Seahawks receiver still in Arizona with bruised lung


The insult came when receiver Braylon Edwards dropped a potential game-winning touchdown pass (after getting a gift of a fourth timeout).  Then, it was time to tally up the injuries.

And the Seahawks have an eclectic assortment of them.

Coach Pete Carroll explained on Monday that receiver Charly Martin has a bruised lung, tackle Russell Okung has a bruised knee, and receiver Doug Baldwin has busted teeth.

Via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times, Carroll said Okung has been cleared of any ligament damage.  “We’ll see how he comes back Wednesday and Thursday, but we expect him to make it through the week and play,” Carroll said.

The news isn’t as good for Martin, who stayed in Arizona after the game and will be there at least through Tuesday, possibly until Wednesday.  “It was pretty serious,” Carroll said.  “We’re going to have to take care of Charly and bring him back.  It’s going to be a couple of weeks for him.”

Also injured was wideout Doug Baldwin, who’ll have a procedure on his teeth today.   “He officially got his teeth knocked in,” Carroll said.  “It was a mess.”

With receiver Golden Tate missing Sunday’s game with a knee injury, the Seattle depth chart is officially a mess at the position as the Cowboys prepare to come to town — and it makes us wonder if/when a certain hot mess will make a triumphant (sort of) return.  Now that Week One has come and gone, Terrell Owens can be re-signed without the team potentially owing Owens his full salary under the labor deal’s termination pay provision.

The real question is whether T.O. would have made the catch that Braylon didn’t.

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  1. First, Edwards drops the ball and then one player misses his flight back to Seatlle?!

    That team is a mess!!!

  2. OMG! I can’t believe it! Braylon ‘hands of stone’ Edwards dropped an easy catch for a TD? Oh, I’m sorry, I had a dream he caught it, that is a real fantasy!

  3. TO would have definitely made the catch. Say what you want about TO, but the guy is definitely a team player while on the field of play and the practice field. On the sidelines and in the locker room is another story, but while on the field TO will do whatever it takes to help his team win. It’s a shame for Wilson had the game winning ball go through Sidney’s hands one play and Braylon’s to close the game out.

  4. “The real question is whether T.O. would have made the catch that Braylon didn’t.”

    They’ve both been known to drop a pass at the worst possible moments in their careers.

    But I wouldn’t overreact too much to one drop and begin regretting cutting TO (who was also guilty of TD drops of his own in pre-season).

    Braylon Edwards had a really good 2010 season with only 2 drops (per ProFootball Focus). I wouldn’t give up on him yet.

  5. Sean called it.deon butler would be the guy theybring back if he’s available. A few guys had a shot in the end zone all 4 were tough catches.sidney on the PI was chance number one. TO i heard frm inside info was that he doesnt elevate for the ball ,hes a catch with his body guy. if you watch braylon and sid they go up and get the ball. that hurt TO the most. Winslow could have helped i think but in the end it was a battle we lost. now we need to beat the cowboys. if we do then game one wont look so bad.

  6. Okung was absurd with the jumping over and over, penalty after penalty. the defense looked great for a while in the 2nd half but still no pass rush…no bruce Irvin tearin it up….i thought russell played very well considering the pressure he was under all night long … and why lynch was not utilized more baffles me. ugh

  7. thenewenglandpatriots12 says:
    Sep 11, 2012 8:10 AM
    Rather have a bruised lung then messed up teeth anyday…

    You sure about that?…According to his teammates Baldwin not only had teeth shattered, but was the recipient of 50 stitches in his mouth…

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