Robert Griffin III is your NFC Offensive Player of the Week


This Robert Griffin III kid is looking pretty good.

After an opening Sunday in which Griffin looked like a truly special player, he’s been named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week.

Griffin completed 19 of 26 passes for 320 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions, in the Redskins’ 40-32 win over the Saints on Sunday. Griffin also ran for 42 yards, but what was really impressive was that Griffin already looks like a poised and accurate passer who just happens to have the ability to use his legs to pick up yardage if the situation calls for it.

There’s a risk, of course, of overreacting to Griffin’s first game as a pro. But NFL debuts don’t get much better than what Griffin did in Week One.

22 responses to “Robert Griffin III is your NFC Offensive Player of the Week

  1. I love that RG3 was successful in week 1, but let’s temper our praises to just his week 1 performance. This guy is a rookie, for whatever heights he leaps, he will have his falls. I truly believe he will be great, but I have been wrong before. Let’s see how he plays once there is enough game tape of him and defenses have had the chance to figure him out(I doubt they will).

  2. This past week, Griffin was the most valuable player. There were players that may have had better days, however that being stated, I don’t think that any team benefited more from that 1 player.

    As much as I like Griffin, there has been alot of over-reacting. However this particular award is not crowning him anything. It is recognizing his performance for this week.

    Just like it recognize some player each week.

    For now, Good Job RGIII – let’s hope you can keep it up.

  3. Will voiceofreason get to read the good news & stroke himself until mommy & daddy get home?? Or is he too busy taking a test in his 4th period Special Education class??

  4. Goodell tried to screw us with Capgate before the draft. Tried to screw us with scheduling us at the Dome week 1. Tried to screw us with Jackson’s suspension on cut day. Tried to screw us by lifting the Saints suspensions 2 days before Sunday.


    Now RG3 is gonna screw the whole damn league for the next 12 years.

    Can’t wait for the day when Roger has to hand RG3 and Snyder the Lombardi.

  5. Let’s try to keep this in perspective. Yes, he looked good, but he had a TON of help from his teammates and coaching staff against a team playing without their head coach and a new defensive coordinator.

  6. peytonsneck18 says:Sep 12, 2012 11:37 AM

    saints D is horrible and Rams D is too, lets see him play against a real D before we annoit him, SMH

    The horrible Rams D picked off Stafford 3 times. They are a work in progress but are much improved. I think they will definetely do a better job against RGIII than the Saints did

  7. The Redskins victimized a team that is decimated by injuries, suspensions, holdouts and an entire offseason of utter turmoil.

    Let’s see how Griffin does when he faces off against a team that is a contender and has a better than mediocre defense.

  8. He had an amazing day. No question. He has amazing talents. No question. The same could be said of Mike Vick circa 2010. People were saying he is revolutionizing the QB position.

    I think RG3 has much better skill set then MV, similar physically and hopefully much better mentally (in allll aspects football and not).

    His arrow is pointing up, but it was one game (I am certainly not saying he can’t do it, but lets let this rookie take it week by week, and if he does it, I’ll be first in line saying he is a great football player).

    I just bet those Browns fans really wished the Big Guy played his cards better and had him vs their Rookie.. what was that… a passer rating of 5?

  9. I love how prior to the game people were convinced the Saints were going to use bounty-gate as their motivation. The Skins were supposedly stepping into a hornets nest and had no chance.

    Now after the game the excuse is bounty-gate was a distraction and the team was too depleted because of the suspensions.

    Can’t have it both ways folks. Face it, the Skins took it to the Saints in their own backyard. RG III is legit. Better get used to it, this kid is going to be a force for years to come.

  10. I love it. The Saints were supposed to roll the Redskins in their house. And now that the Skins won, “Oh well the Saints aren’t any good.” They’ve got all these problems etc. Stick with your decision people.

  11. Gonna say some unpopular things here:

    I like Shanahan, I’ve come around on Snyder, and I think Rodger Goodell is doing a fine job. Notice how I didn’t turn any of their names into unhyphenated, unfunny jokes?

    Also, this “lets not get too excited” stuff is ridiculous. We know that, everyone who is a skins fan knows that. If we aren’t going to get excited about this, then what the hell are we doing? Why not just tune in around November.

    One thing is plain, Griffin has real nattitude.

  12. He’s better than your favorite QB. Name anyone, Robert is better. Case closed. None of these accolades surprise me…it’s chump change compared to the Superbowls and MVP awards that are coming for him and the Redskins.

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