With next win, Belichick is eighth on all-time list


Patriots coach Bill Belichick is seven wins away from an important milestone.  With 193 total wins, he will become only the eighth coach to have 200 or more for a career.

Before that happens, he has get into eighth place on the all-time victory list.  Sunday’s win over the Titans pulled Belichick into a tie with Chuck Knox, who won 193 games with the Rams, Bills, and Seahawks.  Belichick’s next win will give him the No. 8 spot.

With one more victory beyond 200, Belichick will tie Dan Reeves with 201 wins.  Next on the list is Marty Schottenheimer, with 205.  (And, no, UFL wins don’t count.)

By next year, Belichick will be in position to catch legendary Steelers coach Chuck Noll, who won 209 games.  After that, the gaps get bigger; Curly Lambeau has 229, Tom Landry won 270, George Halas had 324, and Don Shula won 347 times.

Belichick, now 60, could conceivably catch Shula.  But it would be a little easier if quarterback Tom Brady would play another 10 or 12 years.

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  1. Belichick isn’t the only one who would be just fine with Brady playing another 12 years, if he stayed productive. Whatever else you want to say about Belichick the second someone (even Brady) stops being productive they are gone.

  2. He won’t be coaching til 75 though. thats just very unlikely. if he wins 10 games a year for 10 years and retires at 70, hes still only at 293(at this point 10 years down the line), you have a couple 12 win seasons and 11 win seasons and find your way to 300. thats probably it.

    Id say he might catch tom landry, win a super bowl, and call it a career.

  3. I love TB, but I get sick of the constant “WITHOUT TB, BB IS NOTHING” commentary from some media and fans. It’s a team game. BB benefits from TB, and vice versa. They make each other better. More to the point, TB doesn’t feel that way because if he did he would have taken off in FA for a ton more money at some point to “prove it”. We Pats fans are very lucky to have a QB who “gets” the team thing 100%. And yes, BB is lucky too. 🙂

  4. He might go down as the best coach of all-time.

    8 Superbowl appearances
    5 Superbowl wins (2 as a Def Coordinator)

    And for the trolls, he is 65-16 since 2007.

    His knowledge of the game is almost unparalleled. One of my favorite stories is when Andre Carter signed with them last year, and midway through the season, he said he had learned more about football than in his entire career combined.

  5. sportsmeccabi says:
    Sep 12, 2012 2:37 PM
    Great coach, don’t get me wrong. But the all time greats can win anywhere and his Cleveland record isn’t any good.


    Bill Walsh was 8-24 as a head coach before Montana became a full time starter.

  6. For those that don’t think Tom Brady is the sole reason for Belichick’s success, I present exhibit A: The Cleveland Brown years.

  7. Great for B.B., but really suprising that M. Schottenhiemers’ legacy will never be as good as his companys. He was a great coach, but just not on the level as the coaches in this list. B.B. will always carry the spygate stigma though.

    Ask me how I know? I’m Eric Chase, and I suck at the Internet.

  8. I can’t remember, how good was Belichick before Tom took over QB? In NE and Cleveland.. I don’t think he was thought of as an outstanding coach, right?

  9. vincentbojackson says:
    Sep 12, 2012 3:08 PM
    For those that don’t think Tom Brady is the sole reason for Belichick’s success, I present exhibit A: The Cleveland Brown years.


    AGAIN this is always a stupid argument!!

    I present exhibit B (for the second time)

    Bill Walsh was 8-24 without Montana.

    Oh and who was the head coach the last time the Browns won a playoff game?

    Oh yeah it was BB

    And people always leave out the fact that when he was the head coach there that franchise was in total disarray.

  10. You shouldn’t be counting the post season because it’s apples-oranges when taken into context with all other coaches. That’s why player stats don’t include the post season.

    Halas was 318 Regular season for instance.

  11. Belichick has been great, but unfortunately Shula is still the greatest coach ever and he probably won’t be passed. I really despise every arrogant word Shula says, but 347 wins, and not too many bad seasons along the way either. Hard to argue. I have to say, the only time I ever like listening to Shula is when he talks about the snow plow game against the Patriots and is still angry about it. Makes me laugh every time.

    For those that think Belichick is a cheater, the people that matter don’t care about it because every coach steals signals in any way possible. That’s why there’s no outrage from any NFL coaches, owners, HOF voters, etc and they all go on praising him. You’ll have to keep being angry about it forever because there will never be an asterisk except in your mind.

  12. I really think that Brady needs Bellichick more than the other way around. As far as the comment criticizing his Cleveland Brown years, you aren’t looking at the facts. He was in the process of getting the team back to being winners. In fact they hit the playoffs the year before the move. His hands were tied by an owner who was trying not to spend money at the time, and in a dispute with the city threatening to leave. Bellichick, is a defensive mind. Whenever NE has won the Super Bowl, they have had one of the best Ds in the league. When I think of those 3 Pats rings, I don’t think of how dominant Brady was..I think of those Pats Ds, that confounded and confused offenses. Remember he had two rings as a DC for the Giants. His 1990 Super Bowl defensive game plan is in the HOF. I don’t see how anyone can connect his success to Brady.

  13. 65-16 post spygate.

    About to make an 8th AFC Championship game Appearance

    Possibly a 6th SB appearance.

    Its a good thing he was using cameras and footage available to anyone in the stadiums to tape the Jet’s defensive signals. None of those wins would have come without that.

  14. To all thise saying Brady made BB remember Brady is a system QB. Matt Cassel went 11-5 in NE. Remember that? What has he done since? BB is an arrogant cheater, but the man wins. And this is from a Carolina fan.

  15. Didn’t the Pats go 11-5 when Brady went out in game 1… entered Matt Cassel?

    And the Colts go 1-15 without Manning.

    I think it’s BB in NE, not TB in NE that makes that team. TB just makes BB’s life easier…

  16. He could win the next 10 superbowls an pass Schula, but he’ll never earn the reputation as greatest all time – sorry loser folks from New England, but he got caught cheating and that alone seals his fate. Dishonorable. Lack of integrity. No character.

  17. Weeeelllll Shula may be the winningest coach ever, but he’s probably not top 5 in terms of greatness. And if you disagree I hope you’re not one of those people that discounts Tony Romo’s winning percentage, which is among the best of all active QB’s (.625).

  18. To everyone that’s trying to make themselves feel betterby bringing up spygate, please, try being open minded during discussions, it is much more interesting that way. I’m not even remotely a Pat’s fan, but Belichek is in my opinion better than his record indicates. Hands down he is the best in the NFL right now, and has been for years. He thinks ahead a season or two, like the Te Jake Ballard. That was considered a cheap move by many, but it was actually a great decision that will end up helping the team. Numbers or not, I say he is in the top 3.

  19. If Bill was HC of the NYG they still would have won those two Super Bowls (their first two.) Parcells without BB didn’t have that much success…

    Brady, however, if you are a fan of him… the guy is driven and would be a winner anywhere as long as he got the chance. The difference with having BB as his coach as it’s taken him from good (Top 10 QB) to great (Hall of Famer.) I’m not sure what other coach would ride Brady the way I’m sure BB does every day.

    Separate they are 10-6, 11-5… together they are 12-4, 13-2, 14-2. Unbelievable. We are blessed to have these two at the same time. Hallelujiah!

  20. binkystevens says:
    Sep 12, 2012 6:04 PM
    He could win the next 10 superbowls an pass Schula, but he’ll never earn the reputation as greatest all time – sorry loser folks from New England, but he got caught cheating and that alone seals his fate. Dishonorable. Lack of integrity. No character.

     2 13 
    Nope sorry not true.
    If that was the case he wouldn’t have been named AP coach of the year in 07.
    Voted on by writers from around the country.

    The only people who think that are the jelouse fans from other teams ( and yes , that’s what you are).

    And your opinion doesnt count.

  21. as for the brady argument. belichick was the one who saw something in brady in the first place. under belichick they: kept brady as the 4th qb his rookie year, recognized his improvement and promoted him to second string the next year, realized brady fit the system better and kept him in there even when bledsoe was healthy (not a wildly popular decision) and ultimately made the choice to trade the more proven veteran (bledsoe) for the youngster with upside (brady). choosing the personnel is a big part of being a head coach.

    also, its not like belichick was horrible in cleveland. he did get them to the playoffs one year, and its hard to really count the last season he was there considering the modell situation

  22. also…yeah. i dont think he’s a terrible coach who’s accidentally won 193 games on the strength of “cheating”. the fact that he was a good coach before and has been a good coach since the supposed “spygate” era kinda contridicts that theory

  23. Coaches are judged by championships … and as many games as Shula won … how many rings does he have… and if he was so great … why couldn’t he get 2 or 3 rings with Marino … ( in my opinion a better QB than Brady) …

    BB’s greatness will be measured in hardware when it is all done… and in my opinion he took too long to get out of the coordinator ranks to make any kind of move on the most wins catagory… he has only been a head coach for like 18 seasons (he is almost 60)

    So I challenge any of you to tell me which all time coach had a bigger impact on a team than he has had with the Pats… 5 super bowl appearences in 10 season… who else has done that? (it is a short list)… in the salary cap era and having had lost all of his coordinators to HC jobs …

    BB will and should go down near the top of list of all time greats…What he has done and will do with the Patriots will measured as the possibly the greatest coaching performance ever.

  24. @mrcogburn

    If you think Shula has class, watch him in the booth in 2007 during the game between NE and Baltimore openly cheering for Baltimore to win so that Miami would be the only undefeated team in NFL history. Yeah, real class.

    Hell, listen to him every year (along with Mercury Morris) when the last undefeated team loses. And, as someone mentioned earlier, listen to him talk about the snow plow game. Yes, he was probably upset when it happened…30 years ago. But, he should be able to laugh about it now because when you think about it, it was funny that that happened–a convict on work release affected the outcome of an NFL game. I mean, seriously, who can make that s**t up?

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