Cutler has a message for Packers defensive backs: “Good luck”


Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has always seemed to be a little cocky.  He now has weapons that allow him to be a lot cocky.

And so as the Bears prepare to head to Lambeau Field for a Thursday nighter with a bigger and better group of receivers and with the Packers sporting a defense that has developed a bad habit of giving up more than 30 points per game at home, Cutler has a message for defensive backs who previously stifled Bears receivers by covering them man-to-man and jamming them at the line of scrimmage.

Good luck.”

That’s what Cutler said Tuesday, via our pal John Mullin of  “We invite press coverage,” Cutler said.  “We welcome it.”

They especially welcome it now that they have big receivers, like Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey.

“It’s all about matchups,” Marshall said.  “I’m 6-5, 230 pounds and there’s not too many DB’s walking around that big.  If they want to get physical, I do welcome that.”
We welcome Thursday Night Football, which gets started for the first time ever in Week Two.  And we’d welcome it even more if some weird dude with a blue suit and a beard weren’t standing at the front door shouting, “Ding dong!”

47 responses to “Cutler has a message for Packers defensive backs: “Good luck”

  1. The dude in the blue suit is the weirdest ad campaign I think I’ve ever seen.

    I mean, really, does the NFL have to run ads like that to encourage people to watch their games? Some marketing company got paid a LOT for that, too.

  2. That blue suited sumbitsh has got to go. Shoot him. Cut him up. Fry him. Feed him to the political consultants and PAC money zillionaires.

  3. Very disappointing for all the cheeseheads to see their team start off 0-2

    All the “experts” picking the Pack to get to the SB again really needs to look at all the NFC teams except for the 2-3 they fawn over each season

    GB is the 4th best team in the NFC. Yet the media has the way overrated. Thy have no defense. Up to you to figure out who the 3 are that is better.

  4. lol..

    It’s Week 2. Nobody really knows who the best teams in the NFC are in some specific order. If Pack and Lions win, everyone will have a different story to tell in about one week…

  5. First off, the blue suit dude is a great ad, why? Because you’re talking about it, you recognize him, and anytime you catch a glimpse of him anywhere, you’ll equate him to the NFL.

    Also, the guy is goofy because women respond better to goofy guys.

    Second – I think Cutler is going to destroy the secondary, but I think Green Bay still wins in a shootout. GB has been exposed since last year, you have to outscore them and get in Rodger’s grill.

  6. Easy there, fellow Bears fans. The Packers are still pretty darn good. I like our chances, but let’s not get too crazy here.

  7. The Packers press coverage is exactly what I thought of after the Bears traded for Marshall, then drafted Jeffery. Bring the heat on cause Cutler will have one on one matchups with much smaller defenders. No longer the day that they can muscle the WRs at the line and get away with it. If they play soft, then the running game will excel with the one-two punch of Forte and Bush. If they can score 24-30 points, the Bears should win this game.

  8. I’ll be the 1st to admit that the Pack’s defense needs some work and that the Bear’s receivers received a serious upgrade this off season, but let’s not forget who’s throwing the ball.

    In seven career games against the Packers, Jay Cutler has achieved the following:

    1-7 record
    56% Completion%
    217 YPG
    7 TD
    12 INT
    65.5 QB Rating
    1 ‘Knee Injury’

    Stats don’t lie.

  9. Whoa there Brandon. When did you become as tall as Calvin Johnson? He is a legitimate 6’5″. You’re a little over 6’3″ at the most with your cleats on. I hope he is taking his borderline personality disorder medication.

  10. Before getting too excited, I’d urge people to check out Cutler’s career numbers against the Packers.

    Also, did anybody see what Clay Matthews did against a good left tackle? Now compare that to what the Bears have.

  11. All you have to do is put some pressure on that porous Bears O-line and Cutler will be silenced. Win something first big mouth!

  12. I have a message for jay cutler. Remember your first game in chicago, and you couldnt shutup about how overrated woodson, williams, and al harris were, and proceeded to throw five interceptions? Shutup…

  13. First of all, this whole thing is being blown up into something it was not. It was definitely not “Cutler’s message to the Packers”, lol

    In an interview, Cutler was asked what he would say to their defenders if they were to try and press their receivers, and he jokingly said “good luck”.

    This is just an example of things being taken out of context to make for a bigger controversy going into the game.

    I don’t care what has happened in the past, I don’t even care what happened last week, these games are always great to watch.

    Oh, and the guy in the blue suit is hilarious.

  14. @808gopackgo

    You actually were making a decent argument until you dropped the idiotic fake knee injury comment. Say what you want about Cutler, but there are few qbs that are tougher, including Rodgers. Now intelligence as a passer, that’s another story….

  15. Chrisst the Packers have one off game this year and start 0-1 and the Bears think they have a shot of finishing within five games of the Packers this year. Maybe the Packers are not where they were a year ago but they will still destroy the Bears. I highly doubt Cutler even finishes the game.

  16. @thankheavan

    By the way, how much progress toward the sack record did Allen make against one of the WORST teams in the NFL? Because the Claymaker is 2.5 sacks closer. And that was playing against one of the BEST teams in the NFC.

  17. I can’t wait until Thursday! Div rivalry games always bring more action. That being said, as a die hard bears fan we need to realize that we beat the worst team in the NFL last season….with a rookie qb. The pack lost a heartbreaker to frisco, one of the best all around teams, IMO. So let’s not get to making ridiculous claims jay……you are not a ny jet! BEAR DOWN!!!!

  18. ‘good luck’ is a crazy bold statement considering his record against the Packers and Marshall’s habit of dropping it like it’s hot when it hits him on the hands for a sure TD the last 2 years…..

  19. Teams have figured out the packers ever since they ‘beat themselves’ against the Chiefs last year.

    The disrespect Cutler is showing comes as no surprise. Expect to see more of it from fans who have grown tired of the Packers and their abnoxious fanbase.

  20. If at first you don’t succeed…

    Once again, Cutler is asked a question by a reporter, gives a tongue-in-cheek reply, and the press misrepresents what he said to stir up controversy…Look, everyone (even the Pack) knows that the ‘man-to-man coverage, jam ‘em at the line’ style of coverage will not work with Marshall and Jeffery on board…This is a non-story.
    Unless of course the agenda is to invite more Jay-bashing, in which case y’all are doing a fine job.

  21. The 2012 Chicago Bears are by far the most overrated team. They add a couple mediocre players with bad attitudes everywhere they went and all of the sudden everyone thinks they’re a super bowl contender

  22. thankheavenfornumberseven says:Sep 11, 2012 4:52 PM

    It isn’t exactly going out on a limb for Cutler to suggest that he’ll have success against the worst defense in NFL history.


    Funny you should bring up the subject of NFL history, seeing that the Queens are one of only two teams in NFL history to go 0-4 in the Superbowl.

  23. Packers fans will stop talking after Thursday night when Chicago beat them in Greenbay so they wont have nothing to hide behind.

  24. @contra – shouldn’t you still be out celebrating on Rodeo drive because your vikes beat one of the worst teams in the NFL? And only needed a miracle 55 yard kick from your rookie kicker and OT to do it? And, have you mapped out the parade route yet?

  25. The Bears have Brandon Marshall and…who else? The Packers have Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finely while the Bears have no one idea of Marshall. One good game by Bear WRs against a mediocre team like the Colts doesn’t make them elite either, Jay.

  26. Cutler + Marshall = 0 playoff appearances…all these 2 do is put up stats and numbers together they have never done anything of significance in this league together…27 years and counting..”there’s always next year” that’s the slogan in Chicago for there whack sports teams..they say it every season with every team…i know this cause I live in Chicago…go packers

  27. Cutler may be a moron, but it doesnt take a genius to figure out how overrated the Packers are with the worst defense in the league. Watching AJ Hawk in pass coverage is like watching the fat kid in gym class try and get out of the way in dodgeball.

  28. clay matthews is also the most overrated linebacker in the nfl…he had one and i repeat one good season…where jared allen puts up monster sack numbers yr in and yr out carl….typical packer homer fan…u also prolly thought cedben was really gonna tear things up this yr

  29. i can’t wait for this game! no matter what happens football is here! yeah the pack played crappy and got beat by the niners. the niner’s were the better team on sunday no doubt. and the bears have improved! say what you want but the pack was in that game til the end and played like sh!t. make no mistake this is gonna be a great game against the bears. for the bears fans staying level headed, thats good for the packers fans taking the bears lightly thats bad. lets have a good game, preferably with a pack win.

  30. BTW to everyone out here who “thinks” the Pack were in that game on Sunday, is sadly mistaken. You must not have watched it. Without that BS block in the back call, this game is not even close. 30-15 is NOT in the game. The niners dominated this defense all day long. As for the GB offense they couldn’t even break a single run for more than 2 yards. So it was NOT close. The officials made it much closer than it appears on the scoreboard.

  31. Bears scored 41 points against the same type of defense the pack have so why can’t they do it again?? If the 9ers put up 30 the bears should at least match it. Forte is better than gore, marshall is better than the current moss, jeffery is already as good as crabtree. Throw in a bennet and hester and that is where the “good luck” comes from. It all comes down to the o-line giving cutler time!! As for the pack the most they scored on the bears d-fense was 28 last year. Also do really think the bears showed everything this new offense can do against the colts, I’m sure there is a few more plays to break out on the pack!

  32. Gotta love the Packer haters. The fact is that the Packers played bad and still had a chance. The fact is that Harbaugh said the 49ers played their best game ever and won by 8. You Packer haters keep saying if it wasn’t for the block in the back then the game would’ve been a blow out. Go watch the game again.

    The 49ers had two drives extended on terrible calls against the Packers that resulted in 10 points. The 49ers secondary got away with hold after hold after pass interference after pass interference. Staley got owned by “the most overrated linebacker in the league” Clay Matthews for 2.5 sacks while he false started at least 3 times and not one was called.

    The 49ers beat the Packers up front and definitely won the game, no questions asked. But to say it would have been worse for the Packers if it wasn’t for the refs is ridiculous. The Packers got away with a couple blown calls but so did the 49ers. You take away the punt return TD on one end. You take away two extended drives on the other end. In the end, the 49ers won by 8 like they should have.

  33. Maybe “heartbreaker” is an overstatement, but 8 points is attainable in 1 possession. The point is they didn’t lose to…i dunno, Indy!!! The monsters looked good. Moved the ball effectively, but let’s not say they don’t need improvement. Let’s not say they will walk over green bay…

  34. Did Brandon Marshall grow two inches this past week?? He’s 6’3″ not 6’5″. Though I do think that him and Cutler together is leathal. I still kind of hope the Packers win this week, because Cutler is a little whiny POS.
    I don’t usually say this, but for this week….

  35. bmosh99 says: Sep 11, 2012 8:44 PM

    The 2012 Chicago Bears are by far the most overrated team. They add a couple mediocre players with bad attitudes everywhere they went and all of the sudden everyone thinks they’re a super bowl contender
    Two mediocre players with bad attitudes? When? God, I hope one of them wasn’t Jarrett Bush!

    The Bears DID add:

    Brandon Marshall, who is far from mediocre, and whose attitude has been great since arriving in Chicago.

    Alshon Jeffery, another big, playmaking receiver to pair with Marshall.

    Michael Bush and Jason Campbell to back up Forte and Cutler…Shame we didn’t have them last year.

    Kelvin Hayden, Amobi Okoye, and Shea McClellin to make the defense even better.

    Time will tell if the Bears are indeed a SB contender, but I believe SF, GB, and Chicago all have a great chance to represent the NFC.

  36. lol, I remember when Quitler was on the sideline faking an injury so he didn’t have to get embarrassed.

    Now he’s trash talking a team that has owned him.

    I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

  37. packerbacker12 says:
    Sep 11, 2012 9:20 PM
    The Bears have Brandon Marshall and…who else? The Packers have Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finely while the Bears have no one idea of Marshall. One good game by Bear WRs against a mediocre team like the Colts doesn’t make them elite either, Jay.
    So because you can’t be bothered to do your research, they don’t have anyone? He’s still a rookie and has a lot to prove over the long haul, but just look at Alshon Jeffery’s size (or even his performance last week). Between him and Marshall, the Pack absolutely will NOT be able to jam the Bears this year like they could when people like Knox and Hester were top receivers.

    For all of your talk about all of the weapons GB has (and admittedly it is a very dangerous offense), I’m pretty sure you had those players against San Fran, didn’t you? And New York? KC? How did that turn out?

    You can completely throw out Cutler’s numbers against GB so far in his career. The O-line needs some work, but absolutely everything else is improved. Better and bigger receivers, healthy Forte, added Bush, and probably most importantly Chicago fired Mike “Let’s run 7 step drops with a line that blocks like a sieve” Martz and replaced him with Mike Tice who tries to maintain balance between passing and rushing as well as doesn’t put Cutler in a position to get crushed all day.

  38. cmutimmah says:
    Sep 11, 2012 4:24 PM
    First off, the blue suit dude is a great ad, why? Because you’re talking about it, you recognize him, and anytime you catch a glimpse of him anywhere, you’ll equate him to the NFL.

    Also, the guy is goofy because women respond better to goofy guys.
    I get what you are saying but why would the NFL want people to see a Roethlisberger looking guy in a blue suit and associate that image with the NFL?

    Also maybe some women feel that way about goofy to the extreme extent of that blue suit dude, but most of us women who love the NFL aren’t “most women”.

    I don’t like Cutler one little bit but he has a very sarcastic type joking way to him that doesn’t always translate well. I don’t think he was trash talking here.

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