Calvin Johnson returns to practice


So much for the Madden curse.

A day after superstitious football fans proclaimed that Lions receiver Calvin Johnson missing practice with a foot injury constitutes conclusive evidence that the presence of his picture on the plastic box that contains a small disc means he is destined for disaster, Johnson returned to action.

According to Tim Twentyman of the team’s official website, the man known as Megatron fully participated in practice.

My foot’s good, you know,” Johnson said Thursday.  “Just wanted to give it a day to rest yesterday so that I could get out here and stress it today.  You want to stress it on a day like today because it’s a big run day for us so you can see how it would respond in a game.”

The Lions also got good news via the fact that cornerback Chris Houston (ankle) participated on a limited basis for the second straight day.

Missing practice on Thursday were safety Louis Delmas (knee), cornerback Bill Bentley (concussion), defensive tackle Corey Williams (knee), defensive end Lawrence Jackson (calf), and linebacker Travis Lewis (quad).

With a banged-up defense, it could be a long night for the Lions on Sunday in San Francisco.

32 responses to “Calvin Johnson returns to practice

  1. “With a banged-up defense, it could be a long night for the Lions on Sunday in San Francisco.”
    Oh my god! A long night in SF! Lions, do yourself a favor, you don’t stand a chance. Just stay home—your’re going to get boat-raced.

  2. When you have a $120+ contract, you can afford to see the best foot specialist in the world … Rex Ryan.

  3. 808raiderinparadise says:Sep 13, 2012 4:41 PM

    When you have a $120+ contract, you can afford to see the best foot specialist in the world … Rex Ryan.


    Usually the Rex Ryan foot jokes are overplayed and not funny. This one however was hilarious. Good one sir.

  4. It’s almost impossible to stop Alex Smith even when you bring your A-game. OMG, what do you do when you’re all banged up!

  5. Even with Johnson 100% on Sunday, expect the 49ers to smash the Lions. It is going to be a game fought through the air, and with the Lions having so many issues on Defense the 9ers are going to have an easy day with Moss and Crabtree going all out.

  6. You are not supposed to talk about a curse because it will come true. Just kidding! Football is a brutal sport where injuries are part of the game. It is very rare for a player to go uninjured during a season. It just so happens that each year someone has to be picked for the cover and they get banged up. On another note C Johnson is a beast on madden.

  7. Wow, Niners fans are so full of themselves its rediculous. The Niners have a GREAT defense, but c’mon. Crabtree? Nothin special. Moss? Washed up. Davis? Hes good. Manningham? Come on man.

    Thats a decent WR lineup, but the way the Niners talk is if they have the greatest show on turf.

    The Niners probably will win in a close one, but Jim Harbaugh will always remain a whiny little girl.

  8. Lions fans : Lions will destroy the Niners, Niners suck, Lions to the superbowl, Lions going 15-1!

    Niners fans : Niners will win, Niners receivers > Lions secondary, Niners D > Lions O, Niners beat Lions at one the road, now it is in SF!

    If you were to point out one fan base in the multiple Niners-Lions threads that are a bit over confident or “full of themselves” it would be some (not all) of the Lions fans.

  9. He better strap it on tight and be %100 cuz he’s gonna take a beating from the best defense In the NFL. No chance the Lions beat the amazing Alex Smith. 49ers 33 Lions 24 Niners get their Super Bowl season off to a 2-0 start

  10. @lionsdraftguy WHAT!!! First off we don’t have the best WR corps but to say V.Davis is good wrong Davis has made more TD in last 3 years than any other TE or WR yes he is tied with Fitzgerald. So that makes Davis a complete stud now Moss is washed up he had a fantastic game Sunday especially considering he played limited snaps. Finally you don’t think crabtree is any good well instead of just talking out your ass you should actually watch a player. Cause if you did you would see Crabtree had a very nice game and he is 100% heathly and got to build some chemistry with smith. So think before you write because It just shows how Detroit don’t know anything as fans.

  11. I’m not too worried about our defense Mike.
    Alex Smith is no Matt Stafford.
    Can’t wait to serve these guys and watch Harbaugh really freak out. He looks like his head is going to explode every time he throws one of his little tantrums on the sidelines.

  12. Isn’t Megatron the robot that turns into a puny gun and gets smashed by Optimus Prime? Cj will get his yards perhaps a TD but at the end of the night he’s gonna wish he was not in that contest. Is effort? Futile as Optimus Prime is running
    strong on all 3 cylinders and the end is the same.

  13. No way Lions win this week! 35-17 niners the run game will be done halfway through the first quarter then plan on SF to have 6 db’s on the field Stafford throws for 350 and three picks…Megatron shut down like last year!

  14. Wow, so much overconfidence and over reaction placed on week 1.
    As a Lions fan, I find it funny the vitreal most 9ers fans have against the Lions.

    After last years game, the most comments on Lions posts the rest of the entire season – were from 9ers fans.

    It is also funny how 9ers fans say “just stay home you don’t have a chance”! I am a realist (have to be when being a true fan and season ticket holder for this team since the 70s) and in no way predicting a win for my lions on Sunday. But games are played for a reason and if the 9ers are as overconfident as most of their fans, they could have a real coming back down to earth party Sunday night.

    Either way, it will be a good game. And it’s only week 2!

  15. All this talk after one week of play. You all are jumping the gun especially regarding the madden curse. Many guys didn’t get hurt until weeks 4 or 5. Now you woke a sleeping bear. Madden is up in his mansion pushing buttons to activate the Megatron Mangler. God speed Chris Johnson, may Allah be with you through these dark days.

  16. ty49er4life says:
    He better strap it on tight and be %100 cuz he’s gonna take a beating from the best defense In the NFL. No chance the Lions beat the amazing Alex Smith. —
    LOL! The amazing Alex Smith? 2 years ago, you wanted to run him out of town! 9er fans are as fickle as a little school girl.

  17. Is this the same Lions that we beat at their house last year and Gore ran all over them? This is our home opener the crowd noise will be CRAZY!!!! This is also the best defense in the NFL that just shut down the Packers who have multiple receiving threats. The Niners run game goes crazy after multiple Stafford turnovers….27-17 Niners!

  18. Niner fan here,

    I was at the game last year and it went to the wire… no reason to expect any different this time around. You guys have the best WR in the game, with a deadly QB. A top 10 Offense vs. a top 10 Defense. No reason for overconfidence on either side. Both teams are better today than they were the last time.

    Let’s just be happy that both franchises have turned it around, and that this matchup could be indicative of a post-season matchup, as opposed to a lottery for the first pick of the 2013 draft.

    Let’s hope for an injury-free game, and keep any pivotal decisions out of the hands of the refs.

    Primetime, sunday. Fan or not, you gotta love it.

  19. The lions are cursed. Until Ford sells the team they will never see a Super Bowl.
    Since he has owned the team (1963) they have had more top 10 draft picks than any other NFL team.
    Bring back Bobby Layne.

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