Seahawks could have used Winslow on Sunday

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When Braylon Edwards dropped what would have been a game-winning (and outcry-inducing, thanks to a fourth timeout) touchdown against the Cardinals, the first thing that came to mind was whether Terrell Owens would have made the catch.  (He has made slightly tougher and more clutch catches at the goal line.)

But there’s another name that should be added to the “what if?” exercise that the outcome invites:  Kellen Winslow.

The Seattle media has been raising that question in the wake of Sunday’s loss.  Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times took a compelling look at the long-haul decision that arguably hampered the team’s short-term fate, especially since the team’s three tight ends had three total catches on the day.  And Brady Henderson of points out that the absence of Winslow may have contributed to the team’s failure to convert seven red-zone snaps on the final drive into a go-ahead score.

Winslow has had one visit since being released (he reportedly failed a physical in New England), and now that the season has started he can be signed without having his full base salary guaranteed.  With receiver Golden Tate nursing a bad knee and receiver Doug Baldwin dealing with busted teeth and receiver Charly Martin battling a bruised lung, maybe the Seahawks should be finding a way to bring back both T.O. and Winslow.

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  1. Still the fuss about the timeout? The reason it happened is that the lead ref told Carroll that he still had one timeout left.

    Because Carroll thought he had the timeout, he called a running play on first down, then used it, knowing he had thirty seconds to run three more plays.

    If he doesn’t think he has a timeout, he probably calls four pass plays instead. That fourth one might have been complete. It could actually be the Cardinals who lucked out with the extra timeout….ever think of that?

    As for T.O., he dropped more passes than he caught in the preseason; at this point, I’d rather see Ricardo Lockette brought up from the practice squad.

    Now that the team doesn’t have to pay Winslow $3.3 million guaranteed (and also saved the draft pick they would have had to send to Tampa), it probably couldn’t hurt to give him a call, assuming he still wants to play for a team who cut him a week ago.

  2. Tell me how the last play was thanks to the 4th time out. We’re the Seahawks given an extra time out? Yes! However the Cardinals took back posession with 18 seconds left in the game. You are telling me it would have taken more than 18 seconds to run a play after Marshawn’s run? The extra time out was outrageous. It did not however result in more plays for the Hawks in that game.

  3. I would welcome them both back and I’d bet Wilson would too. Nobody is scared of their receiver corps.

    Give the man some weapons or just mail it in. After doing such a great ob on the QB competition, Pete has fumbled on the receivers.

  4. Yes, the Kellen Winslow who got cut by Seattle and couldn’t pass a physical in New England would have made ALL the difference for the Seahawks in that game. In reality, the game probably wouldn’t have been close, because Wilson would have had two or three picks trying to force the ball to his diva tight end.

  5. This idea was first pushed by a hack writer in Seattle…having actually watched the game it was apparent that open rcvrs were not the problem – it was pressure from the line and experienced rcvrs not catching the ball (Rice, Edwards, Baldwin)

    Winslow was great 3-4 years ago – he’s a washout at this point and his knees prevent him from holding a roster spot over an entire season. There is a reason this “great” tight end has been passed up by every NFL team and spends his Sundays watching on tv like the rest of us

  6. Once again an article that takes into no consideration the attitude of the player. Winslow was the buc’s leading receiver last year but a cancer in the locker room and huddle. He has no concept of team and there is a reason he hasn’t signed anywhere. He is a bandaid. I’m happy he’s off our team, it looks like we’re much better off without him.

  7. Now that the team doesn’t have to pay Winslow $3.3 million guaranteed (and also saved the draft pick they would have had to send to Tampa), it probably couldn’t hurt to give him a call, assuming he still wants to play for a team who cut him a week ago.


    Unless Winslow plays for some other team first before re-signing with the Seahawks, they would still owe the draft pick.

  8. I have an idea Braylon Butterfingers Edwards should just catch the damn ball. There is a reason that he is on his 4th team. Also a team is only as good as their depth, Seattle needs to stop adding scrap heap guys like TO, Kellen Winslow, and Braylon Edwards if they want short or long term success. Sydney Rice, TJ Housh, Zach Miller are/were big wastes of money. They need to develop guys like they have with Doug Baldwin. Add guys who are young like Mario Manningham 2 years at 7.38. Wasting money and/or picks on stiffs like Tavaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst doesn’t help either also Matt Flynn looks like another potential miss at QB. Pete Carroll and the gang have been terrible on the offensive side of the ball at making picks/ bringing in free agents.

  9. Winslow wasn’t the problem it was the play calling. After the run and time out, the play calls were back-shoulder stop-fade, fade to the corner of the endzone (to Baldwin, who just dropped a pass) and quick slant to Edwards, who has a history of questionable hands. Tough throws for a veteran QB, let alone a rook in his first start. One of Wilson’s strengths is his mobility and ability to pass on the run. Where was that on the last drive? Give him the run/pass option and allow him to make a play. He’s not Rex Grossman.

  10. Winslow would of caught the ball. Haven’t been to critical, but really disappointing. Saved a draft pick, but the money we saved attributed to a loss. I think Winslow is the best security blanket for any rookie QB. He showed it in the preseason.

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