Bucs say Blount had a stinger


The mystery has been solved.  We think.

LeGarrette Blount didn’t have a concussion, even though he looked woozy.  And he didn’t have a a leg injury, even though he grabbed his leg.

Blount had a stinger, a pinched nerve.  And he didn’t practice on Wednesday because he went to Charlotte for an MRI.

Per Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, Blount has been cleared.

“Regardless of whether a player says he feels good, we’re still going to go through the battery of tests,” G.M. Mark Dominik said.  “That’s really important to us.  That’s why I ordered an MRI on his neck and back.”

The mystery was fueled by the fact that the Bucs claimed after the game that Blount wasn’t injured.  On Monday, coach Greg Schiano suggested that he was.  Then, the team insisted that Blount didn’t have a concussion.

And the fact that the doctors who provide services to the players are paid for by the team.  Which always will create suspicion, especially if a team could be trying to avoid using the “C” word, which puts the situation in the hands of an independent neurologist.

Which was the subject of one of the segments on Wednesday’s Pro Football Talk.

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