Shurmur dismisses “clamoring for Colt,” insists Weeden will start


Browns first-round rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden was so bad in his debut on Sunday that coach Pat Shurmur has already been asked about benching Weeden in favor of Colt McCoy.

But Shurmur insists that’s not going to happen. Asked what he would say to Cleveland fans who want McCoy back on the field, Shurmur dismissed the idea and said that fans should understand there’s no question the coaches are behind Weeden.

Clamoring for Colt? Brandon Weeden is our starter and he’s going to get better, that’s what I’m going to tell them,” Shurmur said.

Benching a quarterback after one game would be an overreaction, but it is alarming that Weeden played so badly. Going 12-for-35 for 118 yards with no touchdowns, four interceptions and two fumbles goes beyond just playing like a rookie. That’s playing like a guy who doesn’t belong on an NFL field. Weeden’s passer rating on Sunday was 5.1. McCoy has never had a passer rating that low in any game in his career.

But no matter how bad Weeden looked on Sunday, Shurmur has made his decision, and his decision is that Weeden will start. Considering that Shurmur’s job could be riding on that decision, he’d better hope he chose right.

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  1. Could have had RGIII if Holmgren just would have parted with a 2nd rounder (along with the 3 one’s it took) but instead opted for a gimpy RB and a QB that’s not really a QB.

  2. Shurmur sounds like he has had his mind made up since Weeden was drafted, and nothing short of injury will keep Weeden from starting.

    It’s a shame for Browns fans, who have had almost nothing to cheer about since the team returned to the league in 1999.

  3. And Vick looked any better? The difference between the two was the Eagles defense. What do you think will happen in Philly on Monday night when Vick throws some bad balls against the Ravens? Do you think will hear Nick Foles’ name from the crowd?

  4. leftyjsf says:
    Sep 11, 2012 7:53 AM
    Colt McCoy’s first NFL start was vs Pittsburgh. 23 for 31 and 80.5 rating. Weeden isn’t ready and will end up benched by wk 4.


    This is why Weeden’s agent didn’t want the offset language in his contract. Weeden will be a backup by week 4, let alone year 4.

    Colt McCoy wasn’t the problem as much as it was lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball.

    Holmgren really does need to go, he’s been a total failure at the management level.

  5. I’m not a Colt McCoy fanboy by any stretch, but Weeden doing no better than Colt doesn’t surprise me – and it’s not all Weeden’s fault.

    I seriously hope nobody thought Colt McCoy was the main problem with the Browns offense last year. The biggest issue was a lack of real offensive talent at WR, TE, and O-line (aside from C Alex Mack and LT Joe Thomas) PLUS the problem of an injured and demotivated Peyton Hillis.

    Drafting Weeden doesn’t solve any of those problems. Drafting Trent Richardson might have been a step in the right direction, but for now, he’s recovering from knee surgery (so it might take awhile for him to get going).

    The Browns offense needs at least 1 solid draft (perhaps 2) before becoming respectable, regardless of who is at QB.

  6. “Brandon Weeden is our starter and he’s going to get better, that’s what I’m going to tell them,” Shurmur said.”

    The factory of sadness is in full production mode.

  7. Don’t worry Browns fans maybe Weeden’s career will turn out like another great rookie in his late 20’s, Chris weinke, man did he have a great career, bahaha

  8. Weeden never would have beat Colt in a real compitition. I’m not about to say Colt is a great QB, but he can be a good or maybe even a very good QB with a decent team around him. The problem is this team is just bad.

  9. Eli Manning’s performance against the Ravens in his rookie year was way more alarming than Weeden’s against the Eagles. Eli is elite now.
    People are already overreacting to rookie QBs. We’ll see at the end of the season what’s Weeden’s worth. So don’t call him a bust just yet. You know, like you guys did last year with Blaine Gabbert.

  10. Problem is theirgrow is how long did it take Eli to become great? 5 years? Weeden will already be 34 by then

  11. Heckert tries to get to cute. Hardesty AND Little are two more second round busts. Jordan Cameron in the 4th round, Just take solid, productive football players from proven college programs.

  12. Brandon Weeden SUCKS! This old man should have never been drafted. We would have been much better off drafting more offensive talent. All of weedens picks looked like lazy passes, with the exception of the one little decided to tip to the defense. No way in hell will our offense win a game this year, and now that Haden is out the next 4 weeks were in for a long month……….. FML…………. Welcome to the factory of sadness…………..

  13. For u idiots saying shoulda traded for rg3 should b shot. Yea how genuis would it hav been to blow our next 3 drafts. Weeden blows but im not cool with blowing our next 3 drafts. Coulda jus stuck with mccoy instead we overdraft for the 5th best qb in the draft. Griffin would not last 3 years waiting on us to draft talent. Redskins will b dealing with tht soon enuff jus wait n see. But for us bench this loser weeden.

  14. Why was the game plan to have a rookie QB throw the ball 35 times in a game that was a one score game? They drafted Richardson (horrible pick – can you say Curtis Enis?) early in the draft and he should be the horse they ride. Granted Weedens’ numbers were unacceptable, but the game plan was awful. Shurmur is a joke and the original Walrus needs to go. I have a feeling that the new owner in CLE won’t put up with this kind of garbage for very long.

  15. McCoy had 21 starts to prove himself. Weeden has had around 21 drives to prove himself. He hasn’t had 21 quarters let alone 21 games. I am not suggesting that he should be given that long to improve his game BUT he needs to be given a fair shot. The right side of the offensive line is horrible again. I do agree Weeden was drafted way too high. I would have gone with a receiver or linebacker or Reiff or Decastro @ 22. I would have liked Wilson or Foles instead. I do believe Shurmur is gone before the end of the season along with Holmgren.

  16. As awful as Weeden was (and that’s an understatement) but The Browns drafted him in the first round they made their bed now they have to lay in it sadly…. Let the hunt for Matt Barkley begin

  17. This whole thing is childish. It seems Colt was permanently benched because his dad got mad about the concussion incident. Time to grow up Browns brass…just play the best guy.

  18. peopletrains says:
    Sep 11, 2012 8:38 AM

    Hey Haslam, why wait? Make a statement. Get it out of the way and just can them all now.

    He can’t do anything right now. He’s not the official owner of the Browns until the league owners have voted and paperwork is complete- which will be around the 3rd week of October- over a month from now. Can’t fire anyone who doesn’t officially work for you yet.

    However, come late October, I hope Haslam cleans house with a sandblaster!!!!

  19. It’s only week one, people. Weeden was bad. Vick was bad. Stafford was bad. RGIII was great. Sanchez was great. Alex Smith was great. Brees & Rodgers both lost. Weeden isn’t likely to become a pro-bowler right away (possibly never), but let’s all just calm down & acknowledge that it’s too early to be panicking after one game, no matter how bad it was. The Browns still were one dropped interception away from being a Super Bowl contender, despite awful QB play, inconsistent line/RB play, two undrafted rookies starting at LB, and a 6th round rookie starting at DT in place of an injured young star. It’s easy to make fun of the Browns, but things aren’t as dire as they seem.

  20. The fact that RGIII and Julio Jones could both be on this team is reason enough for Haslam to fire everyone on this team. How do you pass up these two guys? Whoever is doing the scouting for the Browns should be taken out back and flogged! Wasn’t Holmgren demoted from GM in Seattle (his “home” town) for screwing up the draft? Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander are his two crowning achievements. One can’t beat a rookie for playing time and the other was good…but not great.

  21. Just a week ago, there were a lot of Browns fans commenting, on this site, on how McCoy’s arm wasn’t “good” enough to win and that Weeden is a far superior QB. I was hoping that Dallas would make a trade for McCoy, a guy who has never had any weapons – except for Hillis for one year. Well, if McCoy did start vs the Eagles, which he should have, there is no doubt they would have won. Now, more question marks.

  22. This is all part of a clever plot to win the Matt Barkley sweepstakes. Starting a middle-aged rookie quarterback with the accuracy of Ryan Leaf and the field awareness of JaMarcus Russell. Instant #1 pick in next year’s draft! No, wait, “clever” is a word that can never be used to describe the decision-making of Pat Shurmur and Mike Holmgren.

  23. Can ANYONE explain why Weeden was handed the starters job without having to earn it? How is the team or anybody else helped by that?

    Problem is the Browns leadership isn’t very smart. Look at this has played out: They wanted to start Weeden and were so scared McCoy was going to cause a qb controversy they practically wrote it in stone he’d be traded or released. Yet, somehow, he winds up as the backup and they have a qb controversy after the very first game. They should have either had an open competition or moved McCoy along like they’d planned. But keeping him as a backup when it’s clear they won’t play him unless Weeden is hit by a bus is as dumb as it gets.

  24. Browns fans, the best thing that will happen to you is when Haslam TOTALLY takes over as owner. The current “staff” seems to forget the reason for playing a game is to WIN a game. I know you have a history of QB battles, back and forths, but when it was EVIDENT, even in preseason, that Weeden was not ready to be the starter, they should have made the choice to go with Colt and “bring Weeden along”…….now they can’t make themselves man up and admit their error, so, once again, THE BROWNS FANS HAVE TO SUCK IT UP AND SUPPORT A BAD TEAM. Yes, it was just the first game, for those of you defending Weeden, but he has shown NO improvement, or even understanding that he IS overwhelmed, from game 1 in the preseason to now. These fans DESERVE MUCH BETTER than this, as they are some of the most ardent fans in the NFL! (and I am a Bengals fan, so this isn’t from a niased fan)

  25. By far the worst 1st rd pick this year!! Also maybe mite be the worst 1st rd pick ever for the browns! And there has been some bad ones! But to draft a 29 yr old qb in rd 1 when you already have a 23 yr old in mccoy is one of the worst football moves ever! The browns should of used that pick on a much more needed position! Weeden wasnt going in the 1st rd! He would of been there much much later! Feel bad for browns fans! They have a good defense which could of used another 1st rd pick or even better maybe have gotten an OL to help joe thomas and trent richardson! You know that rb you moved up for to get! Best thing that can happen now is banner comes in n kicks holmgren in the sack on his way out for takin weeden in rd 1! No wonder lerner sold so quick!

  26. For all who ask “couldn’t the Browns could have had RG3?”

    The answer is twofold:

    1.) Yes, they could have
    2.) They would have been absolute morons to trade what it took to get him

    The Browns had no running back, a TERRIBLE line and possibly the worst receiving tandem in NFL history (still).

    Giving away a bunch of number ones and twos to get RG3 would have set them even further back (as hard a that may be to believe), and it would have cost RG3 his career.

    Please think before you post.

  27. McCoy wasn’t the prolem last year. He never had time to throw the ball. Weeden had more time in the Philly game but missed two touchdown passes.
    The real problem was the atrocious play-calling. How many times can you attempt to run Richardson up the middle with a line that can’t run block before you realize it is not working and go to somehing else. The play calling was so predictable I was ready to jump out of my chair (but Clint Eastwood was sitting in it).

    Seriously, before the half with a couple of minutes left the Browns played conservatively, not trying to score, and hoping the defense would once gain stop Philly. The play calling was so conservative I was looking for Ayn Rand on the sidelines signalling in the plays. The Browns punted with about 1:38 left on the clock. Philly promptly moved the ball down the field and scored. I kept thinking, why didn’t the Browns to to do that instead of rolling up into fetal position.

    The truth: The management and the coach stinks.

    But did I tell you about the days in the 50’s under Paul Brown when the Browns kicked everyone’s butts? It is getting harder and harder to remember those days.

  28. Been saying it from the beginning. Weeden is garbage and is scared in the pocket. He will end up on the bench after he has two more horrible games. He will have a total of ten ints after 3 games.

  29. Do you really want Alex Smith over Aaron Rogers after week one? RG3 over Drew Brees? It’s week ONE and the Browns have 15 rookies and 12 more with less than 2 years, over half of the 53 man roster. No one is satisfied with the loss but lets be realistic and demand continued improvement from all of them over the next 15 games. One game-ending interception by our starting undrafted, rookie linebacker and we wouldn’t be having this conversation about Matt Barkley.

    And speaking of, can we please quit talking about Matt Barkley like he’s going to solve everything? The last ‘great’ qb’s to come from USC were Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, and Mark Sanchez (who this website reported was rattled by the acquisition of a backup who can’t throw).

  30. Most of you guys are just kidding yourselves. Give the guy a chance before you bench him, holy crap! The game plan lacked and that’s Shurmur’s fault. TRich saw his first game action since winning the National Championship and the Oline was actually pretty solid. If Weeden throws one TD and we win, the world wouldn’t be ending like this. It takes time.

  31. “If Weeden keeps playing like Tim Couch,..then trust me, you will see Colt on the field real soon.”


    Look, every QB that Cleveland has had since 1999 has played like Tim Couch (the only QB to get the Browns to the playoffs, incidentally.)

    Unitas in his prime couldn’t have been successful with the pack of stiffs the Browns have been parading around as a team for the last 13 years. Not to mention the system changes that occur every 2 seasons.

    One day, Cleveland will realize that the quarterback isn’t their problem. It’s the endless stream of 3rd and 4th stringers they surround him with.

  32. I’m livid with this team. I’ve even gone so far to say just move them, because I dont believe it will get any better.

    I cant believe in FEBRUARY I KNEW the season was over with that pick. Thats why I am so angry. Its like, the team got me ready for it that soon, anyone who didnt see this happening with the QB is blind. This happens…every year.

    And to top it off. Why cant they just get blown out? So I can stop watching them. Why do they entice me every game? Its like some vortex of unprecedent that surrounds this team. 100+yds in penalties and 5 turnovers from opposing team and you lose?!?! Thats a record right?!?!

    Scoring a tenth of a point higher on your QB rating than your Minor League ERA? Incredible!

    How do you draft a failed minor league pitcher and bench the kid who is learning? Amazing.

    I’m not clamoring for Colt. I don’t think hes a starting NFL QB…Perhaps however, he could become one.

    Weeden Cannot. And another year of suck. Amazing.

  33. If you watched the game you’ll see Weeden was a little too excited.

    Overthrew a TD early and overthrew a wide open receiver later. The first INT was not his fault. It was a perfectly thrown 10yrd laser to the 3yrd line for a 1st and goal. Right in the receivers hands and right in stride. Tipped for an INT. No points. Ouch.

    The 2 INT’s towards benjamin were 3rd down and long plays and the INT’s resulted in 25+ yrds of field change and was just like a punt.

    The last INT was terrible. Ball around our 30yrd line with plenty of time. We needed 30yrds to get in Dawson’s range (one of the best kickers in the game) and Weeden tries to get it all in one play.

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