NaVorro Bowman: 49ers’ win over Packers “was a huge statement”

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NaVorro Bowman led the 49ers with 11 tackles and had an interception of Aaron Rodgers as the 49ers beat the Packers on Sunday, and Bowman thinks that win meant a lot more than just one game in the standings.

“That was a huge statement,” Bowman said on NFL Network’s Around the League Live. “Going up against the hot shots in the league prior to that game, we just wanted to go out and really set the tone.”

Bowman said the 49ers need to make the same kind of statement in their second game, Sunday night against the Lions, that they made in the first.

“It’s going to be similar to the first,” Bowman said. “It was great to go up against the Packers and now having the Lions coming to the Stick, we’re prepared for it. We know what to expect. We just have to go out there and approach this game with the same mindset that we did the first one, and I’m sure we’ll be OK.”

In Week One, the 49ers were better than OK. They made as big a statement as any team made in the first week of the season.

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  1. The 49ers need to pay Bowman next off-season. The font office accelerated $14.2 million of Willis’ future bonus money into this season hopefully with that goal in mind.

  2. Bowman is right. I was at the game and the 49er’s dominated. As a Packer fan, I hate to say it but if they stay healthy and have just a small level of improvement, SF will represent the NFC in the SB.

  3. By the end of the season, that win won’t look as big. Packers fans don’t know it yet, but that team’s title hopes are long done.

  4. Still waaaaay to early but, with alot of fans around the league feeling as if the 9ERS may be a tough team to beat. It has me wondering where all the HATERS with their ” last year was a fluke” & ” 6 & 10 season this year for the 9ERS” & “back to reality” comments that I read all off season have seemed to have suddenly disappeared!! Where did they all go??

    Did they all choke on that CROW they ate Sunday afternoon???

  5. Someone should tell Bowman that if the 49ers want their recent success to continue they better put this game behind them, stay focused, and realize that it’s just one game. As a Packers fan, I remember how high the fans and the team were opening day of the 2004 season when the Packers went into the defending NFC champs house(Carolina) and beat them to a pulp. Carolina scored a garbage time touchdown that made the score look closer than it was, but it was a dominating win by the Packers. The Packers of course lost their next four games against inferior opponents, barely made the playoffs, and got crushed by Minnesota(to the tune of four brett favre interceptions) in the infamous Randy Moss “Moon Game”. If San Francisco spends too much time patting themselves on the back, the same thing will happen to them.

  6. I give credit where it is due. The 49ers looked much better than the Packers on Sunday. I am a Packers fan and I feel the Packers have MUCH work to do. Take NOTHING away from what the 49ers did on Sunday, they kicked butt and took names. But, the NFL season is a very long 16 games before you even hit the playoffs. As I recall last year, the Packers only lost 1 game all year and that didn’t result in even a Super Bowl appearance. Look at the last two Super Bowl winners, the Giants and Packers. Both backed their way into the playoffs, got hot and took care of business. Last I checked, there has been only 1 undefeated team with a Super Bowl win. My point you ask? Don’t crown yourself champions after 1 win, no matter who it is against.

  7. The Lions fans seem to have been a bit more troll-like than the cheesers, so I’d just as soon prefer the 49ers shut them up next.

  8. norcalmafia says:
    Sep 11, 2012 6:54 PM
    This guys a beast Niners may have 3 of the top ten lbs..

    10 pounds of what?

  9. Fluke win?? your comment is a fluke! You are a fluke! Your team is a fluke!! We went to the NFC championship and went 13.-3.. Just beat the past years favorites 30 to 22 and score didn’t reflect game because we smashed!! So when we are in the super bowl hunt again go ahead and call it a fluke you idiots!! Packers were the best team in football until the world saw them go down to arguably the best team this year!! Mention again you are a fluke!! Idiot

  10. The Niner players and fans are coming off like they didn’t expect to win. The Niners D like always played flawless defense and Aaron Rodgers made some throws he shouldn’t have. Ex: Navorro Bowmans interception. Although the Niners played well, I would say the Packers played terrible. The Packers looked out of synch from the get go, looking the same as they did against the Giants in the playoffs.You can say all you want about the Niners prolific defense but when Jermichael Finley is dropping first downs and the D is playing softer than cotton candy I wouldn’t say this is that impressive in the grand scheme of things. If these two teams have a rematch, The Packers will win.

  11. As a Niner fan they looked really good and its nice to see them look dominent but theres alot of football left to go lets get ready for a great game against detroit!

  12. robinyount19 says:
    Sep 11, 2012 6:47 PM


    Don’t count on complacency from the 49ers. They were at the threshold only to be denied last year. The team will remain hungry.

  13. tiredofyoureferringtoateamaswe -I dont recall the niners crowning themselves champs just a big win against a very good team. I would think that if the Packers they would call it a big win against a good team.

  14. It is just one game, but what a game for the 9ers.
    The defense was also about DBs that were staying with their man and batting away passes as they arrived.
    Rodgers did NOT play badly as many would think. The niners just defended him that much better.
    As for the offense, it is still evolving, I am sure there will be more sightings of Randy running downfield and Alex Smith throwing him the ball.
    Exciting season for niner fans.

  15. The reality for the Packers, and again this is coming from a Packers fan, is that Rodgers and the offense have to be nearly flawless for the team to win. The Packers gave up the second most years in league history last year and still went 15-1 because the offense put up the second most points of all time. It’s unrealistic to expect a repeat from the offense considering Rodgers may have had the best year a QB has ever had in 2011. The defense however, can be just as bad if not worse. Jarrett Bush is probably the worst starting CB in football, Charles Woodson at safety is a desperation move made out of necessity due to Nick Collins’ career ending injury, and Morgan Burnett is just lost. Besides Clay Matthews, the linebackers are below average. The line gets almost no pressure on the QB. The Packers won last year because the averaged 35 points a game, not because they were a complete team. They were the polar opposite of the 2000 Ravens. They won six of their games by a score or less, and gave up over 20 points 10 times. The 49ers offense isn’t that good, and they’ll find that out because they won’t play a defense as bad as the Packers the rest of the year, and the Packers defense is going to get torched by the Bears, Saints, Texans, Lions, Giants, and possibly Titans.

  16. As probably the biggest Lions fan on the planet, I hate the Niners, but my God are the Packers fans full of excuses. Face it Green Bay, SF beat you fair and square, AND at Lambeau! Do I think Green Bay played their best offensive game? Not really. But it probably wouldnt have mattered. The Niners defense is VERY good.

    I honestly believe the Lions vs Niners game will be a good one. Why wouldnt it be? A VERY good offense versus an equally good defense. Case closed.

    So Packers fans, shut up already. You lost. You guys arent a team full of Gods. Get over it.

    With that said, and being a hypocrite, I hope Jim Harbaugh gets in a car accident on his way to the stadium. Hes always crying anyway, might as well have something worth crying about.

    Go Lions.

  17. You know why troll-of-the-century voiceofreason hi-jacks EVERY Niner related thread? It’s because his team, the Redskins dont get any coverage. They don’t get coverage because they’re unworthy of any based on the Snyder era. Pretty simple math.

    Dude – get a life! Or better yet, come on over to the winning side. We’re very kind and accepting here in the bay area. We will let you row the boat from the gallows

  18. As a Packer fan, I can respect a team that plays that agressive style of football. GB and NY played that style down the streach the last two years and they both came away with a Super Bowl win. The only problem is to keep it up for a whole season and into the playoffs. Its tough but not impossible, you have to stay healthy and have a little luck.
    If the 49ers are playing like this come december, then I would say they would be the team to beat.
    As for GB, they have lost that agressive edge and until they get it back, they’ll be fighting just to make the playoffs.

  19. As a Packers fan wasn’t shocked they lost they haven’t looked good dating back to last year’s KC game. But GB had a stretch of games like this in both 2009 and 2010 too and than they got real hot and dangerous for long stretches.

    Think the 49ers front 7 is as good as Baltimore Ravens 2000 defense. Not sure secondary is quite as good. But if Trent Dilfer can do it Alex Smith definitely can. If GB can’t make it to New Orleans rooting for the 49ers, fans are classier than most and everyone besides Moss and possibly the head coach seem like good guys.

  20. 49ers are a good team with a top defense and a couple play makers that do it when it’s needed. They are wayyyy overrated because they play the NFC west, haha btw they lost to the cards last year. The packers would be the better team on most days. They had penalties and dropped passes that cost them big. Props to the 49ers, but it’s a long season and that’s the last time the Pack get shut down like that.

  21. Hey voice stick to the skins stories you wouldn’t know what a complete team looks like as the skins haven’t been good since the first Bush was in office. Yea your boy RG3 looked great against a totally undisaplined defence. He better be careful or he is going to get one in the ear hole see M. Vick. If you chumps can make the Playoffs maybe you will get the privilege to get worked by the Niners good luck buddy you will need it

  22. Excuses… The packers beat there self.. Fluke win.. The refs made mistakes.. Anything but the truth an that is…. The Packers are WEAK an packers fans need to except that. No running game. Defense sucks. an the coach is stupid. Why wasnt donald driver in that 49ers game?

  23. This Lions fan can’t WAIT for Sunday night. We would love our own statement game. Not from Stafford and Johnson, but from that nasty, nasty DL.

  24. Very nice win for the 9ers and their fans. San Fran played a very physical game and GB did not respond well to it. They did a good job of identifying the Packers weaknesses and they took advantage of them.

    Kudos. Good game, maybe we’ll see ya again “at the Stick”.

  25. So stoked for this week. I wonder if the 9ers can repeat “the greatest defensive performance” Jim Harbaugh’s “ever seen?!?!” (referring to last year’s 25-19 win)

  26. On opening week, aren’t the defending Super Bowl champs the “hot shots” by definition? Why is SF’s win over GB significant, but not DAL’S win over NYG (which was a much better example of true domination, if you look at the actual numbers)?

  27. Voiceofreasonsays posts on a new article quicker than a Bugatti Veyron’s 0-60 time. Especially if its 49ers or Dallas…. Talk about some serious jealousy goin on. Someone really needs a life

  28. dude gives the PAckers too much credit.
    It was a nice win, but over a team with a crap Defense,no running game, and a Qb who is last in the league in downfield plays over his last 4 starts.

  29. As a 9ers fan I’d prefer Bowman et. al. to just say “It was a great win against a great team. It’s one game though and we need to get back to work this week and prepare for another great (even though they are not) team, the Lions.”

    Keep dismissing the 9ers as a fluke with a crappy QB. LOL. Game manager AS had the superior game. Rogers looked average and game managery.

    And there’s a reason GB looked out of sync vs NY and SF. It is because both those teams never let GB get in sync. And that’s a fact Jack.

  30. purpleguy says:
    Sep 11, 2012 7:13 PM
    The Lions fans seem to have been a bit more troll-like than the cheesers, so I’d just as soon prefer the 49ers shut them up next.

    —————————————————————————————————————————————————– lol you know your team is bad when you have to hope another team beats your division rival… just saying, hows it go skol????

  31. ok, on to the 9ners. san fran played a really good game and the niners were the better team on sunday no doubt. but after all it is week one, lets play at least 9 or 10 games before we start talking superbowl. if you want to say your the team to beat, i agree. but superbowl is a bit premature. for as good of a game the niners played, the packers looked very bad and were still in the game at the end? just saying. and not that this had anything to do with the outcome, the officiating was terrible! again niners won the game becuz they deserved too, so troller’s don’t over react. the call’s were bad for both teams, cobb’s td should’nt have counted. one of the niners wideout’s pushed off and no call happened. scored a td. and as a packers fan i really wish players didn’t pout about not getting a call? you look ridiculas, just saying.

  32. It was a fluke and we won’t be feared as long as Alex smith is QB? He’s won 15 of his last 19 games and I imagine its cuz no one fears him. Keep dissmissing the 9ers that’s how we like it. Until ppl realize that Alex can play now that he has stability in the coaching staff, and a real qbs coach, we will keep beating whoever comes up because they over look how well Alex is playing. The only throw close to an into was a tipped ball. Alex can ball

  33. Sixjak.. and what you said sounds exactly to what Willis wouldve said. I’m sure the way he said it didnt sound as arrogant as it sounds when you read it.. but still.

  34. voiceofreasonsays
    Sep 11, 2012, 5:24 PM CDT
    If by huge statement you mean fluke ok. Face it, you caught GB on a bad day. At the end of the day, as long as Alex Smith is under center, SF won’t be feared. Case closed.

    Oh right! GB beat themselves huh? What a stupid fan base for a stupid team.

  35. voiceofreasonsays says:
    Sep 11, 2012 6:24 PM
    If by huge statement you mean fluke ok. Face it, you caught GB on a bad day. At the end of the day, as long as Alex Smith is under center, SF won’t be feared. Case closed.

    Here we go with the fluke BS. Last year was a fluke season for the niners right? But they come in and beat the pack in the season opener. Just like last year the giants caught the pack on a bad day also right? The packers are a good team they are not done its only week one, its a long season. But give credit when credit is due.

  36. @vikescry1…. Please do enlighten us which 49ers receiver pushed off to score a TD? Must be nice to post a full blown blatant lie. There was nobody within 10 yds of Moss and Davis was a quick slant in front of his defender and no contact was made either way until they went to the ground in the endzone. Oh I got it maybe Gore pushed off on the 23 yd run… Was there an invisible TD elsewhere?

  37. Lionsdraftguy…. The only reason the lions made the playoffs is because jay cutler got injured.. No playoffs this year you square! The lions, hahahahaha!

  38. lionsdraftguy says:
    Sep 11, 2012 9:57 PM
    sixjak – you are just like Harbaugh…a tool.

    Saying the Lions arent a good team. Watch the NFL once and you might learn something.

    And lionsdraftguy you’re an even bigger tool and still butthurt from last year to boot. We all saw the Lions turn into a .500 team last year after that tool Harbaugh shook the other tool coach’s hand too hard.

    You root for a team who is owned, managed and coached by tools, who in turn draft tools, who in turn get penalized and fined for acting like tools both on and off the field. Watch your own team objectively just once and YOU might learn something. Wake up loser.

  39. imthedudedude says: Sep 11, 2012 8:47 PM

    49ers are a good team with a top defense and a couple play makers that do it when it’s needed. They are wayyyy overrated because they play the NFC west, haha btw they lost to the cards last year.

    And the Giants lost to the Redskins twice last year. What’s your point? How can you bring up a game that, essentially, did not matter last year and say that it’ll affect them this year?

    And all of the “Niners will never be feared as long as they have Alex Smith as their QB” comments need to stop. You’re probably the same type of people that think “Rickrolling” and Chuck Norris jokes are still funny. Stop living in the past. Alex has improved his game and if Trent Dilfer can win a ring then why can’t he?

  40. If the packers have a lame showing against the bears then that win wont be that much of a statement anymore.

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