Gerald McCoy invokes memories of, gets a call from Sapp


No player was bigger in the Buccaneers win over the Panthers than defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

So after the game, it’s only fitting that he heard from one of the biggest names in Bucs history.

McCoy had a sack, two tackles for loss and a pair of hits on Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in the Bucs’ 16-10 win, and that prompted a call from Warren Sapp.

“Sapp called me last night and said, ‘Look, if you’ve ever got a quarterback in your grasp like that and you let him out, me and you are going to fight,’ ” McCoy said, via Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune. “I don’t want none of that.

“It’s hard to bring [Newton] down. The dude moves like a receiver. He’s going to be good for a long time.”

So is McCoy, as the former No. 3 overall pick is healthy and beginning to show signs of the talent that led to his draft status.

While they’re going to enjoy the contributions of rookie safety Mark Barron and linebacker Lavonte David, having a big man in the middle like McCoy can change the face of a defense, as Sapp proved a decade ago.

8 responses to “Gerald McCoy invokes memories of, gets a call from Sapp

  1. Dang, so Sapp found the time in between his Youtube series “Judge Sapp” tapings and bankruptcy filings to call up Gerald? What a nice dude.

  2. Its all about health with McCoy. Fun fact, the Bucs are 13-7 when he’s healthy and 2-10 when hes not. The talent and ability are obvious, its all about staying healthy

  3. Gerald “I talk alot” McCoy played okay; I was at the game and I would not say it was a Sapp like performance having seen Sapp in his hay day. All the preseason talk was if he does not do it this year he would be officially labeled a bust. He did his job and his performance was the best I have seen to date but lets not “crown his ass” (D. Green) champ yet. If he has over 10 sacks this year, I will begin to believe in him. Good luck Gerald! Kick butt #93! Bucs fans are rooting for you.

  4. What? McCoy was phenomenal in that game. He lived in the backfield and was the main reason Carolina had no success on the ground–he either disrupted the runs up the middle, or was far enough into the backfield that he got in the way of the runs to the outside. I rewatched the entire game on NFL Rewind focusing on him on defense, and the guy played about as well as he could have played. If he plays like that consistently, that defense is going to be really, really good.

  5. I was at the game on Sunday and watched the Bucs D-line through my binoculars a lot…McCoy was in the Panthers backfield constantly! Sometimes he fired thru the gap without even being touched, he was so fast! he had several “near” sacks and constantly forced the Panthers to redirect their running lanes…only Newton’s athleticism saved him a few times or the Bucs would have had 5 – 6 sacks instead of the 3 they registered. Now let’s see if they can do it in New York next week against the Super Bowl Champs!!
    GO BUCS!!!

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