The Week One coaching hot seat


Pats coach Bill Belichick, who could become No. 8 on the all-time wins list this Sunday, will never be on the hot seat.  But five other coaches are.

Every week.

Yes, it’s the first regular-season edition of the PFT Live hot seat.

So who’s on it? There’s only one way to find out, other than asking someone else who already has watched it.

Watch it.

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7 responses to “The Week One coaching hot seat

  1. I welcome the new ownership in Cleveland. I know many Browns fans agree with me when I say that I hope that Mr. Haslam is “THE” owner that we’ve needed for years.
    I hope that Mr. Haslam makes wholesale changes. Holmgren, Heckert, and Shurmur are not moving the Browns in the right direction. They drafted Richardson way too high and they panic drafted Weeden after botching an attempt to acquire RGIII. Holmgren picked “little” Fritz as head coach when the team needed an experienced coach with a proven record of success.
    I truly look forward to next year when Mr. Haslam can truly take the reigns and make the wholesale changes needed to turn this perennially losing franchise into a winner.
    Browns fans deserve much better appreciation for the continued loyalty that they have shown.

  2. @ bigdawgy54
    I couldn’t agree more. In year 3 of Holmgren/Heckert, the team should be much further along in its rebuilding than it is. While I had high hopes when Holmgren took over, it seems clear that his leadership will not bring a championship to Cleveland.

    My concern with Haslam is that I’m not sold on Joe Banner. He’s already working behind the scenes to put the front office together. But his time in Philly was marked by having bad relations with players and trying to exercise too much control in the franchise. I’m not sure that a good coach or free agent will want to come to Cleveland with Banner heading up the front office.

  3. When Holmgren got hired as president I posted on here that it was a big mistake, as he’s a terrible front office exec. He proved that as a failed GM in Seattle, now as a failed president in Cleveland. The Cleveland fans respectfully (sarcasm) disagreed with me. Now they’ve all turned against him, and rightfully so. I truly feel sorry for them that they were actually taken in by the false hope he offered.

  4. Man, I’d hate to see it happen to any of the coaches in the NFL, but it would be hysterical to see a coach fired after week 1 or 2. That would just show the most ridiculously impatient owner ever.

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