Chiefs apologize after telling fan to “get a clue” on Twitter

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When a longtime Chiefs fan named Travis Wright got frustrated by Sunday’s loss to the Falcons, he took to Twitter to declare that he couldn’t be much of a fan anymore, accusing owner Clark Hunt of being cheap and adding an obscenity.

When the Chiefs employee who handles Twitter for the team saw that, he took umbrage and sent a private direct message to Wright, telling him to “get a clue.” That wasn’t very smart, because Wright posted the message on Reddit, where hundreds of people ripped the Chiefs for their poor fan relations.

Eventually, the employee who runs the Chiefs’ Twitter (whose name hasn’t been released publicly) tweeted this apology:

Wright told KSHB in Kansas City that the Chiefs didn’t apologize to him personally, and they’ve blocked him from seeing their Twitter messages.

“The funny thing about [the apology] is that I personally didn’t see it,” Wright said. “They didn’t apologize to me, they apologized to everyone else because of the backlash.”

The incident is reminiscent of the time in 2008 when then-Browns General Manager Phil Savage responded to a critical e-mail from a fan by e-mailing him back and saying, “Go root for Buffalo-f#@* you-.” Team employees at all levels would be wise to learn that if a fan rips you online, you’re best off ignoring it.

52 responses to “Chiefs apologize after telling fan to “get a clue” on Twitter

  1. I’m not sure why they aren’t being considered for a move to LA. They have never been relevant and I don’t think they have one fan outside of their city.

  2. @abninf, actually there are Chiefs bars in 20 states because of their fan base. Here in PA there is a Chiefs bar in Philly that 100+ KC fans watch the game every week.

    I’m a die hard KC fan, but they at times are indeed cheap. People tend to forget that in the late 90’s (the last time we won) we were right up against the salary cap.

    My biggest issue is you cant be a great team if you develop talent just to let it leave. We developed Brandon Carr and then instead of resigning him LAST yr for 5 yr 25 mil that he was asking we wanted to see him play 1 more yr. Well, he had a great year and it cost us.

    This next yr will be VERY telling. Dwayne Bowe, Glen Dorsey (who has developed better than people think) and Branden Albert are all set to hit free agency. If we dont resign at least 2 of those the Chiefs are indeed CHEAP.

  3. I’d love to see teams publicly rip stupid fans more often. Maybe it’d keep people from opening their mouth/ posting dumb things online a bit more.

  4. Actually he’s right though, chiefs fans have needed to get a clue for a long time for believing every year that they actually have a shot at winning something. Going on 20 years without a playoff win, ouch.

  5. The Chiefs had one of the best online guys in the biz, Josh Looney, but he took a job with the NCAA and finished up with KC this past Sunday.

    Never would have happened with him, obviously.

  6. While the Chiefs employee was wrong in his response, why is there nothing being said about the fan publicly cursing the owner? I guess that’s where we are as a society that such behavior has become accepted as mainstream. Keep it classy Mr. Wright!

  7. Actually, I’m fine with a team shooting back. If a fan is going to spit vitriol at the team…they shouldn’t be so thin skinned if the team shoots back. This wuss ran to the internets to whine about the team being mean back to him. We’re getting to be a nation of PC weaklings.

  8. abninf, your statement is a bit dishonest. There are fans of every football team outside of their respected markets. Plus, there is a huge following of the Chiefs in Kansas City. I believe their last blackout was in 2009, whereas other places like St. Louis and Jacksonville have had to deal with NFL blackouts the last couple seasons (and will again this year). I am not a Chiefs fan, but I believe honesty and integrity in posts are important when dealing with facts. The Chiefs will never, ever move to L.A. – not in my lifetime or any other for that matter.

  9. The cracks in the armor are finally starting to appear.

    Chiefs fans should stop blindly defending the Hunt family and wake the hell up.

  10. Clark doesn’t care about winning. As long as the team is 8-8 and fans show up every week to tailgate and drink beer in the stadium they are lining his pockets.
    I’ve been a fan for 38 years and I’ve watched other expansions go to the SB and have more success than the Chiefs.
    Here’s a clue Clark, draft a QB in the First round!

  11. @abninf Because teams that are being considered for a move to LA don’t even have fans in their current city.

  12. Don’t ignore it, build an auto response database.

    Someone rips you for being cheap and have data available to send them to prove it’s not the case.

    Build enough answers and you’ll educate your fan base instead of appeases them with silly messages.

    How is this not common sense to a billion dollar business?

  13. Why is no one talking about the REAL story here?!?!

    You’re telling me that people in Kansas City figured out how to use Twitter????

    I assumed they were still using rotary phones.

  14. How is the response of “get a clue” news worthy?

    I dont see any verbal abuse or foul language, just get a clue.

    Had I received this message from the Chiefs I would have responded with “here’s a clue, Matt Cassell sucks!”

    That’s a clue, a hint, and a definitive statement.

  15. It may or may not be accurate but it seems to me that they are allowing those players that could help the team slip away and seems as if money was the motivation.

  16. Team employees have to be more professional and not stoop to the level of some of these “fans”, but i guess when you read stuff like “Jeff Ireland is a complete waste of human life”, like on read on a Palm Beach Post blog this morning, it becomes kind of difficult.

  17. I guess I don’t get why this fan feels he can be disrespectful and then demands an apology when his disrespectful remark is reponded to in kind.

    Yes, the best way for the Chiefs to have handled it would be to just ignore it, but the entitlement of fans these days just astounds me. Paying money for tickets or watching the game in a bar or at home doesn’t give you carte blanche to rip the team and the owner (publicly, I might add), and then get all upset when its met with the same vitriol.

  18. I don’t think teams should ignore a fan’s outrage, they should use it as an opportunity to prove that the organization appreciates the fans loyalties and frustrations. Make it, atleast, appear like you care what the fans’ think, hell, they throw enough money at your team.

  19. All he said was “get a clue”? That hardly deserves an apology let alone any backlash. People really need to stop being so sensitive these days

  20. Thankfully us Chiefs fans will no longer have to endure the Chiefs being cheap with the new CBA. Though I’m sure even then Clark will find a way to be on the bottom end of the minimum required spending. Clark walked right by me on his way into the stadium last week. First thing that I said to my wife was “cheap ass”, as him in his suit worth more than my car, and his dolled up little rich girls and fake wife followed him in.

  21. While the Chiefs employee wasn’t very smart to do what he/she did, I’m SICK of seeing companies apologize to people. It still IS a free country. You don’t have the right NOT to be offended. Political correctness has run amok and I for one refuse to submit to it.

  22. I feel old and crusty… I don’t get twitter, I don’t understand it’s appeal.

    One thing I do understand is that a twit (or whatever) is forever… and assume it will be read by everyone.

    Now why do the people that send twits or tweets not have that same understanding?

  23. Mr. Wright is wrong. Glad the guy called him on it.

    If people had to pass an intelligence test to get a twitter account, the world would be a much better place.

  24. “Thankfully us Chiefs fans will no longer have to endure the Chiefs being cheap with the new CBA. Though I’m sure even then Clark will find a way to be on the bottom end of the minimum required spending.”

    Hate to burst your bubble, but the Chiefs already spend well over the 89% minimum cash spending limit that goes into effect next year.

    Try to catch up to the 21st century and realize that having cap room doesn’t mean teams aren’t spending money.

  25. The kid who was originally told to get a clue, who bashed the team and cussed in that tweet, doesn’t actually deserve an apology. The person running the Chiefs Twitter account shouldn’t have sent the tweet and owes an apology to the fans in general and his bosses, but not for responding rudely to a rude fan.

  26. Let us not forget that its still a customer that the Chiefs rep was talking to. I think we can all agree that the customer IS NOT always right. But damn…do a little recon and see who you are responding too. The guy that the tweet was sent back to has more followers than the Chiefs.

    Lets face it. The Chiefs are cheap. They have the second most salary cap in the NFL. They have a solid fan base and most fans stand behind their team. But Hunt would be wise to spend a little more to try and win. He can’t keep saying that the Chiefs will build from draft picks. Getting some high profile free agents (when they are available) would do this team wonders.

    To quote Ferris Bueller – Clark Hunt “is so tight, that if you were to stick a lump of coal up his ass, in two weeks it would be a diamond.”

  27. The Cheaps seem to hate their fans, but love their $$$$.

    They are so arrogant, with such little success to show for it on the field. Their blanket answer to everything is “Wait. We will get better.”, just like the Royals.

    The Chiefs with Romeo Crennel did win 2 of his 3 games as head coach – the only missing part was Kyle Orton was the QB, not Matt Cassel. He is horrible.

  28. So, the guy calls Hunt cheap and shoots obscenities, while the Chiefs twitter guy tells him to get a clue, and the Chiefs twitter guy is the one in the wrong? Screw that. I’m tired of political correctness and the soft skin people have these days. Grow a pair. If you are able to lash it out, you better be able to take it in.

  29. Twitter is one big pile of stupid waiting to happen every day…. a lot of major mistakes made on that in the last year in the NFL….

  30. Somehow the Chiefs front office will find a way to blame Todd Haley for his….and the loss in the first place.

    Romeo (and Juliet) are on their way to the suicide scene.

  31. ” We’re getting to be a nation of PC weaklings.”

    Oh god, if I could like this comment a thousand times I would.

    So let me get this straight an alleged fan of the Chiefs bashes his team on twitter after a tough week one loss, a loss that the Chiefs didn’t have Brandon Flowers, Tamba Hali, and Kendrick Lewis some of the best players at their positions in the sport.

    Then all the Chiefs say is “get a clue” and they have to apologize? For what? For calling out a fan that thoroughly deserved it. Man I’m getting so sick of these stupid public apologizes, guess what kid the Chiefs don’t owe you a dime, get over it.

  32. Oh so because some snobby little fan isnt happy his team isnt going 16 and 0 and says something god forbid the guy who says get a clue is allowed to have an opinion. Im a steelers fan and does anyone ever think in billions of light years we would ever draft or pick up a good corner? No. But im not crying about it. People like that jerk off whine for months about how they miss football… And when its finally here… They cry cause their team lost. Too freakn bad. Its apart of the game.

  33. Sometimes the people who runs these twitter accounts, don’t know when not to reply. Didn’t your mother ever tell you, “You may think something, but sometimes it’s best to keep it to yourself”!

    I went to Arrowhead a few years back when Cleveland played the Chiefs and had a great time with their fans. I wish they’d get better, just as much as my beloved Browns!

  34. Heck yeah he should get fired! Told the truth to a fan. Chef fans are in an abusive relationship. There needs to be an uprising in KC! After Pioli left the Patsies nothin changed in New England. Still wheelin n dealin on draft day. Pioli….the benefactor of the Hoodie’s draft day savvy. Never brought it to K C did he? 43years since ya last SuperBowl, 20 years since ya last playoff win.

  35. I see no problem with it. He used no obscenities unlike the FAN. just because it’s football doesn’t mean you have a right to demean or insult ANY of the players, owners or personnel. This is their profession. You don’t see them calling your place of employment or going online and blasting obscenities about your jobs. Thats the difference between amatuers and professionals. Be a FAN. Cheer for your team. Or find another one…cause chances are they won’t need fans like you anyway.

  36. In 2004 my Falcons got pasted by the Chiefs in Arrowhead 56-10 I believe.

    Every since that game the Chiefs are my 2nd favorite team because:

    1. Knowledgeable and relatively classy fanbase
    2. Unbelievable collegiate-type game atmosphere
    3. Arrowhead Stadium

    It was everything I wished and still wish was true about Atlanta. I wanted to be part of it so I adopted them as my #2 team.

  37. They need to move this team to a real city…….like Omaha. Or, where the REAL Chiefs fans are… Johnson County!

  38. When you haven’t played in a Super Bowl in 42 years, haven’t won a playoff game in 19 years, and get blown out in your home opener……

    Yes, your fans have a right to express their frustration! In my opinion, the fans and MEDIA in this city don’t get on the organization and their allowed to get away with this…..

  39. How are the Chiefs $28M under the salary cap, but can’t keep Brandon Carr? Why does the media make excuses (injuries) instead of rail the front office for not using the cash on adequate depth?

  40. Real fans in Johnson County? Then why was the KU boo’d like they were the raiders at half time? As far as the cap number, wow, the Chiefs are cheap. I thought it was going to get better. So much for that hope.

  41. And where is Omaha? You can’t put a team in Iowa or whereever it is with that close of proximity to Mpls and Chicago.

    Plus, I’m guessing their level of involvement in supporting pro sports is relegated to tier-3 Hockey teams and AAA baseball (that 4 team football league doesn’t count).

  42. Steve Jobs did the same thing regularly, except he was much more acerbic, never apologized, and Apple fanbois LOVED him for it.

    Maybe it would have been better if the Chiefs used Paypal to transfer a quarter to the fan’s account and tell him to BUY a clue.

  43. What most of you uninformed people fail to realize is that the Chiefs are a publicly funded business that the tax payers supported by renovating their stadium. Since thats the case, and it is, the guy had every reason in the world to expect an apology. Too bad he couldn’t see it because they banned him from their twitter. The team has no excuse for regularly being in the bottom 5 of salary cap spending, especially since this has been the norm since the public funded almost $500 million for said renovations. Hate Jerry Jones all you want, but at least he pays his own way. BTW, the Hunts are richer than he is.

  44. Wifey, the Chiefs are about 77-87% of the cap depending on which figures you read from different sites. They are no where over 89% on any site. So you might want to go back in time and get informed to prepare your self to argue about the 21st century…

    Like I said, they are cheap!

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