Ed Reed says his hamstring is fine

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After some hemming and hawing, Ravens safety Ed Reed decided to play football this season.

The Ravens were very pleased with his decision on Monday night. Reed’s 34-yard interception return for a touchdown in the third quarter pretty much closed the door on any chance the Bengals had to get back into the game and sent the Ravens on their way to a 44-13 win. The interception was a vintage Reed big play and left Reed with the most interception return yards in the history of the game.

The play was a big honking reminder of why the Ravens wanted Reed back in the lineup this season. It also provided a reminder of one reason why Reed’s return was in doubt. Reed left the field and returned to the locker room with a hamstring injury after the touchdown and he would not return to a game. With the score so lopsided, that didn’t tell us much about his condition but Reed cleared that up after the game.

“It strained my hamstring trying to dive,” Reed said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “You know I’m 34 in two hours. Father Time does catch up with you. It’s good, it’s good. It’s minor.”

Monday night wound up being a pretty good birthday present all around. That’s good news for the Ravens, whose defense clearly still gets a spark from Reed’s ability to make things happen from the safety spot.

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  1. As a Pats fan I cant wait for this guy to retire! Dude is the best safety to EVER play. Gotta give him all the credit in the world. I cant believe he still has the ability to be this good as his age. Impressive. Do me a favor Ed, Sit out week three and nurse that hammy.

  2. Some of these guys just don’t want to show up for training camp, but they can’t say that publicly. So guys like Reed and MJD “holdout” and then happily come back to the team when camp is over, even with no extra cash in hand.

  3. Happy Birthday, Ed Reed.

    Of course, it’s nothing short of amazing when you consider that Reed, at age 34, and Ray Lewis, at age 37, are still playing exceptionally well. It helps that both men have football IQs off the charts. It’s always a privilege to watch these two athletes—two of the best to have played the game.

  4. Reed picks off the pass and on the next series Lewis forces a fumble. Those play makers remind me why I don’t have any faith in my Bengals doing much this year. Who’s gonna be that big play guy for the Bengals?

    Going for a quantity of washed up CB’s instead of quality ones isn’t gonna get it done. Why are Ravens tight ends completely open 10 yards down the field and the supposedly physically elite Gresham can’t get open? Simple answer, playmakers. They’ve got them on D, we don’t.

  5. Probably the best ball-hawk and return man in the history of the game. Every time I see Ed Reed play I think about how great another Hurricane safety named Taylor could have been.

  6. Gotta give the guy credit… I’d never trade Palamalu for him, but Reed is pretty impressive for his age and looked pretty good on that diving TD last night! I can’t wait for the rematches with the Steelers this year.

  7. Big time Ravens fan here and Ed Reed is the BEST safety in history and Polamalu not even close. I wonder though what Sean Taylor could have been who is a combo of Reed and Polamalu.

  8. Ed Reed is a great safety, but he doesn’t have two rings like Troy. Ravens are always good, sometimes very good like this year, but they need to finish which they can’t…. Cundiffs kick is going wide to the right… Nuff said.

  9. Oh goody sweep the AFC only to…. Cundiff’s kick is wide to the right. Great to win the AFC, but thr SB is what the great teams get to ravenator in case you don’t know. Have a grat day!

  10. Coming from a Steeler fan, the difference between Reed and Polamalu….

    Reed = Great ball hawk…maybe the best for a safety.

    Polamualu = good ball hawk, not a good as Reed. ..but is more of a difference maker near the line of scrimage with his quickness. Probably the quickest safety in game.

    Each have great instincts.

    Steelers taylor thier 3/4 around P, and the Ravens build thier secondary around Reed. Both going to the HOF.

    Games this year will be epic……can Flacco continue is the question??

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