Urlacher probable, Tillman questionable for Bears


Bears coach Lovie Smith told us Tuesday that linebacker Brian Urlacher would start against the Packers on Thursday night.

That proclamation is looking even better after Urlacher participated in Wednesday’s brief practice before being listed as probable on the team’s injury report. That leaves little doubt that the Bears will have Urlacher at middle linebacker from the start of the game.

The outlook is a bit less clear for cornerback Charles Tillman, who is dealing with a shin injury. He was limited during practice and is listed as questionable for Thursday night. If Tillman isn’t able to play, Tim Jennings and Kelvin Hayden will be charged with slowing down the Packers receivers.

That group might not include Greg Jennings, who is listed as doubtful thanks to a groin injury. The Packers would still have Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Randall Cobb and Jermichael Finley to catch Aaron Rodgers’ passes, so it should be a tough draw for the Bears secondary under any circumstances. The Packers also listed cornerback Davon House and running back James Starks as doubtful. Linebacker Jamari Lattimore and defensive C.J. Wilson are both questionable for Green Bay.

11 responses to “Urlacher probable, Tillman questionable for Bears

  1. Hope Urlacher plays better than he did Sunday against the Colts. On a few of those big runs the Bears D gave up in the first half, he was pushed aside like a little kid and looked like he couldn’t quite plant on that knee. Worrisome, indeed.

  2. A creaky Urlacher trying to cover Finley in the middle of the field, and no Tillman on the outside? Rodgers must be loving this news.

  3. Amazing that the Bears will have the best receiver on the field for once. I’d say the Packers’ secondary has the tougher job for a while.

  4. The Bears don’t have the weapons on offense to keep up with the Packers, even if Jennings is out. Brandon Marshall would be the 3rd receiver in GB, Alshon would probably be on the Practice squad for a year or two.

    That, coupled with Tillman and Urlacher not being 100%, and the Bears having easily the worst offensive line in football (history?) will mean an easy victory for the Packers.

    Packers 42, Bears 13.

  5. @thetokyomanblaster

    That’s almost as funny as the lame Conan O’Brien poop “joke” from which you (perhaps appropriately) derived your name.

    You so crazy.

    My prediction: Bears new improved offense preying upon Packers defense certainly helps shape the game, but it’s the Bears DEFENSE that really makes the difference (despite all the refs’ best efforts otherwise).

  6. Oh, I get it. A gay joke. Haha.

    You turned my name into something insinuating I like men.

    I can do that, too.

    Hey “toomanymenruinedmypoopchute,” you should tell Peppers to ask the league leader in sacks for some pointers in getting to the QB.

    Matthews can show peppers first hand, as he’ll probably triple his sack total against that turnstile bears o-line.

    PS, I like how you already have the built in ref excuse.

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