David Wilson chides media for bringing up his fumble, benching


Giants coach Tom Coughlin is willing to let David Wilson out of the doghouse “a little,” but the rookie running back thinks the media is trying to put him back in.

Wilson, the first-round pick who was benched after his fumble in the opener, said there was a clear leader when asked the worst thing about it.

They won’t let me forget about it,” Wilson said, via Newsday’s Tom Rock, who is apparently part of the “they”. “I’m trying to move on and every day someone comes and asks me about it.”

He said he was “definitely surprised” by the attention the fumble received.

“Quarterbacks throw interceptions and running backs fumble all the time,” he said. “I think even after I have a successful game questions about the fumble will come again …

“I’ve fumbled before and it hasn’t stopped me from getting here. It might happen again. Just take a licking and keep on ticking.”

Wilson’s biggest sin was fumbling in last Wednesday’s opener, giving the largest media market an extra half-week to grind away at him. He didn’t have to worry about that when he was fumbling at Virginia Tech.

So the sooner he can get out there the better, so those big meanies in the New York media will leave him alone.