Raiders lean heavily on Darren McFadden, and he doesn’t break


The Raiders insist running back Darren McFadden’s healthy.

How long he stays that way with this kind of workload remains to be seen.

We just go with the offense,” McFadden said, via Paul Gutierrez of “However the offense is called, that’s how we roll. You never know what to expect when you’re going into a football game — whether you’re going to get it this many times or however — you just roll with the flow of the game.”

McFadden carried the ball 15 times for 32 yards, and caught 13 passes for 86 yards in last night’s loss to the Chargers. He was also targeted with five other passes, meaning his number was called on 33 of the Raiders’ 64 offensive snaps.

For a guy who’s always hurt, however, it was a bold call.

He’s missed at least three game in each of his first three seasons, and missed the last nine games of last year with a Lisfranc sprain in his right foot.

“He’s an explosive playmaker for us, so we’re going to use it,” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said. “But we’ll go back and we’ll look at the tape and we’ll see if there are some things where maybe we can utilize some other people. It’s football, we’re going to use him.”

Of course, the Raiders were without Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford, leaving them short on weapons other than McFadden.

If they keep using him this much, they may be without him soon enough.

15 responses to “Raiders lean heavily on Darren McFadden, and he doesn’t break

  1. The Chargers’ defense did a good job against McFadden, who was a non-factor on the ground. I like the way that sounds. The Chargers’ D shut down the rushing attack of one of the best RB’s in the game.

    The Bolts’ offense will come around. Always has. It’s been a top five offense every year under Norv Turner. Though, RB is not a position of strength behind Mathews. Chargers’ fans gotta pray he returns soon and remains healthy.

    Norv Turner’s domination of the Raiders continues. He’s now 8-3 against the Raiders, 5-1 in Oakland. The Chargers have won back to back games at Qualcom North.

  2. They leaned heavily on him? I didn’t watch the game, but stats say they passed over 40 times last night.

  3. Watching last night’s game it’s obvious that DMC is a great player, but he’s always been best exploding and slashing through players. The plan of getting him the ball in space is more for a shifty player like McCoy, Sproles, Bush and not for the ol school superstar back in the fashion of Eric Dickerson, which is exactly what DMC is. Go Raiders.

  4. You had a chance for Dennis Coolely and you blew it. If he is still there you bettter grab him because your one dimensional offfense was deeply disclosed last nite and don’t expect to have macfadden for 15 or 16 games if you are going to play thats all you got type of football. I have to complement the defense for keeping the game close but this team has no chance of going any deeper than they did last year. Thats a game you should have won and let it go because you didn’t have a long snapper. Keeping the game close only matters when you are a good team and this is not a good team. You need some vets. and you already blew it by not picking up Benson and now yur letting Cooley slip thru your hands and when Macfadden goes down, its’ time to fire your offensive co-ordinator who only manages games and I would be surprised if he could actually open up an offense. There were many check downs, it looked more like an away team than a team that could have and should have domintated at home. As far as the defense, I am a little dissapointed in the front line who not only had two totally stupid penalties that led to first down, but were playing more down field than actually rushing the passer which if they had done 100 per cent would not have allowed a touch down at all from the chargers. And please teach who ever almost tackeled Rivers on that touch down to go for his right arm first because he was there and went for the legs instead of the arm chop which I guarantee would have causeed a fumbel and a possible touchdown for us intead with a return. Instead he squirmed past the tackle and got the ball off and you know the rest.

  5. This franchise needs to figure what they want to do, rebuild, develop or win now? If its develop, then all the vets will be gone next year and also move this thing to LA. For now pick up plexico, he maybe a head case but he causes problems for defenses and a nightmare in redzone, it will leave your other guys open and opportunities. that’s for if you want to win now. It been 10 yrs fans want to win now!! C’mon, mckenzie, that charger team won. But they suck and you lost to them. That tells you where you are

  6. Don’t worry raiduh fans, he’ll last the season. He’s already running out of bounds and dropping passes because he hears footsteps. Poor guy doesn’t want to get hurt. Again.

  7. @dasmol- McFadden is a violent ball carrier who finishes almost every run with a big hit. If you were a fan of the RAIDERS and actually watched the games you would know this- most likely your a charger fan, in which case you have bigger issues.

    The fact that he played it smart and didn’t take any unnecessary hits last night is the point of the matter.

    Don’t let your blind hatred cloud what little judgement you have.

  8. I watched last night. Watched him run out of bounds, and watched him turn his head in anticipation of a big hit, dropping the pass in the process.

    It’s OK man. It happens to the best of them sometimes.

  9. It’s very frustrating seeing my team lose again and again. They’ll come around sooner rather than later. But it can’t be as frustrating as having your team be crowned the division champs before the season starts year after year and coming up short year after year. Jerry says that the window is closing for his ‘Boys. Same could be said for the DisChargers.

  10. It is very frustrating to come up short, regardless of whether some talking heads picked you or not.

    I doubt it’s more frustrating than losing 13 straight to a hated, and much less accomplished division rival though, but I really wouldn’t know.

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