Lurie put too much pressure on Reid, Vick


When Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie made it clear that coach Andy Reid is on the hot seat, Lurie applied pressure to the entire team.

And no player is under more pressure than quarterback Mike Vick, who has a $16.5 million salary in 2013 riding on Reid returning.

That pressure seems to have Vick pressing.  Reid too, given that he dialed up 56 passes in Week One, despite having one of the best running backs in the game at his disposal.

For more on whether Lurie erred in making it clear that Reid could be gone after 2012, here’s a little slice of Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk.

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21 responses to “Lurie put too much pressure on Reid, Vick

  1. Don’t cry for Reid. Lurie applied pressure in part because Reid’s agent went flapping his gums about a lifetime contract after Reid’s son’s death. Had Lurie said nothing in response to those reports, the team would have less motivation than usual to win.

  2. I’d say Lurie has been far too easy on Reid.
    Win it all this year, or out with Andy and the artificial “quarterback”!!

  3. So wrong, so wrong. For the last 10 years, Lurie has soft peddled it and has had Andy’s back. The Eagles still have not won a Superbowl. At some point you to have to look for a new button to press.
    This issue around 8-8 statement, is more a media creation than anything else. If Andy is 9-7 and miss the playoffs, he is gone as well.

    Vick has the sense, he just chooses not too. RGIII is just soft and when he plays a real defense, he will start to bail out.

  4. If Reid calling too many pass plays and ignoring his running back is a sign of too much pressure, then apparently Lurie has been putting too much pressure on Reid since the day he hired him. I might buy this argument if, as an Eagles fan, I hadn’t been watching this happen for 14 years now.

  5. I’m going to guess that Sunday was the first time in 14 years you guys watched the eagles and Andy Reid. The reason I say that is because he has been ignorantly throwing that much over running for 14 years so as a true football website you can’t possibly think he did that cause he is “pressured”. And if they can’t handle that pressure god for bid they make it to the Super Bowl. I think there is some pressure there. Of course this is probably just another apology article for Andy because no one in the national media wants to put out his 14 year old problems that he refuses to fix or change. Like clock management, throwing the ball entirely too much, and the inability to change the game plan based on what the other team is doing. Hence why he has a losing record against teams above .500. But like the Mcnabb thing the media will instead make the eagles fans look stupid instead of stating the obvious. And like the Mcnabb thing we will be right in the end.

  6. Were you not watching last year? Vick made the exact same mistakes last year and Lurie hadn’t said anything. I don’t understand this burning desire to coddle these athletes and make excuses for them. He was awful Sunday and it was entirely his own fault.

  7. Let’s not rewrite history. If not for “coach” Reid’s agent publicly trying to force Lurie’s hand he probably wouldn’t have had to make any statement. This is just more typical Andy thinking he’s smarter than everyone else and it finally came back on him and now he can’t handle the pressure.

    And let’s be clear, if he can’t handle this pressure he certainly can’t handle the pressure of a Super Bowl game. but we Eagles fans already knew that.

  8. This is a joke. If he doesn’t say something, we spend the season trashing him because he is letting the team fail. If he says something then he is putting too much pressure on Reid and Vick. There is pressure on the coach and player to win. It doesn’t happen because the owner says there is pressure. Reid needs to balance the play calling and use McCoy more. Vick needs to get his head out of his butt and stop throwing interceptions. If they do that the pressure goes away because the wins will happen.

  9. Laurie has paid Andy Reid well over 70 million dollars during his time has head coach and has NO SUPER BOWL RING to show for it. On Reid’s advice, he then made Mike Vick one of the highest paid QBs in the league and since that contract was signed, watched Vick play horribly. Why is it wrong for him to apply “pressure” to these two men? The fact is he should have fired Reid at the end of last season but he wanted to give him one more chance. If these two guys can’t handle the “pressure”, they can quit. Other wise start producing or face the wrath of the owner and fans.

  10. Technically, Andy has been in Philly too long not to accomplish the Big One. Going to the Big One and losing does not cut it. Philly Fans want it now and I can’t blame them. Team looks very good on paper, they need to focus on discipline more than anything. Vick needs to play smart instead of trying to make plays. That is why he has a supporting cast. If they don’t make it this year, alot of players will be looking for work.

  11. Expecting a guy who is making 100 million and has a loaded team to win it all is too much pressure. Funny how Vick throws four int’s and it too much pressure Eli and romo do it they suck. Time stop making excuse after excuse for this idiot he sucks as a quarter back, amazing playmaker trash qb. You’d for Andy he is the only big market coach who gets by because he has had a chance to win a super bowl 5 times and failed for both of them it’s time to S or get off the pot.

  12. Most of Andy’s shortcomings revolve around his game day coaching. Not using timeouts wisely, making headscratching decisions regularly, not adjusting to changing circumstances.

    There really was nothing unusual about how Andy coached on Sunday.

    Fortunately, he’s very good at devising game plans during the week and they have a talented team.

  13. I will say this in Reid’s deffense he didn’t just call 15 run plays there were about ten others that had been called back for holding. Even so he needs to be gone and Vick will never win a superbowl

  14. When you’re payed untold millions of dollars to perform you better damn well be under enormous pressure. If you can’t handle the pressure, as the article suggests, then it’s time for the boot.

  15. As an Eagles fan, I’ve said all along BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! Reid puts a quality team on the field every year and, yes, ‘puts us in a position to make plays.’ Every year it’s fire Andy and it’s starting to really annoy me. Reid is one of the best coaches we’ve ever had and I’d rather see a competitive team every year that hasn’t won the Super Bowl than a one-and-done team that doesn’t compete for years after. Sure he isn’t perfect, but Philly fans will pick apart ANY coach we could possibly get and will NEVER be satisfied. So I say what we have really is pretty good and Reid has made us a worthy team every year.

  16. Too much pressure? Too bad. 14 years and making the same mistakes he made when he was a rookie coach. I’d lose my job like nothing if I kept making the same mistakes weeks after I started.

  17. I’m not an Eagles fan but I’m of the belief that Reid has made Vick as good as he can get considering Vick’s limitations. The problem is those limitations aren’t ones one wants an elite QB to possess.

  18. Eagles fan here…one who was at the CLE game, incidentally. In any case, I’m not sure what to think. If we the Eagles team we saw Sunday, I’m totally on board with firing Reid (that said, they improved throughout the game, particularly on the o-line).

    I’m hoping that a lot of it was rust, but I can’t look past the fact that Marty Morningweg and Andy just forget to run the frackin’ ball. I can’t get past the 12 dad gum penalties. And I can’t get past Andy’s “we have to do better….you just can’t do that” response. Yes, Andy. We know that. You’ve been saying that for years. Fix it or get out.

    I am not nearly as optimistic about the season as I once was. I don’t know what it is with the Teflon Walrus’s teams lately….tons of penalties and an outright refusal to run the ball. Ugh…please don’t let us waste this incredibly talented roster this year…

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