Tyron Smith draws $15,750 fine for game-changing tackle


The NFL has said that it will emphasize horse-collar tackling in 2012.  And the emphasis begins with a $15,750 fine imposed against Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith.

According to Mike Fisher of FOXSportsSouthwest.com, Smith will have that amount deducted from a game check for pulling Giants linebacker Michael Boley down from behind.  Boley (pictured) had intercepted a Tony Romo pass, and Boley was heading for the end zone.

The move saved a touchdown and gave the Giants only a couple of extra yards of field position, since the illegal tackle happened inside the New York 10.  Then, thanks in part to a Dallas holding penalty that the replacement officials missed, the Cowboys held the Giants to a field goal.

Coach Jason Garrett has praised Smith for his “hustle, his determination, his will,” calling the penalty a “four-point play.”

If Garrett feels that way, maybe he should tuck $15,750 into the four corners of an envelope and leave it in Smith’s locker.

41 responses to “Tyron Smith draws $15,750 fine for game-changing tackle

  1. The team should pay that fine. The game might have been totally different if he hadnt made that tackle. And it wasnt possible, given his body position, to make a proper tackle.

    If he didnt horse collar, it would have been 7 instead of the 3.

  2. That Scandrick play could have been called either way Mike. I guess you’re one of the same people who think the Giants beat themselves.

  3. Watch the video again and tell me if Tyron’s hand goes INSIDE the jersey and/or pads and if he “immediately pulls the runner to the ground.”

  4. Look, I’m a Giants fan, but I don’t think a fine was necessary.

    You can blame officials and penalties all you want, but we didn’t execute on the opportunities we did have.

    To say the least, our offense looked pretty “flacid”. We’ll pick it up against Tampa Bay though. NFC East = Toughest division in football.

  5. ^And I’m not saying we beat ourselves, I’m just saying we didn’t keep up. Cowboys look impressive this year. It definitely won’t be a sweep this season, though.

  6. That raises an interesting question though when the league is going nuts trying to protect players from injury and rightly recognize that a horsecollar is one of the most dangerous plays seen.
    Smith is being praised for an action the league is focusing on trying to prevent.
    So…. are we to understand that incredibly dangerous actions by players are OK with their coaches, owners, and team as long as the end result is positive? Would the rhetoric be the same if his horsecollar had resulted in Boley having season ending knee surgery, which is the biggest concern with that type of tackle?

  7. So Garrett encourages illegal tackles that can injure players as long as it benefits his team?

    Well next match JPP should pick up Romo and slam him on his head, I will donate for this fine.

  8. If the team/owner doesn’t take care of the fine, what incentive does a guy have to try to make a play like that?

    I am glad Boley wasn’t hurt (I don’t want to see anyone get hurtlike that) but as a former O-lineman myself, that was a good play and great hustle.

  9. The thing that made the horse collar dangerous was that Roy Williams would pull by the back of the shoulder pads and then sort of fall on the ball carriers legs…thus all the injuries from horse collar tackles were to players legs, Smith did nothing like that, the sort of tackle Smith made has NEVER resulted in an injury.

    As far as Florio’s continued crying over the Scandrick hold, they let stuff like that go every week down on the goal line, they sure weren;t calling all those pick plays NY was running either, lastly, when one team is flagged 14 times, the other team 4, I have a hard time believing the refs gave the team with 4 penalties a raw deal.

  10. Some of you guys are clowns. “the team shouild pay it”, lol. Yeah, that’s gonna work out well, because I’m sure the league would have no problem with the cowboys circumventing the cap by giving players extra payments (paying a fine for someone is the same thing)

    Have you learned nothing from the Saints? I mean, I know Garrett turned out to be nothing but a hype machine, and is at best an ok coach, but there are easier ways to get rid of him than to get him the Sean Peyton treatment

  11. I’m sure the NFL loves you suggesting that a coach should pay for a fine to a player. Especially when the connection can easily be drawn to the bounty scandal.

    Just do an fictional portrayal of professional football in a web series and Florio will be hosting MNF in no time. Worked for ESPN. Seriously, create a fictional league and center it around a team taping other teams illegally, doing bounties, the QB could have a tendency to pick up drunk girls at bars and take them in back rooms. Limitless possibilities. Have the WR get hurt getting beat by his girl and have him say he slipped on a fast food bag. Take all the bad stuff and roll it up into one team. If you want to host MNF this year then base the team in Dallas.

    Maybe time for me to write the book.

  12. It’s my opinion that a horsetackle to save a touchdown should result in an ejection. For example, if you horsecollar within 10-20 yards of the goal line, or if you are judged to be the last possible defender for your team and you horsecollar. Perhaps it might be too much to also award an automatic touchdown, but basically, this illegal play has stopped what would have been many many dazzling touchdowns. Raiders fans recall a near touchdown stopped at the 2 by the Bears last year, that nearly cost the Raiders the game…

  13. I miss the days when football was about punishment and not cash money millionaires protection.

  14. I see there are more football know-nothings on here today than usual. I hope none of you dumb-asses is registered to vote.

  15. The team should pay the fine??? That makes no sense! And you don’t KNOW it woulda been 7 pts instead of 3. Cowboys were totally prepared for anything with the Giants!

  16. I’m all for player safety and fining players for cheap hits, BUT a fine seems unnecessary here.

    The hit wasn’t malicious, and it didn’t appear worse than the garden-variety horsecollar tackle you see almost every game that result in a 15-yard penalty but no fine.
    The penalty by itself was enough of a punishment in this case.

  17. Fans of the ‘Boys are saying the coach or Jones should be glad to pick up that tab. Salary cap violation! (this is what the Saints have heard) What if the guy had been injured by the horsecollar? Isn’t that why it is illegal? Not much different from a so called “bounty” if a person is injured on a play and the team picks up the tab because it benefits the performance of the team……..better think more about how Goodell has screwed the Saints with his interpretation of what football is about.

    He wasn’t paid to injure a player, but isn’t that what would happen if someone else pays the fine? Amazing how attitudes are different when it’s your team.

  18. Obviously Cowboy fans will gladly cheat to win then pay money to cover it up. They sure can’t win playing straight up on the field. Dallas is just a team that was once good a long time ago. Why don’t we get them and their sociopath owner off the airwaves.

  19. I understand the fine all the way. I wouldn’t argue about that at all. I am happy Smith made the play though. Not because he tackled the way he did but because he kept them from scoring. The people who are blasting people like me for ‘praising’ the horse collar tackle need to recognize that we’re happy about him stopping the TD. Any kind of tackle would have had the same kind of reaction. Sucks he had to horse tackle but he didn’t really have any options.

    Now people need to not be so silly and start suggesting harsher penalties. Getting docked over 15k is pretty significant I am sure. Giving someone a TD? Are you serious? They got the ball at the 1 or 2. They had little work to do at that point to get the TD and its their fault they couldn’t.

    Dallas cheat? Not sure how cheating came from that tackle. Wow, some people truly amaze me

  20. gonna be tough to “focus” on horse collar tackles with refs who don’t catch it in game.

    They also missed a horse collar tackle on Peterson in the Viking/Jags game. I don’t expect the league to impose a fine there, because it wasn’t a “premier” game.

  21. It as a heck of a play on both sides, unfortunately it ended with what was called a horse collar tackle.

    Like someone mentioned above, the intent with this tackle was different than with Roy Williams and other defensive players were doing for years. However it still met the criteria. So a penalty was called.

    There was no mal-intent, however the fine needs to be imposed so that there is no chance for a claim of partiality! Remember James Harrison and Ryan Clark? One of the first things that they say is that they are being unfairly picked on. This is just showing that isn’t the case.

    The penalty is something that the team was willing to deal with. The fine should help teach the player to be more careful.

    For those people that think the owner should pay the bill, while that would be nice, that is exactly could be construed as a bounty. So Jerry should stay away from that.

  22. I can’t wait to see how much Laron Landry gets fined. The above mentioned play was child’s play in terms of danger level compared to Landry’s barrel roll into the knee of Fred Jackson. I have no respect at all for Landry after seeing that on TV. Had the two stiffs in the tv booth noticed what he did, I am sure everybody would be talking about this play. It was horrible.

  23. Take it easy Cowboy haters. The guy made a hustle play. My guess is that most of you “know it alls” never played the game. You’re not thinking ” hey I’m going to pull this guy down and break his legs.” You’re thinking “I have to get to him to keep him from the end zone.” Yes it was a horse collar, but it was far from a dirty play you whining babies

  24. Oh no!! Say it ain’t so!! Somebody did something that could hurt another player on the football field to help their team win a game? Not to mention the coach praised the player? Suspend the Player and the Coach!!!

  25. Same situation as you often see, a penalty that makes sense to commit. The guy saved a touchdown. When they need that win to get in the playoffs 16 weeks from now, that play will be remembered as the determining factor in the game that decided playoff seeding. And….

    Smith will earn far more than $15,750 for the appearance in the NFC Wildcard game.

  26. “Well next match JPP should pick up Romo and slam him on his head, I will donate for this fine.”

    What makes you so sure JPP will get close enough to Romo to do that in the first place? Did he even play last Wednesday?

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