Rodgers says officials for 49ers-Packers “deserved the scrutiny”


Given the absence of any game-deciding calls or protracted delays or Keystone cop clusterfudges during Week One, the perception is that the replacement officials did an acceptable job.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers doesn’t agree with that perception.

In his weekly visit with Jason Wilde of ESPN Wisconsin, Rodgers was candid regarding the officiating in the 30-22 loss.

“They’re under a lot of scrutiny,” Rodgers said in reference to the replacements, “and the one’s we had last week deserved the scrutiny.  You have to understand the rules.”

Rodgers wasn’t looking for an excuse for his team’s loss.  Indeed, the only call he specifically mentioned fueled a Green Bay touchdown via a block in the back that wasn’t called.

“You have to try to curtail some of your frustration I think,” Rodgers said.  “It’s just frustrating when you’re positive that there’s either a missed call, or that the rule was not interpreted the way that it’s supposed to be interpreted.  There were multiple instances of that, and when you watch the film back it’s frustrating.

“That being said, there were just some bizarre calls on both sides.  Anybody who watches the TV copy, I mean I saw it from the sidelines, but we scored a touchdown on a legit block in the back.  I don’t know what happened on that.  It has to hopefully get better.”

Despite those concerns, the NFL has benefited from the reality that, based on the images pumped into TVs throughout the country, the officials look the part, act the part, and sound the part.  Brushing off mistakes by pointing out that the regular officials make mistakes, too, the league has crafted a simple but highly effective P.R. strategy that will keep fans from reacting in the only way that matters — by not buying tickets and/or not watching games.

Even with high-profile players like Rodgers speaking out, only a major gaffe that directly influences the outcome of a game will even begin to move the needle.

We’re not saying it’s right, but it’s reality.  And so the locked-out officials can wait for a major blunder that prompts a fan outcry — or the locked-out officials can get back to work.

106 responses to “Rodgers says officials for 49ers-Packers “deserved the scrutiny”

  1. Good for him speaking out, especially since it was a play that went in favor of the Pack. There were actually two blocks in the back during that play. Never should have been a touchdown and put The Packers back in the game.

    Get these jokers outta here!

    – Go Bears-

  2. I think the NFL needs to start fining players for complaining about refs.

    They do it to coaches, and have for some time.

    The players whine and complain about refs all the time, and in most instances, are just complaining because they lost.

    Aaron Rodgers is complaining because he lost. The refs in that game did as fair a job as the old refs would have done.

    Enough with the whining though. If you dont like how the game is being called, stop trying to cheat, or beat your opponent without needing help.

  3. Could it be better? Sure, it could always be better and should get better as the season goes on, but these guys aren’t horrible.

    The locked out refs need to research “Air Traffic Controllers” to see what happens when you think you aren’t replaceable. If and when they do return, I hope the same level of scrutiny is applied to them as has been thrown in the direction of the guys currently getting the job done.

  4. Rodgers, do the replacement officials deserve scrutiny because you had the regular officials in your back pocket (Giants/Packers playoff game)? Or is it you only lose at home when you “beat yourselves” instead of the other team kicking your butts up and down Lambeau Field?

  5. Im assuming anyone who is nitpicking and publicly bashing the replacement refs will be equally as tough on the real refs when they come back and ask for their heads as well??

    There are ALWAYS blown calls every Sunday. I honestly didnt notice much of a difference. Id say 12 of 16 games were called without any major missed calls, and maybe 3 or 4 games had some major blown calls… But thats about the same as when the real refs run the show too.

    Players need to get over it. NFL put a very generous offer on the table for guys to work 3 hours a day for 17 days of the year. They rejected it…. So the NFL has to move on…. Cant blame them.

  6. Just like a loser.. Cries when he’s FINALLY on the opposet end of the calls for once.. Your team is on dimensionsal Rogers & people have caught on to your one trick pony show adjust like a true pro & stop crying because you got spanked. Pack will be 0-2 to start the season!! GO BEARS!!!

  7. Any educated NFL fan that watched that game cannot actually believe that game was called consistently. There were several game changing plays that were either caused or were taken away by horrid calls. I don’t give a damn if they “get the job done.” This is the NFL, get the best, qualified, most experienced refs on the field.

  8. “and the one’s we had last week deserved the scrutiny.”

    You know what deserves scrutiny Aaron?

    The Packers running game.
    The Packers run defense.
    The Packers pass defense.
    To a lesser extent the Packers offensive line.

    And after your interception & incompletion that stopped the clock and ultimatley gave the 49ers the time to make a long fieldgoal, maybe even you!

    It may not have been whining, but it sure can come across that way after a loss.

  9. We’ll see how refs do in week 2 but they are improving week by week. The refs do miss some calls but I don’t remember Rodgers calling out the old refs who also missed plenty of calls, most in the Packers favor.

    You can’t tell me that the Packers can go through a single game film and not find things that the refs missed or as Rodgers put it “interpreted incorrectly”. The difference is that previously there was a league PR person (Mike Pereirra anyone?) who kept telling you that what your eyes were showing you was incorrect, that refs were right.

    For instance, last weekend everyone who wanted the new refs gone were screaming about the “4th timeout” or like Al Michaels, nitpicking about everything like an angry exgirlfriend.

    The point is, if there had been a poll that asked, “Would the regular officials have ever allowed a 4th timeout?”, what would the answer have been? Did anyone remember that the old officials had allowed a 4th timeout TWICE in the last decade?

    I didn’t. That’s my point. Alot of what went on with the old officials was swept under the rug. The new officials are made to be the scapegoats for things that have been happening for years.

  10. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t like football.
    He voted to abolish the CB position.
    He cries when the game is played as it has been since the beginning.
    Is this really the star player you want for your league?

    I’m Defense, and I approve this message

  11. I’m probably in the minority, but I almost prefer the replacement refs to the old ones. They seem like they keep their flags in their pockets. I haven’t seen a call for ‘illegal contact’ on a defensive player in any of the games I’ve watched, and the ticky-tack PI calls seem less frequent.

  12. Combine this with the “Giants didn’t beat us” thing earlier this year and it seems like this guys are starting to make excuses…there were gripes in other games but the Packers were just extremely sloppy with false starts etc in this one.

  13. Hit the pause button on all the Aaron Rodgers hate. He wasn’t crying about officials costing his team the game. In fact, Rodgers used the non-call block in the back that gave his team 7 points as an example of the poor officiating in the Packers/49er’s game. I thought that game had more mistakes than most games played in week 1. And I’m not even a Packers fan.
    If you want an example of a player who blamed the ref’s for his poor performance, look no further than the Bills $100 million man- Mario Williams. He couldn’t get through the Jets horrible offensive line for a single sack.

  14. MORE excuses!!! you beat yourselves, now the refs made you lose the game!
    YOU LOST! Just deal with it and move on!

    Having a totally one dimensional team this year will hurt you!

  15. The refs made the errors but when did all the experts forget the errors the refs on strike made over last years games, every Monday the NFL teams either called the league office or sent film to the league office regarding bad calls.

  16. No one is perfect and you certainly shouldn’t expect referees to be, the only thing you hope for is equal treatment. Call things the same at both ends.

    For the most part, I see player complaints about not being able to push the edges of the rules. Just play the game.

    It’s only when the refs appear to favor one team that it becomes a real issue.

  17. Officiating is always subjective, be it the “regular” Refs, or the “replacements”. I think for the most part the replacements have done a decent job. Perfect? No. Neither did the regulars. My only critisizm is that the calls seemed to come late on a lot of plays that I saw. But in most cases, the call was appropriate.

  18. eaglesw00t says:
    Sep 12, 2012 7:40 AM
    I think the NFL needs to start fining players for complaining about refs.

    I’ve got a better idea – how about fining refs who constantly blow calls and act like they have no recourse (because they don’t). There are refs out there that I swear are on the take who make game changing blown calls on a frequent basis. They call things one way for certian plays for certian teams and another way for other teams.

    Now you may say “their view was probably blocked by a player”. That may be true from time to time, but when I see a replay and the official is right there, less than ten feet away, with no one in between him and the play and they still get the call wrong – c’mon! And when there is question, what is stopping them from reviewing the play? Nothing!

    They act like judge, jury and executioner and don’t answer to anyone. These replacements are no worse than the ones who are regulars. The only difference is that the replacements are blowing calls because they don’t know any better and the regulars do it because the do know better and have a reason for it.

  19. Is this the first time people have watched football? The original refs made the same number of minor and major mistakes. Let’s go back to last season or the one before and look at the posts on this site. People were complaining about the referees or did you forget? You are feeding into the NFLPA and NFLRA nonsense. Someone on these forums said Hochuli is the new pay the man. You do realize Hochuli has had major blown calls. ie. Chargers game year or couple back.

    Give the refs a chance to get better, they even own up to their mistakes not like the ones previous or Mike Perierra.

  20. Yes, regular refs miss calls too sometimes. But based on the game I saw live with a second tier afternoon game officiating crew, it’s not nearly the crapshoot it is right now with the replacements as to whether a flag will come out on an obvious penalty, or whether the ref is going to see something correctly live (like a ball hitting the ground vs. a receiver or DB making a low catch/INT) when it seemed pretty obvious from the stands.

    The inconsistency is the most frustrating thing right now, even if it wasn’t the deciding factor in a game (it definitely wasn’t, in the game I saw).

    But I’d like to see the regular refs be held more accountable for not being consistent enough at getting things right, too. So I guess I’ll just have to suffer through the replacements’ inexperience and hope their consistency improves over time, while the NFL pushes for more accountability in the negotiations with the NFLRA.

  21. At least these refs haven’t shown and biased yet. I am all for them. If the refs threw a flag every time a player wanted one, they might as well never pick it up

  22. The refs were terrible. Why is it necessary for there to be a “smoking gun” mistake by the refs for people to admit that the replacement refs are terrible (by the way, if that is what you need, this game had one)? It’s the death by a million cuts that kills you. There were almost too many missed calls to count (on both sides). The missed calls add up and are influencing games. The real refs need to come back. They are obviously not perfect, but way better than these scrubs.

  23. Geez, you guys. Listen to the actual interview. He was asked a question and gave a candid response. Florio wrote this article to make it seem like hes whining when in fact, the entire interview is great. You get access once a week for legit answers from a starting QB in the NFL.

  24. That one gave up a TD and was bad, but the first punt of the game they made an even worse mistake. SF number 27 was blocked in the back by a GB player, and they called it on 27! It was early in the game, and as a SF fan I was freaking out that their mistake netted the GB offense an extra 20 yards.

  25. Is it just me or is it when ever the Packers lose does there always seem to be some other reason they lost not just the other team was better that day. It’s like the all mighty Packers are unbeatable. That is not true and the fans will feel it this year. The niners pretty much made minced meat out of that defense. What do you think a better quarterback with the likes of Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte are going to do to that defense? I think they need to man up and take a loss!

  26. Screw the NFLRA hope they get whats comming to them, permenant unemployment. The replacements will only get better.

    See Unions have destroyed this country they had there time in histroy but they crippled/ almost destroyed the auto industry, allow unqualified and under acheiveing teachers to still teach our children in school and have raised the cost of goods and services 2.7 times since the 1980′s so these workers can get paid more/have more benfitis to pay union dues to make someone else rich off of others backs. Unions bosses have it easy the workers pay all the bills and then they hire a lawyer to do all the work. Greed = Todays Unions

  27. Another player from a losing team doesn’t like the refs? So, business as usual in the NFL. I’m thinking, if my team would have lost by even more if not for a break from the refs, perhaps I don’t draw more attention to myself. But I guess some egomaniacs just can’t help themselves.

  28. The replacement officials were TERRA-BULL!! Rodgers was not complaining because they lost, because if you watched the whole game, the replacements refs were atrocious on both sides of the ball. The punt return for a TD had one block in the back, not two. SF’s second drive in the 2nd half had at least 3 false start penalties not called, and the Packers also benefited from a few “interesting” calls. Please bring back Ed Hochuli!

  29. as a niners fan He’s right that call was obvious a flag came out right after it happen for them to pick it up was even worse..that play was the only reason the game was close at the end..I watched the game and I seen a lot of missed calls both ways…just glad we got the W..

  30. I’m a die-hard 49er fan and I couldn’t be more pleased with the win the 49ers got in Green Bay. With that said, though, Aaron Rodgers is completely correct. The block in the back was a huge play that shouldnt of happened and let Green Bay back in the game. Also, the P.I. calls were all over the place. They called the 49ers for P.I. On Finley’s TD when no one touched him, they didn’t call Navarro Bowman for even a hold on Finley’s out-n-up route, they called Carlos Rogers on a pass break up that looked very clean, and they would let a receiver get mauled on one play and then call a ticky tack P.I. the next pass. There was no consistency what so ever the one thing I do like about the replacement refs, and you saw it in the 49er game, is that they called WR James Jones for offensive pass interference, which I like, because with the game becoming so pass first and so hard for DB’s to cover WR’s, I like how we have a fresh perspective on the P.I. going both ways. This may be a good change for the NFL and maybe give a little power back to the defense, knowing that the refs may be just as likely to call Offensive Pass Interference as Defensive Pass Interference.

  31. Glad the Bear game is in GB, so the bus won’t have to wade through a sea of dead gun shot victims on the way to the stadium. I look forward to the apologies from Bears fans when they lose to GB, because they are still the Bears.

  32. A NEW EXCUSE… now it the Refs falt that the packers got beat. Rodgers is already making excuses because he knows CHICAGO will beat them tomorrow night. Packers fans your team is WEAK an I belive the suicide rate gone go up in Wisconsin on friday.. Ha ha ha

  33. The 49’rs were jumpin’ the gun when it came to offsides all day. I saw at least 4 missed calls their, the pass interference calls missed on James Jones were ridiculous and the blatant block in the back by one of the Packers to spring free Cobb for the TD. I’m not saying San Fran wasn’t the better team because they were but it could have made for an amazing game if the refs had their heads screwed on tight.

  34. The refs were awful, on both sides. No one can dispute that. We all understand that refs are going to miss calls on every drive of every NFL game. We can live with that.

    Some calls are tough. I get it. It’s the ridiculously easy calls being missed, as well as lack of responsiveness, that’s killing me. My biggest problem:

    1. Late flags. When you see the infraction, throw the flag. Fast. Not 20 seconds later after you’ve been influenced by the players, coaches, fans. It’s an instinctive job that requires quick reaction, and these guys just don’t have that. Period.

    2. No-calls on obvious false starts. Honestly, where are the refs focusing their eyes if they’re not seeing left tackles clearly stepping back before the ball’s snapped. It’s one of the easiest calls in the game and it destroys the morale of a defense when it’s not called — especially on a 3rd down conversion.

    3. Pass interference. Nevermind, I can’t go on. My head just exploded.

  35. I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am clueless to what the media is saying as far as ADEQUATE???? What in the hell are they watching???? The reason you don’t hear the negative is because if a player or coach complains, there will be fines! The NFL has a muzzle on all nay-sayers, so WE as fans have to do the complaining. All the games I have seen are being butchered by bad call or bad no call constantly…..OH, and the games are looooooong too. On a scale of 1-10 I’d give these GYM TEACHERS a 2.

  36. I’m a Seahawks fan. And if that 4th timeout would have led to a scoring drive we would be having a different conversation right now. It would have cost the Cardinals an important divisional win and we wouldn’t be as forgiving as we’re being right now. It’s gonna happen and it’s gonna cost a team an important game.

  37. I don’t think the replacement refs have done a great job. However, I don’t think they’re any worse than the regular refs and are willing to admit mistakes from time to time. And when they own up to these mistakes, they apologize – something I have not seen the regular refs do the last couple of seasons resulting in negative impacts in games they officiate.

    I also don’t see the replacement refs try to act like they’re in the back pockets of a particular team or quarterback either (something that might rub the Packers, Saints, and Patriots the wrong way from time to time). This is going to be an interesting season nonetheless, and I look forward to more drama happening.

  38. Roger Goodell not budging, again. Time for fans to start asking for a replacement. The game is more popular than ever because of us……..not the front office and the commish. If you dont think NBC, FOX, and ESPN are in bed with the heirarchy of the NFL your crazy.

  39. nesby2 says:
    Sep 12, 2012 7:53 AM
    Just like a loser.. Cries when he’s FINALLY on the opposet end of the calls for once.. Your team is on dimensionsal Rogers & people have caught on to your one trick pony show adjust like a true pro & stop crying because you got spanked. Pack will be 0-2 to start the season!! GO BEARS!!!

    First off, who is Rogers?

    Secondly, why don’t you read what Rodgers said before making such a ridiculous comment.

    Anybody who watched that game knows the officiating was horrible. A block on the back on the kicking team was called very early in the game. The non call on the block in the back, which Rodgers is referring to in this comment, and the numerous false starts on the 49ers that weren’t called really affected the game. I’m actually OK with the refs not calling as much holding/PI but then you have to call it consistent on both sides, which they didn’t.

  40. Gotta give it to Rodgers. Telling replacement officials they suck is one thing. Telling them they suck when they play tomorrow night is another. Hopefully the crew of officials won’t carry that chip on their shoulder.

  41. There were several “no-calls” of Pass Interference in the Patriots/ Titans game.

    I am a Pats fan, but we benefited HUGE from 2 no calls early, one was on 3rd down and the pass was into the endzone, McCourty was early to the play and never turned for the ball…. I could have called it.

  42. I love how Rodgers AND all the Packer fans in this thread (and this week) are openly admitting that we got plastered, that the 49er’s were the better team, etc – and yet people are still making crazy accusations that somehow we’re all blaming the refs for the loss.

    Some of you are brilliant readers.

    The refs were bad on both sides of the ball, but I agree with what a couple other people said. The game was painful to watch not only because of the blatantly blown calls, but because of how painfully inconsistent and slow the officials were. I didn’t notice it being quite as bad during the other games of the weekend though. The GB vs. SF seemed to be the worst of the weekend – which is weird since it was one of the “premier” games of the week. You’d think they’d have sent one of their best crews. And if they did indeed send one of their best crews – ouch!

  43. In regards to the Ravens/Bengals game, there was one glaring issue with the refs in my opinion- Block in the back. On an end around, Torrey Smith has called for an illegal block in the back (last drive of 1st half). On replay, you clearly see the defender turned and slipped while Torrey was behind him. No contact. Penalty took the Ravens from a 16 yard gain and 1st down to 4th and punt. Next drive for the Bengals, a swing pass to Hawkins, and Binn clearly cleans Webb out from behind, with no call. Result- 1st down on a 12 yard pickup. Should have been a 10 yard penalty and most likely resulted in a punt, not a TD (eventual result).

    All I ask for is one thing: consistency. Give us that much. Call it the same both ways. If not, you’re opening yourself up for scrutiny.

    Otherwise, pretty good calls all around the league (at least the ones I was privy to watching). I’m content with these guys.

  44. Id love to see this interaction thursday night

    Ref: “hey #12, so ive been reading that you’re saying but not saying that we replacement refs suck”

    Rodgers: ‘no sir, I was only saying that you miss calls’

    Ref: *discount double check sign* “ok champ”

  45. I’m not a big Rodgers fan but I’m pretty sure he just said that the refs missed the block in the back on the PACKERS touchdown. He knew it was a bad call and owned up to it. I can’t do anything but applaud him for that.

  46. I think this is Rodgers way of saying even though these replacement refs still gave the Packers a TD, I still have love for the regular refs who gave us every call last season including the playoff loss against the Giants.

  47. I’m not sure why the media feels the refs are doing an acceptable job? Did mother NFL send out a notice to the media and “ask” them not to speak poorly with respect to the officiating?

    While there were many missed/poor calls on both sides, I am a Pack fan and they benefited from some horrible calls early in the game. Illegal block in the back on the kicking team (49ers) in the first quarter….that’s not even possible. The kicking team cannot throw an illegal block. Following that blunder, Aldon Smith hurried Rodgers and wrapped him up. During the tackle, his (Smith) helmet and chinstrap were pushed up into his nose. When Smith took his helmet off to adjust and put it on again, he was flagged with unsportsmanlike….another 15 yards for the Pack on that drive….for fixing a helmet.

    While the block in the back was glaring, in addition to the many other blundered calls during the weekend, the media and NFL continue to state that, “regular officials make mistakes too…” They don’t make those kinds of mistakes. Let me point out the called TD for Kendall Hunter, which was overruled following replay. Not only did he step out of bounds at the 2 yards line, but he was not even close to breaking the plane with the football. What was the ref looking at in the case?? He clearly wasn’t watching to see if Hunter kept his feet in bounds so he must have been watching the goal line….nope….he missed that too. What the hell was he looking at???

    This is where we are kidding ourselves when stating that the replacement officials are doing an “acceptable” job. Not only are they making mistakes that could cost teams games (4th timeout), they are missing the basics (false starts, illegal contact vs. PI, etc.). This is the best game in the world that is played by world class athletes in world class venues….yet the outcomes are being presided over by 2nd grade teachers with 3 years of division 6 ref-ing experience.

    The integrity of the game is being threatened.

  48. I’m not sure why everyone is complaining. Yes there were blown calls. But at least these refs let the players play more than the old refs. I hated all the ticky tac calls the old refs made…they had too much control of the direction of the game. I like how these refs let the players be physical and not get called for phantom touch fouls.

    This is football and we are doing everything to prevent head injuries while keeping some level of the physical aspect of the game that we love. But that does not mean these players cannot be physical. I actually enjoyed the games more with these refs.

    I agree there were mistakes but they are of the variety that will improve. Remember, these replacement refs have a really tough job. They will improve as each week progresses.

  49. I’m a niner fan so I don’t really have an opinion either way for Rodgers but I don’t get the people who are saying he is whining because he lost when he only pointed out a play which benifited his own team. He didn’t point to a play that hurt the Packers and try to use that as an excuse. I can’t say I’ve seen too many players do that over the years.

  50. Aaron Rodgers could have come out and said the refs were perfect, and that they needed to play a lot better to win, and packer haters and fans of lesser teams (bears, lions, Vikings, saints, etc,) would still argue with him and say he was a primadonna.

    Jealousy. Sorry. Packers are still better than your team.

  51. Sam Bradford slid to end a run with 2:36 left on the clock, yet the 40 second play clock somehow expired before the the two minute warning, saving the Lions last timeout which they used to score the game winning touchdown with 10 seconds left in the game.

  52. As a Packer fan I think the NFL and replacement refs should be relieved that the 49ers were good enough to survive the horrible officiating. The refs gave the Pack 7 points on the punt return when it was a clear block in the back. But what was really bad it that they actually threw a flag on the play for a different block but picked it up! The 49ers got called for a block in the back on a punt return when they were the kicking team!! It was ridiculous! The refs missed multiple false starts. That is the easiest call to make! On pass interference calls the flag was so late it seemed the teams were huddling up already. On one play the back judge through a flag and then his hat for an incident between Jermichael Finley and a 49er in the end zone. But nothing was ever mentioned or called about the incident. If there was nothing why did he throw his hat? Too mark the spot? In the back of the end zone!! Ridiculous. The NFL is supposed to be about being the best. The replacement refs are amateur hour. The thought of what will happen when these amateurs cost a team a game, especially if it happens in one of the leagues “rougher” venues like Philly or Oakland, should make the league pause. Let’s face it there is a lot of money at stake in the NFL-on AND off the field.

  53. The bad calls went both ways as they always do people are just looking to blame someone for the mighty packers losing. Get over it the best team in the NFL won that game and the refs gave you two TDs. The PI in the end zone that gave you a TD was a bad call on an uncatchable ball. So quit crying we shoulda beat you even worse.

  54. I agree with Rodgers. Im a Giants fan and I feel like the Cowboys were the better team on Wednesday but the refs just did a horrible job when it came to holding calls. Everyone remembers when Cruz got held in the endzone but JPP was held so much it was crazy. I noticed it a lot in the first half. I think they missed alot of calls but I dont think that the Giants were beating the Cowboys either way, it was the Cowboys night.

  55. Ted Thompson is the only one who should be “scrutinized”. This is HIS football team. The one HE put together. This team is softer than MM belly. Cant run, cant stop the, well anything. He should be the one in trouble here. This team, with so much talent on offense, will be lucky to win 9 games. In the NFL, you either hit or be hit in the mouth. This team will be hit a lot.

  56. I’m a huge Packers honk and I agree they got spanked by a superior defense and surprisingly efficient offense….but COME ON, the refs were all over the place.

    The kick return gets flagged and then they pick it up…FAIL

    Late in the game James Jones gets bear hugged right in front of a ref and no interference call….FAIL.

    Those are just two blatant misses that change momentum and frustrate fans as well as players. We are going to see some game come down to a massive blunder that may decide a season for a franchise. Get the real refs back pronto. They are not perfect, but it’s better than this.

  57. Yes, Rodgers is moving on to the next level of Elite QB play; whining when calls don’t go his way. Bummer.

    I say the NFL should stick with these clowns and avoiding paying the more experienced clowns a ton more money to blow the same calls.

  58. One how is he whining? He just essentially said the packers were given a free touchdown. The missed call isn’t the issue as much as the fact they flagged it then picked the flag back up. As for the false starts a few have cried about…. yeah 2-3 false starts really costed the Pack the game. They had such a major effect. Maybe you should rewatch the game and actually pay attention to the plays of these missed calls. They didn’t amount to squat and the pack got away with plenty of holding and other bs calls go their way too. To me its a wash and the punt return had no final bearing on the game so I am ok with it. The old refs have blown plenty of calls and games because of them. These guys are overall improving. I just get a kick out of the excuses and also how quick others jump the gun to say Rodgers is making excuses about the loss when he is basically saying they should’ve lost by 2 tds in reality

  59. 99% of commenters here didn’t read the article.

    When asked what mistake Rodgers noticed the most, he referenced a referee mistake that benefited the Packers (a non-call on a kick return).

    So everybody here going, “Wah wah, he’s just complaining about penalties that went against his team because he lost,” needs to understand that an important part of comprehending stories is reading them carefully.

    Again, just to repeat, he brought up a mistake that benefited his team – he wasn’t complaining about a call that went against his team.

  60. Rodgers is a stud QB, but every time he opens his mouth I want to punch him in the face. Just shut up and play. He’s getting more annoying than Drew Brees.

  61. And why do people keep blaming Goodell for the refs? The owners have to approve paying them the ridiculous amount of extra money they are requesting along with still having no accountability.. its the very reason you see guys like Jerry Jones saying the replacements are of the same quality

  62. As a big time Packer fan, I find this appalling. Maybe he should look at his pick or our defensive play for reasons why we were beat. This team is relying on newspaper clippings from two years ago. We played with no heart and soul and as a result were physically manhandled by a 49’er team who on that day was much better then we were. I’m hoping we get another shot at them this season!

  63. Come on, Mike Florio, this is horribly disingenuous – we have a headline designed to draw irate Packers’ fans to read the article, and you include a poll asking us to rate the overall performance of all the replacements in all games in Week 1.

    Try putting this poll in an article on RG3 or Peyton Manning – I’ll bet you get a very different response. I’m guessing that you plan to trumpet the results of this poll as if it were administered in some objective, non-biased way.

  64. @eventhorizon04 says: Sep 12, 2012 11:50 AM

    “99% of commenters here didn’t read the article.”

    No, I read it. But Rodgers raising an example where poor reffing helped his team does two things:

    1) make people say what you said…’he wasn’t complaining…it was against the other guys. He’s impartial, see?’
    2) tacitly invalidate the reffing in a game where he lost. Which is the real message.

    It’s like in his interview where he said:

    ‘The other Quarterback (Favre) helped me learn things. by letting me watch him play.’ When he really meant, “That jerk didn’t help me at all.”

    I like Rodgers and the Packers. I thought this comment was lame and disappointing though.

    …and I still think these clowns will be doing as good of a job as the other clowns by week 4 or 5.

  65. Only speaking on the 9ers GB game I thought the refs were awful.

    It was one of the most frustrating games I have watched in a while, and it took away from the game.

  66. Why wasn’t Rodgers making these clams last season when the refs gave the packets EVERY CALL instead of going both ways. Yes he pointed out a call against his team but where was he when the refs stole the reg season game from the giants? Where was he after the giants killed them in the playoffs. Oh that’s right “we beat ourself” not “the giants beat us and the refs”

  67. I agree with the man.

    Did anyone else notice that they almost altogether quit calling things after half time?

    It is horrible logic to say that “the regular refs make mistakes too” so it makes it okay for these guys to make mistakes. Just how many mistakes make it “not ok”? It is a bad idea to wait until someone’s season is ruined to call them out.

  68. IDK about you guys but what got me during that game was the inconsistency of the pass interference calls on both sides of the ball. You call it on Jones for barely touching the guy and don’t it on either of the D’s when they where all over the wide outs.

  69. Normal refs would’ve either called defensive pass interference, even though it was a good play, or roughing the passes, which it kinda was, on that last play from scrimmage.

    Don’t worry, once the real refs come back the Packers WR’s will get defensive pass interference calls against the defensive backs of the opposing team way more often. Trust me.

  70. It looked like roughing the passer on Rodgers though on that last play though. I’ll give em that one

  71. For everyone bashing these replacements that are getting paids mere 1000% less than what the locked out officials were getting are really ignorant. Its the same fans that i bet were so happy with the ed hochuli in the san diego chargers V Broncos game back in 2009 i think it was, or the tuck rule that came into place thanks to refs. None of them were 100% so idc what ppl say…the locked out refs were getting a more than fair enough deal and turned it down…their loss not ours…cuz in my opinion i remember always bitching about regs..replacement or not..

  72. Thank you, Mr. Rodgers, for pointing out the first and only ever occurrence of a block in the back being missed by an official. We all know the regular officials have never missed a block in the back call, and now we know these bum replacements did. The horror!!

  73. I read, then re-read, the article. Rodger’s never stated, or implied, poor officiating was any or part of the reason the Packers lost. I watched the whole game and would have to agree with the statement ‘“That being said, there were just some bizarre calls on both sides….’ My take from reading the above posts is: Bear fans are still idiots!

  74. I watched that game, and I’m not a 9ers fan, but it seemed like any calls that could have been reasonably called questionable were in favor of the Packers. McCarthy was looking sour-pussed when his team was getting flagged, but in each case the replay seemed to indicate the calls were legit. Harbaugh had a case for some of the flags thrown at his boys, but not McCarthy.

  75. I am a niners fan and you guys sound redic for criticizing rodgers for saying this. The refs were horrible compared to the originals. And he’s not making excuses. He talked about the ones that benefited the pats. Fine him? For what?? Fine the refs for missing such an easy call.

  76. a lot of the problem calls could be eliminated if the coaches were allowed to challenge non-calls, such as the block in the back noncall and the several false start noncalls.

  77. I can’t remember ever watching an NFL game and not thinking at least once that the refs had the ole’ cranial-rectal inversion. And I’ve been watching football for more than 30 years. Those of you complaining that the replacement refs were terrible are falling victim to selective memory.

    I can understand why the players don’t like them, though. After having the same guys referee their games for years, they know what to expect from each of them. They know which one doesn’t call this kind of holding and which one thinks that kind of block is OK. It’s no different than watching film of their upcoming opponents. Now they don’t know what to expect.

    But that doesn’t make these refs worse, just different. Give the players a couple of weeks to learn the replacements’ tendencies, and they will stop grousing.

  78. Honestly – this whole thing is being overdone – the REGULAR “refs” make plenty of mistakes – it all balances out in the end – or a team can add it to their list of excuses for losing.

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