Schiano suggests that Blount was injured


It looked like Bucs running back LeGarrette Blount suffered an injury during Sunday’s win over the Panthers.  After the game, however, the team said no injury occurred.

On Monday’s NBC SportsTalk, however, Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano implied that Blount was injured, in some way.

“I think he’s OK,” Schiano told host Erik Kuselias.  “We just got done here with a couple of things and I was visiting with him.  He seems OK.  I think what will happen is we’ll just keep an eye on him and make sure he’s OK.  Tomorrow’s our day off and I’m hoping Wednesday he comes in and he’s ready to go.”

Though Blount eventually grabbed his leg once he landed on the ground, he seemed woozy before taking a seat on the grass at Raymond James Stadium.

Regardless, it sound like Blount suffered an injury.  It’s just not known what it was, and when he’ll be back.

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6 responses to “Schiano suggests that Blount was injured

  1. It’s obviously a head injury, which are sensitive subjects in the NFL right now. He was rocked and shakey on his feet. I think they’re airing on the side of caution. Martin is a stud but we need that downhill, aggressive running that Blount brings. Get well soon Legarrette. We’re gonna need you

  2. Blount looked to me like he had a muscle cramp – maybe it happened when he was getting up since he jumped around very strangely for a moment. If you’ve ever had a cramp you can understand doing what he did. He did hit helmets but it didn’t seem to be very hard so I doubt that was an issue.

  3. Oi “bucforever”, you must have not been watching that game very closely on Sunday. Did you see how many times Martin was hit HARD? We want to be a run-first, run-often football team dude, if Martin has to take that sort of punishment constantly, it’s gonna have an effect.

    Then what? Are we going to be able to run-first, run-often with DJ Ware and Michael Smith, two third-down-only running backs? Child please. One of the main reasons we struggled offensively last year is because, once Graham went down, we had no running back depth, so we had to put WAY too much on Freeman.

    Learn from last year, dude. Good depth is how teams play well through sixteen weeks. We need Blount ready to go at a moment’s notice of Martin goes down.

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