Foot injury keeps Calvin Johnson out of practice


The man they call Megatron was powered down during Wednesday’s practice.

Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson was on the sidelines with what the team is calling a foot injury. Johnson’s absence wasn’t expected since there hasn’t been any previous mention of an injury.Coach Jim Schwartz wouldn’t comment about Johnson’s health during his press conference following practice, so we’ll have to wait a while for some definitive news about Johnson’s condition.

If you want to read the tea leaves, though, it sounds like this is more of a rest/precautionary day off for Johnson than it is the sign of a serious injury. Tim Twentyman of the team’s website reports that Johnson “seems to be fine” and Johnson himself sounds like a man planning to play against the 49ers on Sunday night.

“Looking to this week, if there are games you circle, this should definitely be one of the games. One, because it’s early in the season and Sunday night, but at the same times, a lot of guys – most of the guys that were here last year – they got a bad taste in their mouth from the way that the game ended last year,” Johnson said, via the team’s website. “Not even talking about all the extra stuff that happened, but just from on the field. We felt we had that game and we let it get away.”

The 49ers came from behind to beat the Lions in Detroit last season. The chance to turn the tables this season will likely prove irresistible to Johnson unless we hear something much more negative about the state of his foot.

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  1. @WestCoastVet,

    I am hoping for a win…..but that is some pretty funny stuff……VERY nice……HAD to give you the “thumbs up”.

  2. 49ers are buying their own hype. Lions played poorly last week, particularly stafford (except when it really mattered) and they will be hungry with something to prove. The niners, like their fans, are beating their chests over what they proved last week. Lions upset win on the road.

  3. goldrush4949 says: Sep 12, 2012 6:43 PM

    A team that got taken to the wire by a bad football team in St. Louis is going to beat San Francisco?



    This guy. Hey man do you know it was the first game of the season? The Rams have got a whole new defensive backfield and I guarantee they’re not as bad as they were last year. You remember last year right? The year that San Fran barely beat the Lions on a last second play and an extra 5yd spot by the refs?

    49ers fans have gotten awful arrogant, awful quick. Must be rubbing off from that slobbering, whining coach over there.

    Go ahead and write off the Lions. I dare you.

  4. Who wins Sunday Night? I have no idea. But I can guarantee if the Lions lose, their 3 or 4 fans on this site will blame either the refs, their injuries, or their suspensions.

    How do I know this? We have had to hear about the refs messing up five yards for 11 months now for last years loss. It is pathetic.

  5. @ All Lions fans who are still mentioning the refs messing up 5 yards in last year’s game

    FYI, last week, the refs granted yardage for an illegal block in the back to the wrong team totaling 10 yards, yet the Niners still won by 8, on the road, to your division winner.

  6. turfrage says:
    Sep 12, 2012 7:55 PM
    I don’t know.. If the Rams could contain him that easily they’ll probably keep him in the toy box.
    I think some people just write stuff to write it:
    CJ…7 targets, 6 catches, 111 yards — the other eight Receivers? 25 catches for 244 yards, which means he swung coverage his way to open it up for the rest.

    Of course, since he’s not a Prima Donna, there’s no way of knowing this without actually checking the box score.

  7. citynative says:
    Sep 12, 2012 7:46 PM
    Who wins Sunday Night? I have no idea. But I can guarantee if the Lions lose, their 3 or 4 fans on this site will blame either the refs, their injuries, or their suspensions.

    How do I know this? We have had to hear about the refs messing up five yards for 11 months now for last years loss. It is pathetic.


    Most Lions fans will tell you we flat out lost that game because we played like crap late and let you come back, it wasn’t because of the bad 5 yard spot (even though it surely didn’t help). The issue is the arrogant Niner Nation acts like every game they won last year was a 50 point blowout and no team can possibly come close to beating them which is ridiculous. I’m a Lions fan in the East Bay and can’t wait to see your collective giant heads pop after we shock you at home. Your head coach is a perfect example of an overly arrogant obnoxious University of Michigan alumni.

  8. Haha. Little touchy aren’t we. Maybe the RAMS had him so well covered there was no other choice but to check down other guys… Mo matter, I hope the Lions win next one only because I don’t care for Hairball.

  9. turfrage..

    If the Rams had him so well covered, then that goes to show just how good he is. 6 catches. 111 yards.

    In my opinion, the Rams have better corners than the Niners.

  10. I seem to recall lots of lions fans running mouths about the 49ers getting slammed back to earth.. or Schwartz parading up and down sidelines gloating and talking trash. Talk about living in a glass house. Of all teams and fan bases you have the least room to call anyone out for being classless loud mouth jerks from head coach all the way down so lets get over ourselves. And you really think Harbaugh is sleeping on the Lions? Haha yeah okay. Lets see ya stroll around Monday and enlighten everyone as to how this shocking beatdown works out

  11. Can’t wait for this game! I’m a homer, so of course I’m rooting for my Lions, but San Francisco is the REAL DEAL!!!

    Not sure if we can pull this upset off without winning the turnover battle, making The Niners one dimensional on offense, and protecting Matthew Stafford.

    Niners may be Super Bowl bound, but the Lions can prove Sunday that they’re formidable, and are not a one-hit wonder…


  12. Lions fans…. You lost last year. You have no real evidence you can beat the Niners who beat the team that knocked you out of the playoffs. You are a good team that has not earned the right to brag or talk about anyone’s coach, players, or fan. You wanna say that you’re better than the Niners or any team… Then wait till your team beats them and quit bragging on credit.

  13. @mintberrycrunch & @lionsdraftguyot

    Guys, relax. I am not trying to antagonize. The Lions have a good quarterback, one of the most physically dominating wide receivers in the history of the league, and a physical defensive line. Your team is tough.

    I am just letting you know blaming losses in October on one refs call that cost your team 5 yards, and saying phrases like “we let you comeback” just sounds amateur. It makes your fans sound like they have an inferiority or small man’s complex. Detroit is a better city than to act like that.

    Go Niners.

  14. Wait wait wait…

    Are people thinking that the Lions are actually going to beat the Niners?

    Let’s just go down memory lane to..oh…say… last week.

    The Lions were losing to the RAMS until 10 seconds left in the game. There was a ref mishap, the clock should have kept running, but they stopped it. In essence, they gave the Lions 30 extra seconds. They probably would have lost.

    I wouldn’t be picking the lions to beat anyone, let alone the team that just beat the Packers (who are STILL way better than Detroit).

    Niners 35, Lions 20

  15. Niners single covered him last year with a rookie for the majority of the game. He did gets chunks of yards but a lot of it was on the final 2 drives and they did keep him out of the endzone. That said i hope they dont test fate and do it again. Our corners are plenty good to go man coverage on the other guys so Id rather see them give safety help to cover Megatron otherwise he will eventually get his

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