Greg Jennings doubtful for Thursday

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When the 0-1 Packers face the 1-0 Bears on Thursday night for a key NFC North swing game, there’s a good chance they won’t have receiver Greg Jennings.

Technically, there’s a 75-percent chance they won’t have him.

Jennings has been listed as doubtful for the midweek blue-suit-guy special on NFL Network, with a groin injury suffered against the 49ers in Week One.  Jennings, who is in a contract year, didn’t practice Tuesday and wasn’t practicing during the portion of practice at which media was present, via multiple reporters.

Per Jason Wilde of, coach Mike McCarthy has not ruled Jennings out.

And Jennings could indeed still play.  Last week, Cowboys tight end Jason Witten was doubtful with a lacerated spleen, but he still played.

If Jennings doesn’t play, the good news is that maybe Donald Driver will get more than two snaps.

28 responses to “Greg Jennings doubtful for Thursday

  1. It doesn’t really matter all that much – it’s just the bears. The Packers could beat them with Peter Jennings at WR.

  2. If Jennings play the packers will lose an if he dont play the packers will lose…. This game do not hang on NOTHING THE PACKERS DO. They dont have the personel to beat CHICAGO anymore. Tomorrow night Cutler will get his revenge an Lovie will take a giant step towards Coaching in Chicago next season

  3. Once again, given their depth, if the Pack loses Thursday, it won’t be because Jennings is hurt — it will be because the defense can’t contain the QB-engaged-to-a-reality-star or the WR-with-a-personality-disorder.

  4. It’ll be fine if Jennings doesn’t play…has everyone forgot the Packers had to cut 2 out of 3 receivers they felt were good enough to start where Donald Driver is?

  5. The only personnel the Packers need to beat chicago is Rodgers. Cutler v Rodgers is 1-7. Enough said. Bears WR corp as a whole is comparable to the Packers practice squad wr corp.

  6. Big deal. Jennings is overrated. Rogers could make make any receiver he throws to 80 times a year look All Pro…

  7. Wow didn’t know the Bears were Super Bowl champs after beating a 2-14 a year ago with a rookie quarterback. Yup that win must be worth 10 so the Bears are 10-0 headed for the playoffs….
    Bears fans can talk if they beat the Packers in Lambeau but not before then.

  8. he has the curse of the niner defense.

    2011 49er opponent injuries:

    jahvid best
    legarrette blount
    montario hardesty
    felix jones
    pierre thomas

    …probably more. those just come to mind.


  9. yeah, Im sure the Fudge wont miss one of the best downfield threats in the league. Rogers has been a rock star over his last 4 starts….oh wait…Rogers is LAST in the league in plays of 20 yards or more over his last 4 starts. Add to that a pitiful running game, I think we cvan expect alot of dink and dunk from the Fudge this thurs.

  10. Do people really expect this to be different from past matchups?

    Packers always move the ball, but don’t get many points in relation to that movement. I am a Packer fan, and all this BS about the 49er, Giants and Chiefs “figuring out” the Packers, is just BS. The Bears have done this for years making the Packers just grind out long drives and then tighten up as the Packers get in scoring range.

    Bears D or ST always makes a play that keeps them in the game and shift momentum.

    The game comes down to:

    Does Cutler just chuck the ball to no one when he is under pressure? The guy is decent, but this really is his Achilles heel.

    Does the Packer D keep Bears drives alive with penalties in the secondary?

    Wildcard is Brandon Marshall in the red zone. While the Packer D is shaky at best, they have historically been pretty stout near the goalline versus the run. If the Bears have 1st and goal, I think they should look for Marshall 2 out of 3 times since he provides a matchup problem because of his size.

  11. I love how Bears fans act like they haven’t been dominated by the Packers since Rodgers took over at QB. Lost the championship game at your own stadium how embarrassing. Starting QB played like hot garbage in the game and than stood on the sideline like a scared, sad little boy.

  12. jhein23

    Must have a short memory, didn’t the Pack lose the championship game at their building lasy year? Oh and that team was 15 and 1, OUCH!!!

    Look in the mirror fool…

  13. Losing the #1 receiver won’t matter? Really? Some people may not have noticed, but it’s been awhile since the Packer offense made it look as if they were playing Arena Football. GB’s biggest threat on the ground is Rodgers, and opponents know it. The passing game just isn’t going to light up the scoreboard when teams are playing both safeties deep all the time. Legend-in-his-own-mind Finley needs to start being the matchup nightmare that he’s supposed to be, the Pack has to find some way to keep defenses halfway honest with an effective (at times) running game, and McCarthy needs to come up with some new ideas if the Packers are going to stay in the conversation as an elite team. Oh, and it would be nice if the GB defense could help out a little bit as well.

  14. I’d love to see the rookie Boykin get some PT.
    Looked fantastic in the preseason…let’s see if it translates.

  15. Packers fans don’t believe whats over?? They have a 28 year old QB who is right up there with Brady. Have the 4th youngest team in the NFL with lots of solid talent. Teams like that don’t fade away and suddenly become 5-11, 6-10 teams sorry to tell you. Even if they didn’t make the playoffs this year, I’ll take my chances with Ted Thompson drafting and #12 at QB over the next few years.

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