Raiola was afraid he dealt team a blow, which would have stunk


Lions center Dominic Raiola thought he was busted.

And he thought it was one of those you can’t hide from.

Raiola was dangerously close to being ineligibly downfield on teammate Kevin Smith’s last-minute, game-winning score against the Rams Sunday, and he was looking for flags before he celebrated.

Asked if it was like looking for a cop after running a red light, Raiola opened the door into the mind of a lineman.

Maybe like farting in a restaurant,” Raiola said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “Popping a pimple, if you will.”

“I pulled around and I kind of felt Kev push me a little bit,” he continued. “I was trying to inch my way back. I saw him catch the touchdown. I didn’t really celebrate right away. I looked [to one] sideline, I looked [to the other] sideline, I cleared the flags, both refs were in the end zone. But I think it was close.

“I think [Fox rules analyst] Mike Pereira said it would have been ticky-tack if they would have called it. So they didn’t call it. I wasn’t trying to. I just hovered around the line and him trying to get out kind of pushed me forward a little bit.”

Fortunately, he didn’t push too far, because by that point in the game, everyone was gassed. And if Smith’s play had been called back, they’d have been broken-hearted.