Revis’ status out of his hands

Getty Images

After Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was kicked in the head during Sunday’s game against the Bills and removed for precautionary reasons, the reality was that the precaution was more than precautionary.

Revis, though he privately was insisting on Sunday night that he is “fine,” was diagnosed as having a concussion.

And while it has been called a mild concussion, it’s still a concussion.  Which means he won’t play until he’s cleared by an independent neurologist.

It doesn’t matter how he feels or whether he’s able to focus or whether he has no headaches.  He ultimately needs to pass cognitive testing, in reference to a baseline determined via preseason testing.

So unless Revis tanked that test (as Peyton Manning once joked about doing), Revis won’t be cleared to play until his brain was working as well as it did before the pads started popping.

As a result, there’s a good chance that Revis won’t be able to play when he returns to Pittsburgh on Sunday for a game at the site of where he played college football, not far from where he grew up.