. It would set this team back another decade.

  23. A lot of comments about Jeff and a replacement for him, what makes anyone think that a great GM is just waiting for the phone to rink? Perhaps there is a reason that they don’t have a job. Bill

  24. When is it ever good for an NFL team when your starting QB is probably your 2nd best WR only because your starting RB IS the best WR?

    Seriously though, why did they draft Lamar Miller so high if they felt good about Daniel Thomas? The list of question marks just go on and on about Ireland beyond of the major debacles we all know about.

    I understand wanting to build through the draft but geez you can’t just give away Marshall and VD the when your already short on talent at the skill positions.


  25. The deeper problem that is bubbling under the surface…………


    I’ll go you one further. We can go thru all of his personnel blunders, his creepy personality, how he interacts with players, etc, but the one thing that he will never recover from is getting on that plane with Ross to go woo Jim Harbaugh.

    That day he proved what a disloyal weasel he is. As GM and the one who sets the tone for the culture of the organization, he didn’t have the stones or integrity to tell Ross he refused to take part in that until Sparano had been fired. He didn’t have the integrity or the smarts to tell Ross that you simply don’t run a football team like that. Maybe you do your business deals that way to get rich, but you don’t operate like that in the NFL. He saved his own neck with total disregard for Sparano or the reputation of the organization. That level of dishonesty permeates through their organization and everyone on earth (except Ross apparently), knows a what a disgusting, two-faced scumbag he is. I’m thrilled for Sparano that the Jets offense played so well yesterday if only to shove it up Ireland’s a**.

    The Dolphins are nothing but a septic tank as long as Ireland is in charge. Ross is a zillionaire, he’s not going anywhere, so all we can hope for is that he hires better people.

  26. Guess that means Ireland is gone. Seriously, does anyone expect them to win more than six games this year? They’re in rebuilding mode….

    But there’s the rub. Ireland’s mantra has been that they’re not “REBUILDING,” they’re “reloading.” He hung himself by not using the term rebuilding even though every one on earth knows what they’re doing (while he himself is on Hard Knocks admitting he has no wide receivers). He sold a bill of goods to Ross and Ross doesn’t know any better………….so Ross then comes out and says he expects to make the playoffs this year (cuz his GM just got done telling him how good his team is). Ireland is so arrogant and so stupid, he literally signed his own death certificate by thinking this team he assembled was good enough to win. As we can see, they’re not even competitive and that’s with the second worst salary cap situation coming in to this season.

    He’s made it impossible for Ross not to fire him, especially now that Ross once again looks like an idiot for talking about the playoffs for a team that will be lucky to win two games.

  27. Dolphins do not have their priorities straight. You build a roster you don’t draft Jake Long and plug in Reggie Bush and Ryan Tannehill and pretend you made a team.

    They’re making too much of appearances and not paying attention to reality. Blow it up and start all over again with a new GM.

  28. It boggles me what direction Ireland has this team going. Before this off season I was kind of on the fence with him because he has made some good decisions such as not paying too much for Orton or Flynn. He also made one hell of a trade for Bush but when I think about it, even a blind squirrel will eventually find a nut. There were a ton of players available for every single of Miami’s needs this past off season to where this team should not be in this bad of a shape. Never mind what he has done in the past 5 years he has ben here, tis past off season alone is enough justification for him to be fired.

  29. You’re right on. I remember when Eric Winston, a solid veteran came in to play right tackle for the Dolphins but of course the Dolphins declined. Instead we waste a high draft pick on Jonathan Martin, who is asked to play a position that he never played in college!! They refused to pay money for a top tier wide receiver, not to mention signing Eric Steinbach and not Braylon Edwards. The madness continues.

  30. “By the way, the guys picked immediately after Vontae and Koa Misi?

    Clay Matthews and Rob Gronkowski. ”

    Gronk was not drafted the same year as vontae or matthews

  31. “Philbin asked Ireland what he thought of making the trade of Vontae, Ireland said, “I want to pull the trigger””

    Did you watch the episode before that where Ireland wanted to keep him but Philbin wanted to see more when asked?

  32. cornersss-

    I’ll make myself clearer.

    In 2009, Vontae was the 25th pick of the 1st round; Clay Matthews was the 26th pick

    In 2010, Koa Misi was picked with the 8th pick in the 2nd round, 40th overall; Gronk was picked with the 10th pick in the 2nd round, 42nd overall.

    Got it?

  33. Ross had the choice to fire Sparano or Ireland. He fired Sparano thinking he was the problem not ‘using or developing talent’ thinking Ireland was the answer.

    Sparano… on game day produced 30+ points on offense with crap. Perhaps now its Ireland not getting the right talent?!

  34. In all seriousness he has hundreds of staff scouts coaches etc.. That recommend and the owner himself putting 2 cents in. However Jeff did bad interview of Dez and that’s what this all boils down too. I agree not the right way to ask questions IMO. But The draft is a 50% or less thing of hitting so lets be fair here. EVERYONE missed on H Nicks,TE J. Graham 4th round by the Saints.Parcels has the vast majority of failures here. Ireland I think makes good drafts and free agents undrafted pick ups are some of the best in the business.WR D Bess,DE Shelby,FB J train(Javorski Lane),all pro DE Cam Wake,OL Samuda, RB/PR Thigpen,QB P Devlin Getting the extra pics is building for future trade or young studs. He brought in the best offensive coordinator in NFL, The former Texas AM coach that coached Tannehill that was a GB coach and GM aswell. He is not perfect but really I would rather have different owner then GM and no my last name is not Ireland. Tannehill is future everyone knows that. 17n threw only 1 real int. and they may have taken down the Texans at their home knowing the snap count and all. The B Marshall thing come on guys the only team even interested in Brandon was the Bears. They only offered 3rd round picks coming off being pro bowl MVP, he kill the QB/ team locker room. No matter how many balls thrown to him. Look at Bears tonight i guarantee if i go to interviews right now he is blaming something other then 15 he is head case. He claims that he never had in all his years of NFL playing had a real WR coach excuse excuse excuse excuses I like Brandon I hope he does well truly and lives really i do worry for him. But letting Chad and Brandon go is no brainier! Why would he not want 17 throwing to Marshall give me a break but to destroy the confidence of a 24 year old is not good. I didn’t notice Wash, Shanhan coach his 1st coach that drafted him with Griffin or Indy and Luck same thing Marshall is Toxic to young QB. He destroyed Henne not that it took much but come on guys the only thing that would work going to play with Jay Cutler which is what he said even in Miami and Denver. Jets did not want to even touch and I think we all agree that’s saying a lot with the egos there. Its why him Mcdaniels never worked unless u like his punting skills. He had all pro year with them and was traded for nothing again. see the writing..I get it not replacing him in the draft made no sense but packers build within to so that’s where there going IMO Andre Johnson, Megatron the only alpha receivers that are not toxic to teams. Give Ireland until 2013 season then im with you.

    The guy has had some hits too guys, Pouncey,J Long,R Incognito,Thomas,Bush,Hartline,Fasano,J Ordrick,Vonte DavisTraded,Jerry,J Martin,Burnett,Jones,Sean Smith,Koa Misi

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