Jake Scott content to wait for right offer


There have been plenty of vested veterans landing with teams around the league this week, but guard Jake Scott hasn’t been part of the fun.

Scott started every game for the last seven seasons, but he hasn’t found a team to call home for the 2012 season. Scott told Ross Tucker of Sports USA Media that he spent the first Sunday of the regular season in much the same way as the rest of the American public. He ate wings, checked up on his old teammates with the Titans and kept an eye on the Red Zone channel before settling in to watch Sunday Night Football. Tucker asked Scott if he felt like he was in the wrong place.

“Not really,” Scott said. “I’m not angry.  This is my decision.  It is a business and it is my decision not to be on a team right now.”

Scott’s answer suggests that he’s turned down offers for less money than he thinks he deserves after an extended run as a starting guard who graded out well for both the Titans and Colts. The Titans appeared to miss their old right guard on Sunday as Leroy Harris was benched during the contest because he couldn’t contend with the Patriots front line.

The Titans won’t be the only team to experience issues on the offensive line — they addressed theirs by signing Deuce Lutui — this season and it stands to reason that Scott will pop up on radars again as the season progresses. Whether he winds up playing again would seem to rely on the quality of the offer being higher than the quality of the wings.