Rex Ryan challenged his team to not feed “circus” perception

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Call them clowns if you want.

But Rex Ryan’s going to make sure you know that’s not how they’re playing.

Ryan and Jets officials are sufficiently tired of the cracks about their circus atmosphere (trust us on that one) that they’re using the criticism as motivation.

That’s why he gathered his players last week and challenged them to not provide evidence that would point to such a conclusion.

It seems like that’s how people look at us,” Ryan said, via Rich Cimini of “I was like, ‘You can think that all you want, but we see something totally different.’ I do — and I know this football team does. Our opponents will take us seriously, I promise you that.”

Several players said Ryan’s speech, prior to the win over the Bills, as a passionate one.

“It made it a bigger deal for us to go out there and prove to each other that we had each other’s back,” linebacker Aaron Maybin said.

It’s also moved them into the unusual spot of being quiet.

Cimini said starters present in the locker room in Monday’s media period were in the single digits, with no sign of linebacker Bart Scott after he snapped “you treat us like a f—— joke,” on Sunday.

“The big thing Rex was hammering last week was, he didn’t want us in the mode of proving outsiders wrong,” Maybin said. “He said it has to be about the people in this locker room.”

Ryan’s point is a valid one. They have played good football under his watch, with 30 wins since he took over as head coach in 2009. Only eight teams in the league (New England, New Orleans, Green Bay, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, San Diego and Philadelphia) have more over the same span.

But they’ve also been active at times in pursuing the attention their neighbors get for winning championships. At times, the drama, much of it by their own creation, has overshadowed the product.

That’s not always Ryan’s fault. But he’s going to make sure to use the perceived slight as motivation all the same.

19 responses to “Rex Ryan challenged his team to not feed “circus” perception

  1. Don’t underestimate Tony Sparano’s effect on the offense. He’s straight-forward with the players privately, yet publicly he will never throw them under the bus. Players like him and play hard for him, and that’s something I can’t say about Miami’s current coach.

  2. We are one week into the season and Jets fans are already promising a Super Bowl.

    The season is a lomg one, it’s a bit premature to see that far down the road for any team.

  3. The Jets play any other team in football on Sunday they probably would of lost. The Bills were the worst team in the NFL on Sunday and they still got back in the game.

  4. the bills got back in the game? lmao! the jets were up 41-7 and put the breaks on. buffalo got a couple of garbage tds late in the 4th. the final score doesnt do that game justice. the jets absolutely throttled the bills. it wasnt even competitive.

  5. ynot1381 says:Sep 11, 2012 5:36 PM

    We are one week into the season and Jets fans are already promising a Super Bowl.

    Interesting. Can you please cite your source for the above information you obtained? Surely an objective person as yourself could not have fabricated that statement.

  6. Jets are still a circus. The proof is Bart Scott popping off after a week one win over a bad team.

    If only the Bills came to town every Sunday.

  7. lrjets says:
    Sep 11, 2012 7:35 PM

    Interesting. Can you please cite your source for the above information you obtained? Surely an objective person as yourself could not have fabricated that statement.


    The third comment on this page. All I said was, it’s too early to make hyperbolic statements off the result of one game. Any kind of Superbowl talk is premature after 1 week.

  8. To be fair, the players had nothing to do with the Jets getting Tebow and keeping Metonio Holmes. They are paying the price for bone head decisions by coaches and management and I think I would be a little tired too for taking the blame.

  9. The players also did not add pass rusher Coples, safeties Landry and Bell or speedster Stephen Hill. Tebow will have games where he makes his mark. The Jets didn’t to show much on Sunday, they didn’t have to. And, before this game, Buffalo was going to have a great defense and pass rush this year. Now, it’s “They only beat the Bills” Hilarious- there are worse teams than the Bills in this league, and they will beat KC this weekend. Then you idiots can say they’re the worst team.

  10. “Perceived slight”? You slight the Jets on this site every chance you get. Stop lying to yourselves! You’ve done just as much as any news outlet in feeding the falsehood of a broken and divided Jets team. They proved you wrong on Sunday and instead of owning up to it you make pretend you never said anything. That’s cowardly. It’s almost as bad as all of the “experts” predicting the Bills would make the playoffs and/or have a better record then the Jets, that is of course until the Jets knocked the snot out of them on Sunday. All of a sudden all of those experts are saying, “the Jets beat a bad team, lets see how they do against Pittsburgh”. It’s a joke and the media are the real clowns.

  11. Isn’t it funny that going into this game the bills were gonna dominate the jets, jets offensive line had no shot against the bills, the bills are up and coming, stevie johnson owns revis etc etc and the jets put a serious whoppin on the entire bills team from top to bottom(besides cj spiller)

    Now it’s “the jets fans think their team is going to the super bowl”, “the bills aren’t that good”, Mario Williams crying that he was hit in the face in a football game, excuse after excuse, etc etc

    1. Jet fans don’t think they are going to the super bowl they just happy that we can finally shut the critics up at least for one week. What’s wrong with being happy your favorite team blew another team out? If they got blown out all u critics would be saying they r going 3-13.

    2. The bills might not be as good as advertised but they aren’t Appalachian state they are a professional football team and any nfl team that scores 48 on another nfl team is no push over.

    3. I’ve come to the realization that some people just don’t like the jets no matter what they do on the field they will always try to spin it in a negative light. If they beat the steelers it’ll be that “the steelers aren’t as good as in previous years”, “mike Wallace held out so he’s not as productive yet”, “mendenhall is banged up”, etc etc

    In conclusion, I think I speak for all jets fans when I say respectfully to please “get off our _____s”

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