Urlacher, Jennings held out of practices that did not take place

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Most teams go out of their way to not talk about injuries which keep players out of practice.

Which is why it’s mildly amusing when the league talks about players who were out of practices which never convened.

Both the Packers and Bears had Monday off, as they rest up for the short week before their Thursday game. But since the game’s three days out, there must be an injury report.

And if they had practiced, which they didn’t, several key players wouldn’t have.

For the Bears, linebacker Brian Urlacher (coach’s decision, knee), cornerback Charles Tillman (shin) and tight end Kyle Adams (shoulder) did not participate in the practice that did not happen, and tackle J’Marcus Webb was limited in the work that did not occur.

For the Packers, wide receiver Greg Jennings (groin), linebacker Terrell Manning (concussion), running back James Starks (toe) and defensive end C.J. Wilson (groin) were out, while cornerback Davon House (shoulder) and linebacker Jamari Lattimore (ankle) were limited in the phantom practice.

Yes, it’s silly.

But no more so than coaches who reply to honest questions with answers such as “he has a leg,” or “we won’t have any updates on that until Wednesday.”

11 responses to “Urlacher, Jennings held out of practices that did not take place

  1. The Packers rested all day yesterday vs the Niners. If I was their coach they would be practicing, to try and regain some semblance of caring about their play on the field.

  2. I’m really excited about this game. Both teams are really good and you know a win means a lot to either team. Go Bears!!

  3. The Packers, other then draft Perry , did NOTHING during the off season to fix a last ranked defense…NOTHING…and they are favorites to do what ?
    PS…I am a Packer fan.

  4. Make no mistake, the Packers got beat yesterday…by arguably the best team in the NFL. You will see a different game vs. Chicago on Thursday. I won’t guarantee a win, but I will guarantee something much more competitive. The 49ers defense shut down the run vs Green Bay and forced Aaron Rodgers into forcing some bad throws…and he still threw for nearly 300 yards. Packers got beat by a different team…one much better than the Bears.

  5. CHICAGO gone beat Greenbay this week an Lovie will take a gaint step towards keeping his job. Cutler is tired of losing to Rodgers an NOW he has the offense around him to walk away the WINNER. an put Greenbay at 0/2

  6. Who handles the injury reports? Are they replacement injury reporters? Do they need to be? If they are replacement injury reporters, would the real injury reporters have gotten it right? Can we get any former injury reporters to tell us what the injury reporters should have done?

  7. We always have a low scoring match against the pack. Last year kept the offense in check….only difference is this year we have receivers to go along with our D and special teams.

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