Steve Smith on Saints targeting him: “This isn’t powder puff”

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Shortly after the news broke that the NFL would punish the Saints for running a bounty program, Panthers receiver Steve Smith said he knew all along that the Saints were dirty, because a Saints player had once taken a cheap shot at him and then told him playing that way was what former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams demanded.

But with the Panthers and the Saints set to meet on Sunday, Smith is brushing off any talk of the Saints targeting him. According to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, Smith avoided most of the questions when he was asked by reporters today about the Saints’ bounties. And when he was asked if he felt targeted by the Saints, he said that he feels targeted every week, because in professional football, opposing defenses are always looking for an opportunity to drill the other team’s No. 1 receiver.

“This isn’t powder puff,” Smith said.

Smith has never been afraid to mix things up with opposing players (and sometimes with his own teammates), including getting into a scuffle with several Saints last year when Roman Harper hit him late after Smith scored a touchdown. But from Smith’s perspective, that’s just the way business is done in the NFL.

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  1. I like Steve Smith but watching Mark Barron light him up was sweeeeet… Barron is going to be a BEAST!!!

  2. The Saints are going to have a rough year because the rest of the NFL knows about their bounty system and the rest of the teams will want a little payback.
    As for mikealstott, Barron hit Smitty as he was going out of bounds… can’t wait until next time.

    As for this weekend: Panthers 30 Aints 27

  3. catfish2012 says:
    Sep 12, 2012 2:25 PM
    Roman Harper is a wuss… the only shot he got on smitty was a cheap one… then smitty showed him what a real man hit like…


    Smitty showed him by getting into a fight with the wrong player. Not that Roman was right, but SS should have been ejected.

  4. Smith got lit up by Barron and did later take a knee on the sideline for a few plays, but the mere fact that he got up immediately after the hit shows his toughness. Even though it clearly affected him later, he wasn’t about to show it in that moment. Mad respect for Steve from this Bucs fan.

  5. Smith would be unbelievable, if he had the body of a Brandon Marshall. I believe he would even be as a good as, or better than Megatron.

    Ask me how I know? I’m Eric Chase, and I suck at the Internet.

  6. I’m shocked that football players target the guy with the ball. Oh the humanity. Thank goodness the commissioner is making sure the players don’t get a free beer in addition to the half million dollars they get per game. That would just be too much incentive to resist.

  7. Football is an angry violent sport sometimes people get hurt Steve Smith is just being real here bounties or no you risk being injured for life on every down .

  8. Smitty is one tough hombre. For a guy 5’8″, he doesn’t take any stuff off of anyone and plays with an amazingly large heart. He would have ahd 1000 yards in ’09 but for his broken arm in the second to last game, and the following year he had absolutely no QB. Now, with a really good QB he is resurging.

    One of my favorite players.

  9. I am so sick and tired of hearing about the bounty. More than half of the stories in the NFL are somewhat related. Come up with something new.

  10. The Saints are going to have a rough year because the rest of the NFL knows about their bounty system and the rest of the teams will want a little payback.


    I’m sorry…payback for what? For injuring the 2nd fewest opponents from 2009-2011?

  11. I still laugh out loud when I recall Steve Smith mopping the field up with Roman Harper after that cheap shot!!!! Lol Sure glad its not the NBA, where the retaliator gets the penalty!!!

  12. Why do “journalists” continue to bring up Steve Smith’s incidents with his “own teammates”? Especially on this website? Jeez, the last time he had an “incident” was back when George Bush was president. The media (or, rather, just Michael David Smith and Florio) routinely bring this up whenever Smith is at all mentioned in any context—despite him never getting a DWI, getting caught for performance enhancing drugs, having trouble with police, hitting pedestrians with his vehicle, street racing, wife-hitting, dog-choking, or bounty-making. The guy hasn’t even got divorced or had any major on-field incident with a coach or quarterback. Please—it’s old news! The guy is 33 years old now!

  13. Love to watch this game just because Smitty vs our secondary. He is a beast and give him all the respect cause he went out and earned his. He also got in a fight with Cap Mudderlyn during this off season. So it’s not just the sucker punch he did on Lucas.

  14. It sure looked like “powder puff” in Tampa last Sunday when the Bucs beat the crap out of the Panthers, a team that one of its own predicted a SuperBowl ring in a full page ad before the season.

    Cam sure looks “powder puff” with the white towel on his head when he’s moping on the sidelines drawing attention to himself because he doesn’t know enough about TEAM to realize a leader doesn’t sit and whine… a leader lets go of the mistakes and fires up the rest of the team.

    Rivera sounded “powder puff” when he said he was given “new looks” by a first year NFL head coach.

    Somebody pass me a Hardee burger with BBQ and fried onion rings and plenty of sauce. That’s about the only thing so far this season that isn’t “powder puff” in Charlotte.

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