Rivers looking good as Chargers take lead over Raiders


The final game of Week One is underway in Oakland, and Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is off to a strong start.

On a 90-yard scoring drive that took up more than half of the second quarter, Rivers went 8-of-9 for 73 yards and led the Chargers into the end zone, hitting receiver Malcom Floyd on a six-yard touchdown pass. The Chargers lead 10-6 at halftime.

Rivers has already spread the ball around to seven different receivers, and the Chargers are clearly going to be a pass-first offense as long as running back Ryan Mathews is out with a broken collarbone. The Chargers’ two healthy running backs, Ronnie Brown and Curtis Brinkley, have combined for four yards on six carries.

Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer has been throwing mostly short, safe passes, and the Raiders’ only scores were field goals from Sebastian Janikowski. They’ll need more than that to catch the Chargers, especially if the Raiders’ defense can’t do something to stop Rivers.

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  1. Raiders still have a lot of work to do. They were clean for almost a quarter, but personal fouls and pre-snap penalties, not to mention fumbles and balls bouncing off helmets, will not get it done. They could use a tight end and a deep receiver, too. Hayward-Bey isn’t showing up.

  2. I’m a niner fan but i support all bay area teams.. I feel for raider fans, it just seems like the team has not changed since last season.. They are still doing the plexico burress.. (shooting themselves on the foot) with penalties.

  3. Rolondo is looking much better in the new scheme compared to years past. Maybe looking to deliver on all the promise he had coming out of Bama.

  4. maiphatdong says:Sep 11, 2012 12:09 AM

    Same ol Raaaaiders!!!…lol

    If it was the same old Raiders it would be 35-3 right now. lol

  5. The raider defense looks damn good.The offense looks terrible as McFadden is pretty much it.Oh better sign a long snapper

  6. Raiders need a QB in the worst way. Palmer is done.

    They did not look like a well coached team at all.
    How can you have not one player who can long snap in the event of an injury???

    Feel sorry for Raider fans. Another long season.

  7. Remarkable considering the state of th oline and how bad they were being beaten up front.
    Sd has some work to do because they cant b a one trick pony on offense.
    Shame on AJ Smith for ignoring the oline in the draft

  8. Don’t care what anyone says the Raiders still looked good McFadden was good Palmer looked good and didn’t throw any picks like everyone thought the receivers need to learn how to catch hagen was the only good receiver tonight

  9. Important road division win against the hapless dysfunctional faiders. WOW!! McFadden is a real monster! A whole thirty yards!! Look out world here comes da radahs – not. I just wish we had more than twice a year to punk those losers.

  10. Could you morons be any more biased. Rivers missed open receiver after open receiver. If that’s looking good, I’m happy for you.

    Palmer played as well as or better than Rivers considering he had little time at all.

  11. Hope this finally shuts the Raider fans up, never seen an irrelevant team fans talk so much crap. Since there last Super apperance season (a decade ago) they are 5-16 versus the Bolts, not mention they lost at home to end 2011( to make the Playoffs) and start 2012 at home with another LOSS. Give it a rest “Raider Nation”, I applaud for sticking with your team now sit back and be a Fan. When you can finish above the Bolts for a couple of seasons, by all means let the Trash talk flow… But until then…. SHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Keep enjoying those regular season wins charger fans. It’s all you have in 50+ years of existence. Maybe the Spanos clan will spring for some banners to recognize the “achievement”.

    Chargers were lucky- Goethel is a LB not a LS. The RAIDERS defense stuffed Rivers for 5 FGs. If it wasn’t for the special teams debacle….

  13. First of all what exactly are you enjoying, I’m 34 and can barely recall the Raiders last Championship. Lucky exactly what were the Raiders doing when the Bad snaps came, they were Punting…. It’s not like they were lighting up the scoreboard. Give it rest already, your organization sucks and has for a while. As far as Defense stuffing the whole 6 points the Raiders had till a garbage TD( that got extended by a 4th down penalty). Wow hold onto that BUTT whoppin you got in 02 from the Bucs and Championships when most NFL fans weren’t alive or were still Pooping there Diapers. Like I said it’s been a DECADE since the Raiders were relevant, no the Bolts haven’t won a BOWL but I’ll take a decent team over trotting last place teams year after year……..

  14. Haha, all these haters. It was a close game, go check the stats. In fact, OAK outplayed SD. If it wasn’t for Condo getting hurt and thus giving SD an average starting spot on OAK’s 36 yard line, it migt have been a better game. Even with that advantage, SD could only manage FGs. And only 1 TD. As for the Raiders being the same-o same-o, they showed improvement. Penalties were down. 6 for 35. Run D held the DisChargers to 1.6 yards per carry and 32 total yards. Raiders gotta find themselves a long snapper cause Goethel ain’t it. But a win is a win. DisChargers were the better team last night.

    Keep on hating!

  15. asabolts says: Sep 11, 2012 11:59 AM

    First of all what exactly are you enjoying, I’m 34 and can barely recall the Raiders last Championship.
    You could be 104 and not recall San Diego’s last championship, unless you want to count that AFL title in ’63.

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