Browns should have dumped McCoy


I’m not one to say, “I told you so.”  I’m one to make the same point using more words than that.

After the Browns devoted the 22nd pick on the draft to quarterback Brandon Weeden, I said that they should dump McCoy.

I said it in April.  I said it in June.  I probably said it in July and August.

Now that it’s September, it’s too late.  McCoy is the backup and Seneca Wallace is gone and some fans already are calling for McCoy and coach Pat Shurmur already is dealing with questions about it.

And McCoy will gradually become the most popular man in Cleveland, especially if Weeden continues to have single-digit passer ratings in games the Browns lose by single digits.

In time, Shurmur will have to pull the trigger.  Another bad season will get everyone blown out of Berea, and then new owner Jimmy Haslam will make a run at Bill Cowher or some other high-profile coach who will win Haslam’s confidence and, in turn, a full decade on the job, if not longer.

Not having McCoy around wouldn’t have made Weeden a better quarterback.  But if there’s a guy on the roster who’s deemed to be significantly better than Weeden, the fans will call for him.

Based on Sunday, the only surprise is that more of the fans aren’t already calling for McCoy.

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59 responses to “Browns should have dumped McCoy

  1. Definitely should have traded him. Everyone will be calling for Colt in a few weeks.

    But who knows what Cleveland is thinking. Colt McCoy may be the QB of the future for them. After all, Weeden is older than Colt McCoy…

  2. Hmm I’m not so concerned about McCoy since he’s not much of an investment to keep around, Weeden is the guy they should dump. There are some QB desperate teams out there and I don’t understand Weeden’s value or why they ever had confidence in him especially due to his highly disadvantaged age. The right move is to admit the mistake and get anything they can get from some sucker willing to trade for Weeden.

  3. No, it’s not that they should have traded McCoy, it’s that they shouldn’t have drafted Weeden in the first place.

  4. anybody who actually knows football and watched any practices and the preseason games – knows McCoy just isn’t starting caliber QB – and no one in the actual city of CLE is calling for him.

    From a business standpoint – it was much smarter to keep McCoy and let Seneca go…where is Seneca now?

    McCoy is a serviceable back-up and a good one at that…the only reason he should start over Weeden is if he gets hurt. The problem is the right side of the line – mainly Schwartz

  5. Mike, why shouldn’t they be calling for McCoy to start? Please explain to me what chances he was given with such a terrible team around him. Weeden has an uograded team and STILL couldn’t get the job done. Why is McCoy so talked down to, when he deserves just as much a chance with this newly upgraded Browns team as Weeden? Do you honestly think Weeden can turn around that franchise like Romo, Brady, or Brees? HONESTLY? Why is there so much hate for McCoy….

  6. You’re saying they should’ve dumped McCoy so that the fans couldn’t call for him??
    Sorry, but since when does the FO care about the fans’ oppionion?
    Besides: Weeden just had 1 (one!) bad game. As a rookie. In his first ever NFL game.

  7. You know you messed up in the draft when your touted franchise QB had a higher Baseball ERA than his QB rating. Check out Weeden’s QB rating was Philly my god!

  8. Our defense was elite, all Weeden had to do to win the game was not actively lose the game. As a die-hard Cleveland fan, should I not call for the QB who despite not having big-play capabilities, doesn’t lose games? Colt McCoy, despite his size/arm, is a smart QB who doesn’t single-handedly lose games like Weeden did Sunday.

  9. Why advocate to release him? How he will do is unknown. At least this way, there is a viable option if weeden gets hurt or continues to suck. Your option of having Johnny Camparm as a backup (because McCoy is as good or better so he should go) is ridiculous. Weeden was having a bad game and it was still winable late. I think MCCoy was a better option late in that game. Browns could/should have won. Coach should worry about what’s best for the team nd not about fan reactions. He could have pulled Weeden and still start him next week. Remember when backup QBs could come in “for a spark” in any given game?

  10. As others have stated, they never should’ve drafted Weeden, at least not in the first round. McCoy needed talented athletes around him and Weeden will succumb to the same issue, at the least.

  11. I keep thinking Holmgren knows more than me and I keep gettting proven wrong. I was watching the draft when the Browns were about to use their 2nd 1st round pick and I turned to my wife and said, “I hope to the Lord above this pick isn’t Brandon Weeden.”

    The smartest thing the Browns did at the QB posistion this offseason was KEEPING Colt McCoy. At least we have a decent backup QB who can play if Weeden proves to be a dud. Weeden will start next game vs. Cincy but he should be on a short leash. We are trying to win games not just play a 29 year old QB for the hell of it.

  12. boisedawg says:
    Sep 11, 2012 3:46 PM
    More anti Browns propaganda… Same old story from Florio.

    what possible agenda would there be to have negative propaganda about a random team out of 32 in the nfl?

    youre mixing up propaganda with points on why your team is in shambles

  13. What’s the lowest QB rating that Colt got last year? I’ll bet is was WAY over the 5.1 that Weedon got. Their problem is as I’ve posted more than once is that Colt wasn’t the problem. Weedon will fail there and any other QB will fail because they have NO other players and the worst coaching, management and ownership in the league. Are they going to try to trade Weedon after a couple more years of failure? Idiots!

  14. I really get a kick out of fans who think that ex-coaches like Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, etc. are lining up to coach these crappy teams. I am a lifelong Dolphin fan since the early 70’s and am amazed when fans go to the trouble to rent a plane to fly over a game imploring the owner to fire the GM, and then expect a coach like Cowher or a QB like Manning or any other player to want to coach or play there. I am sure Cowher gets a stubby every night dreaming about coaching teams like the Browns and Dolphins after he has left the cushy confines of the broadcast studio. Keep wishing for these ex-coaches, like Parcells, and see where they get you.

  15. You are flat out wrong on this one. I don’t care who your backup is, any starting QB that throws four picks in one game will have fans turning against them. If Wallace was the backup instead then you would be hearing put in Wallace instead of Colt.

    The majority of fans want Weeden in there. The over-reactionaires that frequent your site are the ones begging for Colt to get put in there.

  16. Funny because Matt Moore has much more of a right to this happening after his year.

    Good for Cleveland keeping the better talent. Whatever happens will happen. That staff is much more concerned about the new owner and showing results. Arguably keeping McCoy is the better option from that front.

    Anyone in Cleveland calling Weeden Hatfield? That would be fantastic.

  17. swill43507 says:
    Sep 11, 2012 3:46 PM
    Shurmur will be gone after this year! Bill Cowher 2013, baby!!!!!

    I don’t think Cowher has any interest in coaching again. But the Browns need to do everything they can to get a top-tier NFL head coach. I think Brian Billick is a more realistic possibility.

    Sadly (for Cleveland fans), that’s probably too good of an idea to come true. But if I were the Browns’ owner, I would make a very hard run for Billick. He does have a SB ring, and I’m sure he’d love the opportunity to beat the Ravens twice a year.

  18. Chris Palmer no longer coaches the Browns, and no one is pulling a QB after one week of play.

    I’m fine that they kept McCoy. If Weeden plays badly for weeks on end and makes no progress, there will be reason to put someone else in. That would be the number 2 guy no matter who it is, and it just so happens to be Colt McCoy.

    As for the fans ever possibly demanding McCoy — I don’t expect fans to put up a billboard, and I certainly don’t expect the front office or coaching staff to listen to the calls of the fans on who should start.

    Finally — if Colt wasn’t traded, maybe it was because no one offered anything. Takes two to make a trade!

  19. If anything the Browns should be glad they kept Colt, this Weeden is going to be one heck of a bust… the verdict to me isn’t out, its already been cast in stone. This guy has got bad written all over him, they drafted a 28 year old developmental QB who washed out of Minor League Baseball. Thank god the Rookie Pay Scale came into effect, other wise they would be out more than double what they are now.

  20. Im curious why Weeden sat the last preseason game? The guy needs work and was rushed into the starting role.
    I know the guy is 28, but he has issues holding onto the ball, an his over throws of WR’s is nerves. Putting him in after the bye week with Clevelands tough schedule would have made sense.
    But then again, I am only saying this because of what I saw on Sunday.

    Go Browns

  21. So, you are saying we should have dumped the only QB who might be capable of winning games to keep the fans from calling for – OMG – a QB who can win games! Are you insane? The simple fact is they knew he wasn’t ready, didn’t play him enough in preseason, and should never have stuck him in when they did. They should have let him learn behind Colt without getting killed. Instead, they are stubborn idiots who refuse to acknowledge a mistake and the fans and team will pay dearly for it. I hope Haslam sticks a foot up Shurmur’s rear hard enough to rattle that brain loose to make some decent decisions. Otherwise, keep Heckert and Jauron along with his coaches and dump the offensive offense coaches.

  22. the browns are the browns because of moves like this.

    Colt McCoy set some serious records in college., in a great conference. You cant tell me he is a bum.
    Cleveland never once game him any reliable targets, or veteran leaders on offense.

    I honestly can’t name a receiver on the browns right now.
    Weeden isn’t a complete turd yet though. He just needs a better OC/HC/WR/city.

  23. The Eagles defense was ok but watch out when they play the Steelers and Ravens.Palomolu and Reed will make this guy wish he had stayed in baseball.

  24. I dont think Colt is the answer – watching him from the Dawg Pound continue to fail in the WC offense because he is unable to throw a sideline out , the TE curl or a middle 15+…well unless it is behind the receiver or at his feet…taking away any chance of RAC. Weeden could not have played worse! I say play to win the game…yep, that means using all your “weapons’ like Cribbs and even the other running backs to change up the pace., and once we got into the 4th Q – even McCoy. I still want to see Weeden start and see how he progresses. I pray he is not anoth DA. Umm, a running game wouldnt hurt either.

  25. I think at this point should go ahead and cut there losses with Mike Florio, He posts a lot of really dumb opinions, I know its his opinion but if he truly knew what he was talking about he would be making a lot more money in the NFL. Maybe Yahoo Sports will trade an old typewriter in exchange for Florio? Maybe they can pick up my old English teacher since she has way more experience writing than Florio, just as Seneca has way more west coast offense experience than Colt.

  26. anybody who actually knows football and watched any practices and the preseason games – knows McCoy just isn’t starting caliber QB – and no one in the actual city of CLE is calling for him.

    From a business standpoint – it was much smarter to keep McCoy and let Seneca go…where is Seneca now?

    McCoy is a serviceable back-up and a good one at that…the only reason he should start over Weeden is if he gets hurt. The problem is the right side of the line – mainly Schwartz

    Yeah, right. Weeden was rushed in way too fast. McCoy’s the better QB. Amazing how you blame the line for Weeden being able to plant his feet and chuck the ball 20 feet off target.

    If there had been a real QB competition in camp, McCoy would have won. That’s why there wasn’t one.

  27. Some fans would’ve been calling for Josh Cribbs if he was the backup after 5 turnovers. While I don’t doubt having Colt vs Seneca gets the fans a little more riled up to see the backup play, we have to remember why it is Colt got benched in the 1st place. I’m a Colt fan. He’s a class act and I haven’t seen anyone play with more heart, but the fact is no NFL defense fears his arm and that will never change. With more practice, better decision making, the O-line giving any type of push on rushing plays, Trent Richardson developing into the big time threat he looks like he can be, and his receivers actually getting some separation & making the catches they should, teams might fear Weeden.

  28. Browns problem is a general lack of talent. They have 15 rookies on the roster, 6 of them undrafted. They wasted first and second round picks on Weeden and Schwartz. If they’d kept McCoy at QB, they could have taken Zeitler or Cordy Glenn or Stephen Hill, and had better QB play to go with better O-line play and a better receiver.

  29. Yea that makes sense. We don’t want to add any pressure for the little baby weeden. Let’s make his time in Cleveland nice and cozy so he can learn at his own pace. We don’t want to put too much stress on him.

    By now you can tell I’m being sarcastic and think that if you can’t play under pressure you can’t play.

  30. 1. The point of “they never should have drafted Weeden in the first place” is moot. The fact is, they DID draft Weeden and therefore should have removed Colt from the team altogether. It’s only week 1 and fans are already pushing for Colt’s return; how much longer before that sentiment spreads to the locker room?

    2. Can Browns fans please, please, PLEASE stop pining for Bill Cowher?? The guy coached the Steelers for 13 YEARS before winning anything! Not to mention the he will have been out of the NFL for 7 full seasons as of 2013. It’s painful to watch Shurmer at times, but if you want to give someone 13 years to win a championship you may as well give it to the guy who’s already there. Bill Cowher isn’t going to march the Browns to a Super Bowl any time soon.

  31. Do you ever read what you write? Weedan has one of the worst opening games in history and the fact the fans are calling for the back up means you should have dumped him? If Dave Mays (look it up) were the back up on the roster they would be calling for him right now.

    Once again, trying to create a soap opera instead of just reporting……


  32. Cribbs shoulda been the QB of this franchise ohh about 7 years ago, but I digress.

    We shoulda drafted anyone but Brandon Weeden with that pick, but I brownsfan.

    We shoulda put Colt in after Weeden coughed the ball up the drive after his 3rd interception, but i brownsfan

    Scratch that, Colt should be starting, for 100% fact, but..i brownsfan.

    You play to win, no? Well not in Cleveland you dont, you play to make sure everyone in the stadium is confused, livid, distraught, and finally docile, preparing before the end of the game for the sphinctoral reeming that they will receive at the next game.

    And they will fill that stadium and their guts with 8 dollar, 10 ounce beers for the remainder of the season because we’re too stupid to say “enough is enough”

  33. I don’t hate Colt, and I did not want us to take Weeden. But we did. So give weeden the whole season(barring injury). Every year we are giving up on QBs after one bad week. McCoy didn’t get a fair shake. That doesn’t mean we should do the same thing to Weeden. Were not going to the playoffs. I’m not sure we would make it to playoffs with Tom Brady under center. Let weeden play, we will know by the end of the year if he is a NFL QB or not. If not, we will likely have a draft pick. Start over again.

  34. “Another bad season will get everyone blown out of Berea, and then new owner Jimmy Haslam will make a run at Bill Cowher or some other high-profile coach who will win Haslam’s confidence and, in turn, a full decade on the job, if not longer.”

    Hmm, well if a coach has a decade on the job then he must be winning…unless he’s in Cincinnati. So by your logic, they’d be much better off just losing this year and going and doing that next year.

    Really, give up on Cowher everyone. He lost his drive after fiiiiiiiiinally winning a Super Bowl. And Tomlin has already surpassed him.

  35. Really? You think they should dump McCoy because people are saying he should start because of Weeden’s bad game….you dont think they wouldn’t be doing same thing if Wallace or Thad Lewis or and other stiff was backing him up? Next time try taking on a story that is actually a story instead of patting yourself on the back for saying something so very obvious that a real journalist hasn’t even bother to discuss.

  36. You give colt no weapons and he played his ass off for your sorry organization. Instead of building around you say nope let’s start over with a 28 year old rookie. How the hell did that ever sound like a good idea??? 17 different qbs in 13 years lol

  37. And you were wrong in may, June, and you are still wrong.

    The browns made the right football move by keeping the younger, cheaper backup with higher potential.

    florio, maybe in your sissy little world you worry about a professional athletes feelings, but I the real world of the NFL, they don’t. they treat him like a man.

  38. It.




    Maybe Weeden won’t pan out, maybe he will but to think that one game is enough to know either way or that one game proves Colt should have been shipped out is absolutely INSANE.

  39. No Mike, the Browns should not have dumped McCoy. What they should not have done is traded draft picks with Atlanta and pass on Julio Jones. They should not have drafted Brian Robiskie or Mohammad Massaquoi. They should not have drafted Monterio Hardesty while passing on players such as Golden Tate, Jimmy Graham, or Emmanuel Sanders. They should not have handed Weeden the job at the day of the draft. Colt didn’t have an off season last year. He had to learn a new system under a new coach and he wasn’t allowed to audible all of last year. Colt is not the problem. And even if they dumped McCoy and kept Wallace….everyone would be calling for Wallace because not even he can say his performance was one of the worst in 52 years.

  40. dws123 says:
    Sep 11, 2012 5:46 PM
    1. The point of “they never should have drafted Weeden in the first place” is moot. The fact is, they DID draft Weeden and therefore should have removed Colt from the team altogether. It’s only week 1 and fans are already pushing for Colt’s return; how much longer before that sentiment spreads to the locker room?
    The point is moot, but I think you’re way off. The correct solution would be, assuming that the pick still happens, is to have a true QB competition in camp and the preseason. Handing the job to a 28 year old rookie QB before even putting the pads on to him was a HUGE mistake when you already have a competent QB on the roster. It’s a completely different situation from Washington where the options are Rex Grossman and John Beck, or in Indy when they essentially had NO ONE after they traded Peyton. They already have a mediocre QB on the roster. Let him compete and push the rookie and make him earn the spot. If Weeden wins, then you know he’s ready. If not, let Colt absorb the punishment.

  41. Stop pining for Bill Cowher? NFL fans are so laughable.
    dws123 is worried about Super Bowls long before his team even reaches respectability. That’s hilarious…
    Bill Cowher: 161-99-1.
    You can stop pining for Bill Cowher for one reason and one reason only: He’s simply not interested!!!

  42. I don’t believe anybody thinks that McCoy is the “answer”, but he is a “as good” or “better” option than Weeden. And at #22 we could have added a much needed addition to our team, continued to use McCoy while he hopefully got better with better surroundings and “if needed” addressed the QB situation next year… with possibly Barkley.

    As is… we blew our #22 pick, we are crashing and burning with Weeden and we have McCoy who Shurmur refuses to use because of his pride… That’s what people are seeing, saying and believing.

  43. Realfann – LMAO – that was awesome!
    Mike, What are you talking about man? Colt McCoy should not be on the team – are you nuts? He was the better QB in pre-season and he didn’t have enough talent last year to prove that he can get the job done. I know he doesn’t have a strong arm but neither did Sipe and he won. Colt completes passes and given more talent, can win in this league. But, enough of colt – he should be with the team and he is….. But, I do believe that Weeden should be given more time to see if he can develop into the QB that Browns brainy acts in the front office things he can be. Come mid season and he still shows that he’s not the guy, then you have to have a guy of McCoy’s abilities to come in off the bench to take over and give the Browns a chance to win games. Not having him would be a huge mistake. There is aways going to be QB’s fighting for the starting position and fans calling for the backups to play – it’s part of football – get use to it! By the way Mike, what have you been smokin? We all want some…..

  44. the only GUARANTEES out of Cleveland this fall is that Shurmur and his staff will be gone by mid season. Haslem isnt going to mess around and was in no position to do so earlier since he just purchased the team. He sat in on Shurmurs post game press conference when no other Browns’ owner has ever done…..? I believe he has already seen enough. He will install “his” people from possibly the Steelers organization or other “winning” franchises and will not be able to that with this staff. Do we really need to point out why? After that, Barkley will be on their radar after posting a 2-14 record this season. I firmly believe that Haslem will install a winner eventually, he has been succesful and has been involved in very successful ventures throughout his career and there is no reason that he cant build something great again along the Shores of Lake Erie. Be patient Browns fans, the day He bought the team was worth celebrating because IT IS finally the Right step to build upon. As for Art Modell, God rest his soul, I’d hope he would be pulling for this to happen from his lofty heavenly purch.

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