Harbaugh on Flacco: “Pay him whatever he wants”

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Joe Flacco already has an agent.

And now Joe Linta has all the help  he needs.

After the Ravens quarterback was sterling in a 44-13 win over the Bengals, Ravens coach John Harbaugh was ready to turn over the checkbook and let Flacco fill it in.

Pay him whatever he wants,” Harbaugh said, laughing, via Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun. “Pay the man.”

Flacco was 21-of-29 for 299 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions, leading the Ravens to the final 27 points of the blowout. The 44 points were the third-most in a regular season game in franchise history.

And while they’ve always been defined by defense, Harbaugh can see what the rest of us see, that Flacco has grown beyond some kind of Trent Dilfer-esque game manager. That will cost them in the negotiations that have been going on for months.

“We’ve always stood up here, and we’ve always, all our coaches, the organization, we know what we’ve got in this guy,” Harbaugh said. “Of course he is [elite]. He is a winner. He is one of the toughest quarterbacks I have ever been around. He’s the best quarterback I’ve ever been around.”

He’s also getting more expensive with each passing game.

20 responses to “Harbaugh on Flacco: “Pay him whatever he wants”

  1. I’ve been hard on Flacco for most of his career, but he was making some elite throws in that game.

    Obviously, he needs to be consistent since he’s had superb games in the past but would follow that performance up with inconsistent play.

    But given the weapons he has, and a defense that looks pretty darn good even without Suggs, a Pro-Bowl year and another deep post-season run are definitely in reach.

    If that happens – he’ll get paid big-time.

  2. I’m perfectly fine with it. Pay the man. This was a top 10 D from last year, and the only guy of value they were missing on that side of the ball was Dunlap. You could argue Kirkpatrick but until I see him play a down you can’t call him crucial to the team just yet.

    Joe completely lit this Cincy D up. They brought the house? Swing pass or dump off. They drop back in deep coverage? Audible and run up the gut. His throws were on the money all night. the only questionable throw was their last drive in the first half where Joe threw one slightly behind Rice, he tipped it and almost ended up getting picked. Almost.

    Pay the man.

  3. I bashed Flacco a few weeks ago. I must add that he played awesome last night. I just hope that he can stay consistent with all of the offensive weapons he finally received. I would not turn over my ck book just because of one game. Too bad Art Moddell could not be here to see the whipping his team put on the Bengals. Ray Lewis & company is the best defense today I would not want to face. Ravens SB bound….

  4. Pay him now while Ravens fans are in support. The guy showed great commitment to his growth and the team’s success this offseason, he deserved every penny of this new contract for the last four post seasons, now we’re just mooching off his talent. LOCK HIM IN!

  5. i’m going to take abuse for saying this but flacco doesn’t deserve the $20 mil going rate for top of the top level qb’s.

    that being said, that’s what the ravens will have to pay him or franchise him.

  6. Harbaugh won’t be saying that after flacco plays the steelers! Beat up on the weak. We’ll see when you play our defense at full strength with harrison & clark back! It won’t be a bronco picnic like sunday night I cann assure you basement dwelling Ratbirds!

  7. @steelersownyou,

    The Ravens won the division last season & made the playoffs the previous 3 seasons & you call them basement dwellers?

    Where I come from, the top of the house is called the attic. Now go downstairs and fix the broken sump-pump that you call an offensive line…go on…

  8. Uni-brow just beat the Bungles. I’m sure the brass will keep it in perspective until he looks impressive for once against a good team.

  9. @steelersownyou,

    Considering you just got beat again by a team..this time by a Qb who hadn’t thrown a pass in almost 2 years I would probably withold from lame statements

  10. I will never understand all the hate Flacco gets…. I’ve been saying this for five years, all he does is win football games and that’s what you ask from your QB.

    Now that he is starting to put up good fantasy football numbers, others are starting to realize his worth.

  11. Joe sure looked elite last night, but then again we don’t know what the Bengals really are yet. As a cincy fan for years I’ve known “3rd and long against the ravens or steelers, they’re going to convert no problem.” They may end up with a statistically decent defense at the end of the year, but when they need to get off the field, they just can’t get it done.

    Sad to say, playing the Bengals and Browns each twice a year is gonna make any QB elite.

  12. Flacco has one good game against an overated
    Bengals team and all of a sudden he is the best. Give me a break lets wait until they have to kick 3 field goals and the defense has played 42 minutes then lets hear how good he is. Flacco is average at best put him on the same level as Sanchez, Smith, Ryan they have their good days and then they have their NO SHOWS wake up its over an 18 game spread that they are champions not one Baltimore has been here before yep they are Super bowl bound and then woops they run into the real deals.

  13. Steeler fan here. Flacco did an amazing job last night. He has shown consistent improvement since he was drafted. That was a playoff team from last year that he decimated. Enjoy your first place in the division. Now here is the rub. I think that your defense will have a much harder time as the season goes into it’s final quarter. As far as the division goes props also to Cleveland for putting up a good fight. If they had stuck with their qb from last year they would have won that game.

  14. With Ray Ray and Ed Reed hanging it up at the end of the season there should be no excuse for not using that money to lock up the uni-brow long term.

  15. Maybe they won’t leave it for Flacco Suggs will be due and there will be some great shakeouts of some other very good quaterbacks. If they don’t get to the promised land I don’t think paying Flacco will be the issue they will have been wishing they should have gone after Peyton ,they were interested and maybe they should have pulled the trigger proven quaterback there.

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