Vick sensed doubt before leading Eagles on 91-yard game-winning drive

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After Eagles quarterback Mike Vick threw a pick-six to put the Eagles down by six late in Sunday’s game against the Browns, he sensed trouble in the huddle.

“My teammates, they had that sudden look in their eyes as if they were wondering what was wrong with my attitude, why was I hanging my head,” Vick said after the game, via  “They had never seen me like that before.  I just felt like I let them down.  It’ll never happen again, regardless of what the game dictates.”

Vick responded by leading the Eagles on a 16-play, 91-yard drive that won the game, via a four-yard touchdown pass to tight end Clay Harbor.  Vick said the moment felt more like relief that triumph.

“Absolutely,” Vick said. “I would be lying if I said it wasn’t.”

The interception — Vick’s fourth of the day — to linebacker D’Qwell Jackson gave Cleveland an unlikely lead.  “When you throw interceptions it’s one thing,” Vick said.  “But when you throw an interception for a touchdown and it changes the dynamic of the game, when you look up at the scoreboard and now you’re losing, you feel a sense of dissatisfaction.

“I have a responsibility to this team and that’s to lead them, not to hurt them.  So I was more disappointed in that more than anything.  I just wanted another chance to get the ball back and try to make things right.”

While it wasn’t pretty, the Eagles are 1-0.  “If anything, we just came together as a team on this one,” offensive lineman Todd Herremans said.  “That’s the biggest thing we’ll pull from this.  We’re going to go through adversity and stuff here and there.  Even as bad as we played and the mistakes we had, we were still able to get the win.”

Still, this doesn’t look like a team that will be ready to get the win against the team that used to be the Browns in Week Two.

48 responses to “Vick sensed doubt before leading Eagles on 91-yard game-winning drive

  1. After watching everyone play it’s official…The Redskins are running away with the NFC East. RGIII to Garcon the unstoppable toss… our front seven head and shoulders best in the division

  2. The pressure on this Eagles team is unreal, Vick’s job, Reid’s job, they need to start playing better or else things could get ugly in Philly quickly.

  3. Their play calling ratio has to change if they’re going to win. Marty Mornhinweg deserves the blame for half those picks. He dictated to the Browns that every play was going to be a pass. He made it easy for them, which made it hard for Vick. No one deserves to lose their job with this franchise more than Marty.

  4. Gritty performance by Vick. Cleveland’s defense is tougher than people think and they knocked the hell out of him. Still, he hung in their and got a win.

  5. My thought was that Avant, earlier in the week, said that players were going to cheat because there were replacement officials, and then all of a sudden during the game the Eagles are getting called for every ticky-tack thing imaginable.

    And that could have been the officials making a statement.

    But that is just an aside. Vick made some horrendous decisions in the game, threw some bad picks and a near-pick that almost cost the Eagles the game right before the TD.

    We’ve seen him play better in the past, and he’s going to have to do so or they have no shot next week.

  6. One word – Foles.

    Sooner or later, it’s inevitable. Vick admits he lost the confidence of the guys in the huddle with him in Cleveland. How much longer until he loses the confidence of the rest of his teammates and then (finally) his coaches?

    Longer than it should be with Andy Reid, but after the bye is a good guess. Vick is done – he’s no longer able to outrun people to get out of trouble, he’s brittle, and frankly he’s not smart enough to be a great pocket qb. It’s clipboard-and-cameo time for #7.

  7. How is it a good idea to have a QB that has trouble reading defenses, is very injury prone, has only taken 12 snaps during preseason, has a premiere RB and is not in a situation where he is forced to play from behind the entire game take 56 pass attempts. That in itself is a recipe for disaster…… I wonder how often a QB made 56 pass attempts during a game in which the defense did not allow a TD…. As good as the Eagles D and running game looked, they will not be a threat to make the Super Bowl with that kind of offensive strategy.

  8. voiceofreason = hopelesshoghomer

    RGIII had a great start. Let’s see what happens once DCs get a little tape on him. Way too soon to crown anyone as division champs – though if you’re a skins fan, I suppose it’s the only time you can manage it.

  9. “After watching everyone play it’s official…The Redskins are running away with the NFC East. RGIII to Garcon the unstoppable toss… our front seven head and shoulders best in the division.”

    Ha,Ha, Ha, Ha, Haaaaaaaaaa! Typical Redskin fan claiming the Lombardi trophy after one game while the rest of the league moves on to week 2.

  10. The bad news – as usual they start the season not firing on all cylinders. The defense looked better than last year, but that’s not saying much (especially against a bad team with a rookie QB).

    The good news – they always have at least one game like this, where they play down to a bad opponent. This time, at least they won. I’ll wait ’til tonight to see how worried I should be about the Ravens.

  11. It’s amazing how nothing changes. All the blame is on the Philly QB not the head coach that called 60 pass plays. Even though he has one of the best backs in the league in his stable. Ridiculous…

  12. Cleveland gave up nearly 500 yards of offense. the picks by Vick were bad throws. nothing more. If Weeden can’t keep the opposition offense off the field its going to be a painful year for the Browns. Richardson did not look ready either. why didn’t they try Jackson for a few carries? questionable coaching in Cleveland.

  13. Let’s not forget that Vick threw what should’ve been his 5th interception of the day right before the winning Touchdown. He hit the Browns defensiveback in both hands. Thankfully, he couldn’t hold on to it, but Vick didn’t lead a game winning drive as much as the Browns defense failed to catch their 5th Vick pass of the day.

    Vick is going to be a “work in progress” on reading defenses until the day he retires. He’s in his 30’s and still hasn’t mastered that important QB skill.

    I’d bet the Eagles rookie QB Foles is already better at reading defenses and making the quick reads. Vick’s career is over if he loses any speed with his legs.

  14. @voiceofreasonsays

    As an Eagle fan ..

    I do hope you ( as a fan ) gets a competitive team this year.

    Evey year ,, Snyder gets you guys to
    ” drink his kool-aid ”

    It never works . . .

  15. voiceofreasonsays

    One of the best things about sports in general is knowing that when an arrogant blustering fanatic’s team is done for the season, his little heart is broken and he disappears from the comments like a cloud of shameful smoke. Remember this buddy, the further your team makes it, the more it’s going to hurt when they’re done for the year, only one team wins the Super Bowl. I like my teams, but I know it’s unlikely they’ll win it all, it allows me to enjoy the games more.

  16. Barely mentioned in any of the commentary about this game is that Vick almost threw a fifth interception on a play directly preceding the winning touchdown pass. If Cleveland’s linebacker had something other than hands of stone, a lot more Eagle’s fans would be talking about whether or not Vick should take a seat on the bench. This is the most overrated athlete in the history of the NFL, but he continues to walk out there every Sunday–when’s he’s not injured or in prison– because for some reason the teams he plays for refuse to give up on him even though he has failed to deliver on the expectations of his early career. Philly fans can take heart though, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and against an awful team like the Browns, your broken clock of a quarterback was good enough.

  17. definetely questionable play calling on offense. as far as celevelands defense goes, they played really well. gave up 400+ but when your qb has 4 int, you make it hard on your defense. browns D caused 5 turnovers and our offense still couldnt take advanattage of it. Hate to say this bc i dont like all the turnover in cleveland but i wouldnt be surprised if shurmurs gone at the end of the year. i do like jauron tho as our d coordinator

  18. “Sensed DOUBT!” Did he sense his own demise? If the Iggles are going to insist Vick stay in the pocket, then they MUST protect him. If the line is going to play like this, Mr. V. will need to run to save his life. He had stuffing wacked out of him!

  19. @voiceofreasonsays

    As a Redskin’s fan while I can appreciate your homer-ism, but stop anointing us division champs… it’s the first game of the season with a rookie QB who played exceptionally well. This DOES NOT mean that we’re running away with anything… We beat a team who had the 29th ranked pass defense last year and had no pass rush… We have a long way to go.

  20. The Browns helped Foles get a step closer to starting. This isnt the 2010 MV7, that dudes long gone. Face it Philly.

  21. Really starting to wonder if Vic has the intelligence to play quarterback. Seems like he cant out run linebackers anymore either.

  22. Vick is done. Stick a fork in him. He should have been pulled after the 3rd pick, let alone 4th.

    He had a terrible game and was obviously not on target. When a player is playing that bad, you put your backup in.

    Im willing to bet every cent I can get my hands on, plus my house and cars, that if Foles had started that game yesterday, the Eagles would have covered the 9 point spread and then some.

    Weeden and Richardson looked just as dreadful as Vick. The Browns are just not a good team. The Eagles are a good team with a bad QB. Its embarassing.

  23. Lets be real here, Vicks career isn’t even close to over. If anything this game proved how good he is despite all the adversity he faced, bad play calling, poor protection and yes, bad decisions on Vicks part. I expect him to come back improved and ready to go next week. Too many of you are so quick to jump off the boat because of one little wave.

  24. Eagles can be thankful that the Browns offense sucks. They would have lost by 20 plus points if they played a better offense.

  25. 1)Vick made as many (or more?) bad decisions as his rookie counterpart.

    2) 75% pass plays is downright ignorant considering:
    a. The effectiveness of your RB
    b. The ineffectiveness of your LT

    3) Andy Reid is a moron if Demetress Bell is a healthy scratch again next week. At least he started putting a TE or RB on that side to help out.

  26. When Juan Castillo is the best coach on the field something is terribly wrong there. And that’s coming from a Latino. Richardson should not have started. Just like Vick he didn’t seem ready. The only positive I’m taking from this game is the the Birds D did what it was supposed to, shut down a bad offense. And the punter booted 60’s all day.

  27. sunburntshanny September 10, 2012, 7:50 AM EDT


    As a Redskin’s fan while I can appreciate your homer-ism, but stop anointing us division champs… it’s the first game of the season with a rookie QB who played exceptionally well. This DOES NOT mean that we’re running away with anything… We beat a team who had the 29th ranked pass defense last year and had no pass rush… We have a long way to go.


    Thank you for having the guts to put this nimrod in his place as a fellow Redskins fan. He’s been spewing this garbage all offseason. Claiming they’re going to sweep every team in the division. It just nonsense.

  28. “Lets be real here, Vicks career isn’t even close to over.”

    You’re right, there will always be poorly-run teams that would rather sell seats and jerseys than win championships.

  29. They won the game. A win is a win. Speculating and arguing about the validity of any win is ridiculous. It’s no less moronic than speculating and arguing about a loss. All sports deal in absolutes, not ‘shoulda’s’, ‘coudla’s’, and ‘woulda’s.’ If you win, you did your job. If you lose, you did not do your job. They did their job yesterday, how well they did makes no difference, because if you won games based on stats alone, Touchdowns wouldn’t matter.

    The End

  30. Vick will be fine. The Browns had the 10th best defense in the NFL last year, and they got better this offseason. There is no way a team should be throwing 56 times in a game, especially when you have a RB like Mccoy. I’ll give Vick a pass on this game, as he hardly got a preseason, however he definitely needs to be better.

    On a different note, the Eagles defense looked really good. Ryans was everything that he was advertised as. That defense is going to be very, very good in a few weeks.

  31. What’s not being said is that the int’s stopped legit scoring drives that would have resulted in a lot of points. He threw for over 400 yards because they were moving the ball well up the field. Had he not thrown the picks the Eagles would have been up by a lot of points. And the int’s were balls that should have been caught by the receiver…the receiver tipped a catchable ball making it an easy catch for the D. These types of picks make any QB look worse than he is. So it’s not all doom and gloom here…

  32. Actually Garcia went 5-1 replacing McNabb and never should have been replaced in the playoffs. Nice research you did there.

  33. This team is a mess, mostly because of Ms. Vicky. Next up, Ravens. For those of us who truly hate Vick and the Eagles, this is gonna be sweet!

  34. I LOVE the Eagle fans calling for the back-up QB already. Thats worked out real well for you in the past. AJ Feeley, Garcia, McMahon, Kolb, Kafka.

     Actually it has worked out in the past. Kevin Kolb played well enough to be traded for an all pro CB and third round draft pick. As for AJ Feeley, the Eagles went 5-1 when he filled in for McNabb, which allowed the Eagles to trade him to Miami for a second round pick. Oh and I remember Michael Vick having a pretty good year in ’10 filling in for McNabb……

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