Ryan Fitzpatrick: Loss to Jets a wakeup call, but not a setback

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Few teams looked as bad in Week One as the Bills, who were blown out by the Jets in an ugly performance. But Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t view the loss as a setback.

Asked in an interview on WGR in Buffalo how much the loss sets the Bills back, Fitzpatrick answered, not at all.

I don’t think it does,” Fitzpatrick said, via SportsRadioInterviews.com. “As a quarterback and just as a player in general in the NFL you’ve got to be able to move along from games, whether they are great games or bad games. This is obviously not the way we wanted to start the season. I definitely had a different vision in terms of how it was going to go and how we were going to start off, but you learn from this one and you move on and hopefully you don’t keep saying that throughout the year. Hopefully you learn your lesson and we’ll start winning some games and get on a little roll here.”

Even the most optimistic person in the Bills’ locker room would have to admit that it’s alarming how badly the Bills played, and Fitzpatrick acknowledged that the Bills know they need to get better. But Fitzpatrick also said he’s not the least bit rattled.

“I’m sure that’s hard for people to hear and believe, but I am a steady guy,” Fitzpatrick said. “That’s just who I am. I don’t get too high and I don’t get too low. For me and I know the guys in the locker room we are still excited about the year. We are still confident. We just got a lot of work to do. The game of football especially in the NFL is a very humbling game and when you think you have it it tends to humble you. This was a wake up call for us.”

The Bills better wake up in a hurry.

28 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick: Loss to Jets a wakeup call, but not a setback

  1. 12 years and counting.

    9/10 losses to the JETS. You guys sure talk a lot of smack for an irrelevant franchise and a fanbase which can’t even fill a reduced capacity stadium.

  2. Our hearts got the best of our brains Bills fans. We want a winner but this team doesn’t seem close! The play calling last week on the defensive side was horrendous! No safety help for a rookie corner… No defensive pressure, very few blitzes! Just a bad gameplan all together.

  3. Only say this when you have won your next game!!!

    Sorry, but Brad Smith is better off at QB playing the role of Tim Tebow in Buffalo after your 3-pick performance!!

  4. It was like watching “The Replacements” where Keanu Reeves is talking about quicksand… that’s how that game went!! Maybe that’ll be a better TV choice for their next game!

  5. ryan fitzpatrick = chad pennington

    a nice qb that will win some games. he may even get you to the playoffs, BUT he absolutely cannot beat a team with a tough, aggressive defense. as long as rex is jets coach and fitz is playing in buffalo, you might as well pencil in two guaranteed losses for the bills.

  6. Voiceofreasonsays dreams of one day knowing the difference between “there” and “their” but wakes up to the realization that he doesn’t have a grasp of the simplest aspects of the English language.

  7. If I was to give out grades to each position on the team, It would look like this:

    QB- D- (Fitzpatrick would get on a roll and then throw those awful balls with some bad choices)

    RB/FB- A- ( Jackson never got into tempo, but Spiller gashed the Jets, looking like the 1st rounder he should be. Good blocking from Corey)

    O-line- B (Kept Fitzpatrick standing all day, made some good lanes for the running game. Gave a B because of the stupid penalties)

    WR/TE- C- (Johnson couldn’t do too much against Revis, Nelson injured, Jones and Chandler looked good)

    D-line- D (No pressure on the QB, which is the exact reason what they are there for. Good run stuffing)

    LB’s- C- ( Good run stopping, ok with the coverage of TE/RB)

    DB’s- F- (Yes, Sanchez had all day to throw, but the DB’s got toasted all day, especially Gilmore and Williams.)

    ST’s- D (Moorman had his first punt returned on him, Potter kept KO’s from being returned at all and Lindell hit his EX PT’s)

  8. Any other bills fan out there have the same thought that I do on why they kept Tarvaris and Thigpen around? One or 2 more of these games will have Fitzpatrick holding a clipboard either here in Buffalo or somehwere else. His contract is full of options and how ever long it takes Jackson to learn the Playbook is probably the time Fitz”pick”trick gets to show the coaching staff he has what it takes.

  9. realnflmaster was either in diapers, or not even born the last time the Jets even sniffed a Super Bowl. Joe Willie Namath and SB III was the last time you even made it to “The Game!”

  10. @realnflmaster…what? I think you have the Bills confused with another team. Rich stadium was reduced from 80,000 to 73,000 13 years ago to add luxury boxes not because we couldn’t fill the stadium. At 73,000, it’s the 10th largest stadium in the NFL in the 31st largest market… Check the facts buddy, during this 12 year drought, buffalo has sold 93 percent of their home game tickets. Not too shabby for a losing team in a small and economically depressed region. Quit hating dude and get a life.

  11. I bet you all know who Rocky Balboa is, but did you know his record? He was 44-20.. a horrible record by boxing standards, but he overcame everything to win the championship twice. Never give up Rock!

  12. Since when was Ralph Wilson stadium a reduced capacity venue??

    When it’s 10 degrees outside and the team is out of playoff contention for the 12th straight year it becomes pretty tough to sell tickets in the nosebleed sections.
    When the games matter, the Ralph is always unquestionably sold out.

    And heres a quick hypothetical for ya: if a team does awful year after year yet sells out every game every year, what incentive would the front office ever have to put together a winning product?

  13. jetsarestacked:

    Comparing Fitzpatrick to Pennington, really? Chad was an established starter for the vast majority of his career, led his team to the playoffs a few times times, and won multiple playoff games. He was a high draft pick whose career was derailed by a serious of injuries.

    Fitzpatrick was a career backup journeyman, until last year where the most inept franchise over the last 15 years (ZERO playoff wins) decided to outbid no one and pay a man an amount of money no other team would. Never played in a playoff game or ever deserved to. No one wanted him coming out of college.

    BIG differences. The similarities start and end with their shared high intelligence levels.

  14. It’s week one…. we will see who ends up with a better record. 169 rushing yards on 14 carries to the backup. The jets will not put up 48 points combined the next 4 weeks. A rookie corner and a 2nd year corner both starters. The Bills are in trouble and we know that but if you dumb@ss jets fans think you’re going anywhere think again. You still have no running game no run defense and Sanchez is still garbage.

  15. Fitzpatrick was never good enough, and he’s never going to be good enough. He’s mediocre…average…at best. Buffalo’s got a pass happy coach, with a QB that can’t throw the freakin’ ball.

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