Hopefully, Harbaugh-Schwartz II will be more Civil

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Expect many references to handshakes leading up to Sunday’s game between the Lions and 49ers.

But give John Harbaugh credit for remembering his history.

Asked about his brother Jim and Jim Schwartz’s blowing up at each other last year, John Harbaugh invoked the Civil War.

“Fireworks in the handshake? I was thinking about that a little bit,” the Ravens coach said Tuesday, via the Baltimore Sun. “I don’t think there’s been so much attention paid to a handshake since Grant and Lee shook hands at Appomattox.”

Asked which one his brother was, the Ravens coach replied: “Obviously, he was Grant for the record.”

In case you’re not a history buff, or you haven’t had coffee yet, Appomattox was the final battle of the Civil War, where Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Grant.

And we challenge everyone else who wants to talk about last year’s dust-up to come up with something as original.

14 responses to “Hopefully, Harbaugh-Schwartz II will be more Civil

  1. Hopefully Schwartz acts like a ” Man ” this time when he gets his butt kicked and not the Three Old Child he displayed last time …!!

  2. I am so tired of the handshake talk. The media will not let it go, although the coaches have. Neither wants to talk about it any more, it is a distraction.

  3. Darin – Appomatax was NOT a battle. It was simply a location (a courthouse to be specific) where Lee signed surrender papers to Grant. Stick to football……

  4. dspyank2k11, really? You’d like to see Swartz “knock Harbaugh’s block off”? Have you looked at those guys standing next to each other? Harbaugh’s got a few inches on Swartz and Harbaugh is a former starter in the NFL. It’s never going to happen, but if it did, I’d bet on Harbaugh 10 times out of 10.

  5. Loved the “drive by” handshake from Harbaugh last year. Schwartz had been celebrating Lion come from behind wins like they won the super bowl so Harbaugh just let him see what it looked like and Schwartz got his undies all in a wad.

    Sunday night may be better than pro wrestling!

  6. I can see both sides of last year’s handshake.

    Everyone was saying the 9ers were garbage, they had been having a good season against “bad teams”, and this was the first “real team” they were facing (who were undefeated thus far). It was a close game and the 9ers ended up winning in the last minute of the game. Harbaugh was super excited, he won. He proved to everyone that his team was better than expected.

    Schwartz, trying to be a gracious loser wanted a man to man handshake congratulating the other coach on a job well done. He was expecting the same in return. Instead Harbaugh in his excitement just gave him a shake and took off.

    Who was at fault? Who knows. Both? The only thing I can say is this year’s handshake is going to be forced and funny to watch because they are going to focus on it so much.

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