Fitzgerald prefers that the low-profile Cardinals keep their low profile


Though the Giants managed to piece together a four-game winning streak in the postseason, they are merely 4-6 in their last 10 regular-season games.

The Cardinals, who get talked about far less than the defending Super Bowl champs, are 8-2 over their last 10 games.  But nobody knows that (except for Pro Football Talk co-host Erik Kuselias, who mentions it, on average, 1.7 times per day during the show).

Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald likes the fact that it’s not widely known.  He told PFT Live on Tuesday that he prefers that his off-the-radar team remain there.

Now that we’ve gotten Fitzgerald’s segment onto your radar, we’ll step aside and let you watch the whole thing.

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8 responses to “Fitzgerald prefers that the low-profile Cardinals keep their low profile

  1. I would say that there are not many teams that want to play the 9ers, Hawks, or Cards on the west coast. They have some of the toughest defenses in the NFL.

  2. Super Bowls come in 2 steps.
    1. Get to the playoffs, even if it only takes 9-7 record.
    2. Get hot in the playoffs.

    I think Skelton is the kind of guy that is completely unfazed by pressure. He would be a great playoffs QB.

  3. “I think Skelton is the kind of guy that is completely unfazed by pressure. He would be a great playoffs QB.”

    A great playoffs QB also should be able to throw more TDs than INTs consistently. He’s not there yet.

  4. Ben Rothlisberger’s regular season TD vs interception vs his career is 144 td’s to 86 ints and playoffs is 17 td’s to 14 ints. He throws 1.7 TD’s per interception in the regular season and 1.2 TD’s per interception in the post season, yet has two rings and been to a third big dance. TD to int ratio is a nice stat but winning games is all that matters in the end, doesn’t matter how you win them. This is coming from a guy who can’t stand the steelers and rothlisberger as a cardinals fan had to watch him throw a perfect pass to holmes to win it all against us…

  5. If the Cards D can stifle the Patriots offense on Sunday, then their days of being ‘under the radar’ will be gone.

    Apparently the Cards D are great at shutting the passing game down ‘outisde the numbers’ – of course they’ll have to cope with Gronk,Ahern and Welker ‘inside the numbers’ this weekend.

  6. Very tough defense, a front seven that can really get after the passer (Acho is a guy a lot of people don’t know, but should), two of the most dangerous return men in the game (Peterson and Stephens-Howling), and one of the top 2 WRs in the game who always seems to move the chains when the team needs it…..might not make the playoffs this year, but they’re going to give a few teams more than they can handle.

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