Former Raven Todd Heap flies cross-country to pay respects


Tuesday is the day off for NFL players, the one-day respite from meetings and practices and lifting and working. It’s the day they use to squeeze life in.

For Cardinals tight end Todd Heap, it meant a cross-country flight to remember the life of his old boss.

The former Ravens first-round pick swung by the locker room last night to see some old teammates after their Monday Night Football win over the Bengals, but made the trip to pay his respects to late Ravens owner Art Modell, who died last Thursday.

It’s very important for me to say goodbye,” Heap told the Baltimore Sun. “I have so many great memories of Art. He was just a great guy all-around. He meant so much to this community and this organization, but he meant a lot to me personally.

“He was just a great man, a great leader, a great example, an uplifting guy. He was always making people smile. I just have so many great memories of him.”

Modell’s funeral will be held this morning at the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation.

15 responses to “Former Raven Todd Heap flies cross-country to pay respects

  1. At 19, I don’t really know know much about Art Modell, but from things like this and Ray Lewis getting emotional before kickoff last night, he seemed like a good person.

  2. Todd Heap has always been a class act and a true team player, too bad Baltimore didn’t have room for him with Pitta and Dickson improving every day.

  3. Good riddance AM. Hope u never get in the HOF u piece of s***. Stole our team cuz he went broke n couldnt keep track of his finances then moved the team to baltimore drafted ngata and lewis n reed with the draft picks they had as browns then win a superbowl with what was our team. And then sells the team 4 years later cuz he was going broke again. And yet he wouldnt sell the browns instead he moves them only to sell the ravens at a later date. O and for anyone who thought art left the colors n records of the browns ur an idiot. NFL made him leave the colors n records so dnt even start with that BS. U are a disgrace modell n i hope u never get into the HOF.

  4. clevelandschronic2 says:

    Dude, you got a new team, a new owner and even a new stadium while keeping your colors and records. get over it.

    also you could have picked McNabb but took Couch with your expansion pick. Overall it sucks but look how long Baltimore had to wait for a new team and they didn’t get to keep the colors or the record.

    you have to admit, as much as it sucks, you got a pretty good deal in the end.

  5. clevelandschronic2 says: “then moved the team to baltimore drafted ngata and lewis n reed with the draft picks they had as browns then win a superbowl with what was our team.”

    Uhhh, Ngata was drafted a decade later. Perhaps you’re thinking of Ogden? Do a little fact check before you go crazy reliving the good old days.

  6. clevelandschronic2 said:
    “drafted ngata and lewis n reed with the draft picks they had as browns then win a superbowl with what was our team”

    Ngata and Reed were NOT on the Super Bowl team in 2000.

  7. I understand Ur team was took away but u got the team right back Cleveland the colts left us in the middle of the night in never came back plus at some point Cleveland when do u blame urselfs the browns left lebron left every free agent baseball player leaves cc cliff lee manny in more plus the hockey team choose Columbus over Cleveland if everything leaves its Ur city sorry

  8. stole “your” team? damn didn’t know you bought them with your own money. to steak something you must first own it.

  9. it’s amazing how sooo many people speak foundly of Modell; yet he is sooo hated by sooo many people because he moved his team after not being able to get a new stadium or even stadium improvements for years from Cleveland. He wasn’t the first owner to move his team because of whatever issues he has with the current city and he won’t be the last. What makes his move so much worse than St. Louis, l.A., the Colts, the Raiders or anyother team that moved?

  10. @clevelandschronic2;

    First off you’re a complete moron if you actually think what you wrote. Maybe if your pathetic city would have given Art what he needed to get a new stadium he would have stayed. However I’m pretty doubtful that you would have won the super bowl anyways, I don’t think Cleveland has won AN ATHLETIC CHAMPIONSHIP of any sorts in over 60 years. Take your displaced anger somewhere else or move to a city that has some talent…Lebron did. And now he has a ring too.

    Also, you have a team now and they still suck, enjoy your 0-1 record, you should be used to it by now.

  11. Classy move Mr. Heap.

    Cleveland fans ought to spend sometime looking at their towns history and all the things Art Modell did for it. Instead of blaming him maybe you should blame yourselves. Should have built a new stadium.

  12. @clevelandschronic2 is why Cleveland is stagnant; such moronic thinking (and the lunacy to share it) is prime example of what ails this city….understand there are plenty good people here….but one bad apple…(and there are more than ONE) contributes to the aura of negativity that engulfs this place…. Dude get a LIFE, with a side of common sense.

  13. @bmorebirds24

    You may be the moron, don’t think you actually bothered to do any research but quickly went to the ” cleveland sucks” card. Modell was approached about a new stadium all the way back in 1990, he declined. The Browns were near the league leaders in attendance in the years before the move and were considered a flagship franchise in the NFL. That man had the undying support of the fans. Your beloved Art tabled discussions for a new stadium so that he could shop his team to the highest bidder and put on the front that he was doing all he could to make things work. A referendum came up on the ballot that would have given him the new stadium he wanted, it was passed fairly easily but he chose to dismiss those and appear as “woe is me” and take the next train out of town. As we know, Art had to sell the team to Bisciotti before the NFL stepped in and forced him to do so.

    In 1984, your wonderful city wouldn’t give Irsay a new stadium, threatened to forcibly take his team from him under eminent domain and forced his hand to move the Colts.

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