Jacoby Ford will have foot surgery


Hopes of a quick return for Raiders wide receiver Jacoby Ford have been dashed once and for all.

Coach Dennis Allen announced Tuesday that Ford will have surgery on his injured foot that will keep him out for a “significant amount of time.” Ford has not practiced or played since the second preseason game, when he suffered another injury to the foot that kept him out of the final six games of the 2011 season.

“After visiting with the foot specialist in Carolina, everybody thought that given a little bit of time (Ford) could come back from it,” Allen said, via Matt Kawahara of the Sacramento Bee. “After giving it some time and re-evaluating, everybody, the medical people, felt like surgery was probably the best thing for him.”

The blow would be an easier one to suffer if Denarius Moore is able to get back on the field. Moore has been out with a hamstring injury, but started practicing last week before being declared inactive against San Diego on Monday night. Allen said he was “very hopeful” that Moore would be able to play this week.

Whether that amount of time is significant enough for Ford to wind up on either injured reserve list remains to be seen. The Raiders have just three healthy wideouts currently on the roster, so it seems likely they’ll think about adding a body at some point in the next few days.

18 responses to “Jacoby Ford will have foot surgery

  1. They need at least one of them to stretch the field.

    Moore would be the first choice, injury to Ford or not.

  2. It won’t be TO, Plax, Ocho or any other diva type. Reggie’s not going to go there. It’s not like the team is 1 good WR from being playoff contenders. Moore, DHB and Streater can get them by with Hagan playing a role too. Did Criner fall off the planet?

  3. Shades of DMC Lisfranc-itis! I realize how complex feet must be when a Team of Qualified Specialist have to make an educated guess!
    The Kid has some bad luck and now we have to move on . Will we find someone with his speed and potential? No!
    But its obvious we need a big target for Carson right away!

    Chad 85 ? Nope, you won’t pass the Reggie Test!

  4. Well they already signed Derek Hagan Thursday and he looked alright yesterday. I’m worried about Denarius Moore though, the guy has been having hamstring problems since OTA’s

  5. Do the Raider fans still think the Raiders do not need to sign Plaxico Burress? Yes, they have some young wide receivers but they were not effective against the Chargers. Not unless Carson Palmer is the issue.

  6. GO SIGN PLEXICO ! he may be a head case, but the raiders have alot of potential possesion and underneath guys, whats significant about Plex is he causes match up problems and is deadly in the redzone, he is a Defensive nightmare. Mckenzie the fans want to win now. We have been losers for 10 plus years

  7. we shouldve stayed with al saunders as offensive coordinator, the power blocking scheme works far better than the zone blocking scheme for the personnel we have, greg knapp is an awful choice!

  8. Ford is mostly a return/speedy reverse guy. He’s had a few good catches but mostly not so much.
    If they’re counting on him to be the difference, they’ve got big problems.

  9. They wont sign plaxico. They passed on the cb from detroit passed on benson let go of routt cause they all have one thing in common. Poor attitudes. That…. and we have no money.

  10. Ford has more value as a returner than as a receiver. They should have cut on him after the swelling went down. Oakland left McFadden on the roster last year when he couldn’t play, and it looks like they’re going to do it with Ford. Opponents aren’t going to game plan off Oakland’s injury report.

  11. Yeah. They’re going to game plan with the only, single offensive weapon that team has. McMuffin.

    The Chargers showed that they could shut down the long game, and force the artist formally known as Carson Palmer to check down to #20 every, single, play. What’s going to happen when the Raiders come up against teams with even better defenses, and the time to game plan? Yikes.

    McMuffin should be able to avoid IR next week, against the Hard Knocks. But after that? Likely in a couple more weeks.

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