Raiders lose Ronald Bartell for 4-6 weeks

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The Raiders got bad news Tuesday when they learned slot receiver Jacoby Ford would require foot surgery, shelving him for an extended period of time and possibly the season’s remainder. They got more bad news on top cornerback Ronald Bartell.

Bill Williamson of reports that Bartell has a broken left shoulder blade. Although Bartell does not need surgery, the Raiders’ “hope” is that he’ll return at the optimistic end of a four- to six-week timetable.

Bartell is currently meeting with a specialist for more information.

Bartell was expected to be the Raiders’ No. 1 corner this season. San Diego wide receivers regularly got open against Oakland’s secondary on Monday Night Football even with Bartell playing, so his loss will be felt.

Backup Patrick Lee has been in the league since 2008 and started just one career game.

39 responses to “Raiders lose Ronald Bartell for 4-6 weeks

  1. Front office has to look for a back up LS, figure out if they need another WR for Ford, now a decent CB to take over for Bartell, i have not yet seen what Lee could do but i wish him well!!!

  2. what happened to joselio hanson or whoever they scooped from philly?

    they need a big time WR ,

    the defense is fine, they have a defensive coach who can be creative and get by ,

    new england had seasons where they won 10+ games with no-namers in the secondary,

    but get a WR,

    one that wont fumble on the opening drive of a game, one that can snatch the ball if they get their fingers on it, one that isn’t hurt every other week.

    i dont care if hes a locker room cancer, wants money, distractions,

    can the guy play?

    bc the WRs for oakland are whats holding the offense back ,

    carson is sharp, mcfadden is mcfadden, WRs – wtf

  3. “San Diego wide receivers regularly got open against Oakland’s secondary on Monday Night Football even with Bartell playing, so his loss will be felt.”

    Yet another comment about how the Chargers had their way with the Raider defense, and they “shredded their secondary.”

    Yet, the Raiders are tied for 5th in the NFL on defense.

  4. Roster turnover, new coaches, injuries…and oh yeah, Peyton Manning just joined a division rival.

    It’s early, but the Raiders have a lot going against them this season already.

  5. They need to sign T.O. Already! He would help the young WRs and can still make plays. And Raider fan don’t give me the distraction b.s. about T.O.! Is he really going to mess up an already dysfunctional,pathetic losing franchise? I think not!!

  6. maybe chekwa will get another chance… If they don’t win in Miami this week which they have a tendency of losing there. I am going to loose all faith in the season. Gatta get better corners. Safetys are good the LB’s seem to play well Miles Burris and Rolando had a great game. The blaring problem is the corners so the raiders need to get this fixed asap. The raiders offense played well just need to get Moore back in the line up and it will make them a better team. Criner need to contribute is as well. Taiwon Jones better get his act together or he will not be with the team for very long. It appeared to me that the line held up well other then Barnes getting beat on odvious passing downs by Phillips…Common at least get in his way.

  7. Forget about injuries, why and how is Gregg Knapp calling plays for this team again. Recall, Tom Cable had to fire him mid way through the season and then the team turned it around. So WHY IS HE BACK?!?! Reggie better not let the same thing happen in Miami on Sunday!!!!

  8. Watch for number 26 to have a big game. Only started one game in his career because he was Charles woodsons back-up. I am a huge dolphin/raider fan so this weekend is goin to be fun.

  9. 1. we need stefen wisniewski back, he controls the line of scrimmage and everything seems to work better with him starting in the middle.

    2. we need denarius moore back, this guy can pull the safety out of thebox because they have to respect him ability to catch the deep ball and demands that the safety stay over the top.

    3.we need to plan on jacoby ford not coming back this year ( if he does, great.) we need to look at all options for an experienced wide receiver that can catch, he doesnt have to be a big play guy, but must be consistent.

    these 3 things can happen soon, but what concerns me more is:

    darren mcfaddens worst year(s) came when gregg knapp was the offensive coordinator
    dmc really broke out of his shell when we were more of a “power” blocking team which is after gregg knapp was no longer the offensive coordinator.

  10. Of the available options I would say T.O. or Chad (not both) since each has played with Carson. Maybe have a look see of Deon Branch, although I never thought he was anything special. And Plaxico would keep the D honest in the redzone and take some pressure off the running game down near the goal line.

    CB is tougher bc anyone that is any good is already on a team.

  11. they can start DVD, , oh yeah thats right they cut him….. bottom line Norv went right after Bartell’s on first drive, and he got burned on the 50 yarder down the right side line.

    Chimdi is coming off of the practice squad.

  12. That sucks. I hate to see players from any team get injured so early in the season.

    Charger’s Jammer broke his hand, and Raider’s Bartell, a shoulder blade.

    It’s a brutal rivalry.

  13. The way he was victimized on those two big plays, I think we’re better off without him. Pat Lee isn’t that good either but he can do atleast as good as Bartell.

    We’ve got problems in all three phases. I hate to say but it looks like it’s gonna be a long year.

  14. Just for reference the raiders gave up a 50 yard play with Bartell but only 181 on 32 other attempts for the rest of the game.

    Sounds like the SD receivers were just running wild all over the field huh?

  15. Raiders are 5th in yrds/g (18th in scoring D, which is more important) because they held SD to 32 yrds rushing. Rivers completed 73% of his passes, so yes, that constitutes ‘San Diego wide receivers regularly got open against Oakland’s secondary ‘. That’s all Silva said, not ‘shredded’ or ‘had they’re way’. Guess you gotta stay with the ‘us against them’ mentality if that’s all you got.

  16. Letting Van Dyke go, all of a sudden, seems foolish in hindsight. Doesn’t it there Reggie?

    Cue the activation of Chekwa from the practice squad. At least Chekwa is a decent option.

    This is precisely why I don’t have a lot of faith in Reggie or Dennis. CB’s are notoriously injury-prone, and these “front office geniuses” let us get pretty damn thin in that department I think.

    To think we could still have CWood and Namdi anchoring the corners.

    Millions of people say it, but holy crap…I think I could do a better job at “player/personnel” or “football operations” than half of the people in each of those departments. And Dennis Allen does NOT have my confidence.

    I have been holding my tongue since Al died and Mark took over. I said, “I’ll wait and see what the 2012 season brings before passing judgment”. But some personnel moves in the offseason left me scratching my head. Now, we were HUMILIATED by a mediocre Charger’s team at home.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I fear we have an organization that has taken 2 steps backwards in the past 9 months.

    And the icing on the cake is Carson Palmer. Exactly what has CP done to EARN a starting spot on this team? He didn’t come even close to connecting on any of the longer routes Monday, and the defense turned him into “Captain Checkdown”. He looked hesitant, scared.

    I hope I’m way off base, but I smell another stinker of a season looming.

  17. mjbulls45 says:
    joetoronto says:

    Both of you are spot on. The only problem with the offense right now is receivers who are not performing. Wiz coming back will help the line.

    The defense was solid against SD. They should all get a medal for those field goals they forced after the punting disasters.

  18. Palmer was not the problem. He was one of the few bright spots. It’s lazy to blame the QB for a loss like that. Point your fingers at the coaching staff. Poor play calling and no adjustments. And for a guy who’s the only backup at a position to be so grossly unprepared should fall on the special teams coach.

  19. bmadccp:

    You impress me, as you seem to be a rare, objective, Raiders’ fan. I’ll only fault you for the all-too-common occurrence of saying “we” when referring to a private organization, that which you likely hold no voting stock.

    But that aside…

    The artist formally known as Carson Palmer has a career QB rating down at the 19th position. That puts him squarely behind almost all the “top tier” passers in the game today (and even yesteryear). He’s been to the playoffs, what, once? Twice? He’s just not good enough to warrant what the Hue “I’m Fired” Jackson sold to get him. I’ve said it since last season, and I ‘ll be able to safely repeat the same well into 2013. The Raiders are doomed until the claw their way back out of that mistake. There are only a few veterans who can come in, and reinvigorate a team – for instance Farvrerr with the Vikes , Vah-Nah with the Cardinals, and Drees with the ‘Aints. And even with those HOF caliber guys (which CP is NOT) you can see the damage done when they left (Cardinals & Vikes) because those teams, as the Raiders, never bothered to get their own, real-deal, franchise QB.

    That’s it. Good luck, gents. You’ll need it in the draft.

  20. bmadccp,

    Stop being such an idiot. Look at how much the Raiders are paying Janikowski, Lechler and Condo. The lack of depth is due to the fact that this team has given such ridiculous contracts in the past and can’t afford quality depth.

    The Raiders could still have Nmandi and Woodson at the corners, then they would have nothing else on the defensive side of the ball.

    Reggie and Dennis inherited an absolute mess and they are trying to fix it. I’m a Raider fan, but if the writing wasn’t on the wall prior to the season starting that this was at best a 7 win team, than I don’t know what to tell you.

  21. its a long season. Lets be happy we didnt make it any worse. 3 times you give up the ball on the wrong side of the field and they only get 3 field goals. That is good defense. No one was crying when we thought we would have Moore and Ford playing , but when they got hurt everyone is saying where is the depth ? it comes down to stuff happens. Bartell didnt play well when he was in so that doesnt hurt us too bad. DVD was terrible in the preseason so you cant blame them for cutting him. What really worries me is that we dont have a punt returner or a kick returner without ford. Hopefully Moore will back returning punts soon. No one could have foretold condo getting hurt but why cant wisnewski do a better job than a back up linebacker ? yes it is different than a regular snap but he should be better than a linebacker, right ? anyway the biggest problem we have right now is greg “sucks” knapp , I really dont get why we brought him back but it has only been 1 game so lets see how this goes before we jump of the ship.
    The raiders will pick up a wide receiver and moore will be playing and things should get better (when barns remembers how to block)
    As lifelong Raider fan all I can say is give these guys a chance before you start crying in your beer. It could always be worse, remember jeff george , tod maronovich, donald hollas , ricky dudly etc etc etc
    Go Raiders !
    I also picked them to go 9-7 which included them loosing this game.

  22. For all the haters…. The raiders lost.. yes they are 0-1. they played well. there are 16 teams that are 0-1 are their seasons over as well? the packers, giants, steelers, saints and bengals are 0-1 as well does this mean their season is over too? where as the buccaneers, cardinals, viking are all 1-0 does this mean they will finish above .500?

  23. the raiders didnt look great, but palmer was throwing to derek hagan. the team needs to get some of their WR’s back, maybe even find a vet from another team. should sign chris carr at corner so the chiefs cannot to help with this loss for a few weeks.

    3 screwed up punts by the raiders. take those away, and its a 10-6 game or better, its not like lechler wouldn’t have put it inside the 10 at least twice.

  24. Save your time folks, get your Bronco jersey now. Frustration will soon set in and Oakland will beat last years record for penalties.

  25. denverscott:

    I agree about the strong likelihood that the Raiders will eclipse last year’s record number of penalties. Especially, once McMuffin is out on IR.

    However, the notion that the Donkeys are going to be crowned AFC champs is highly premature. I think you’re setting yourself up for a bitter disappointment.

    Likely, for the first time ever, NO team from the AFC West will be allowed into the playoffs. 😉

  26. afcdomination:

    By the way, what an ironic screen name, for a Raiders’ fanatic.

    I know excuses are part of the “Nation” mantra. But just let the punt thing go. That’s part of the game, and there’s no taking it back. Did anyone award the Chargers a free win two seasons ago, when they had the EXACT SAME ISSUE? No.

    Further. You’re not seeing the forest through the trees. The reason the had botched punts, is because they WERE PUNTING. They had been stopped, and that’s the end of it. There’s not theorizing about would haves and could haves (again, I know that is really all Raiders’ fanatics can do).

  27. Sounds like a big loss a starting CB, but honestly Pat Lee came in a filled in better than Bartell. I didn’t even know who Pat Lee was. Bartell got torched on 2 big plays and gave up so much room on lateral movement downfield it was luck that although Rivers had time he didn’t have enough because if Rivers froze up Raiders front 4, he would’ve dropped some more deep balls against Bartell.

  28. dougydougdoug says: Sep 12, 2012 4:45 PM

    I know excuses are part of the “Nation” mantra. But just let the punt thing go. That’s part of the game, and there’s no taking it back.
    The Raiders are obviously in transition. They have to fix their cap, their roster, and their draft, and it can’t be done overnight. Raiders fans are called delusional, but when you look at how crappy the division has been the last couple of years, it’s easy to be somewhat optimistic. In a two year span, this division has gone 17-15, 17-15, 16-16, and 12-20. I’m not saying the Raiders are a good team. I’m just saying that you Chargers, Broncos, and Chiefs fans don’t have much room to talk.

  29. raiderapologist:

    Can’t argue with that. As a fan of most all things “West” I can remember when the AFC West was always ready for a fight. You could count on one of the four teams to kick someone around in the playoffs.

    Hopefully, everyone will pick up the pace, and it’ll become feared again.

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