Chris Johnson calls his sluggish start “frustrating”


Chris Johnson doesn’t look like Chris Johnson anymore, and he seems as confused as anyone.

The Titans running back had just four yards on 11 carries last week against the Patriots, and he called it another “frustrating” day.

“It’s just a situation where me and my teammates know we have a lot more work to do,’’ Johnson said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “Of course it makes you run angry, it makes you upset. . . . When things don’t go right I know everything is going to get pointed at me because I am the main focal point, I got a big contract.

“At the end of the day I just have to continue to work just like my other offensive players.”

Johnson does make a valid point about the money. Ever since he got it, he doesn’t look like the same guy.

He responded to his $53.5 million deal signed a year ago with a 1,047-yard season, or just over half his 2009 total.

Of course, it’s not fair to blame just Johnson.

“We could sustain our blocks better, we could run to the hole better, we could make better calls,’’ offensive coordinator Chris Palmer said. “It’s a combination of things. Everybody blames the quarterback when it’s not complete but is the protection alright? This is a team sport and you need all 11 guys involved whether it be the run game or the pass game.”

All those things are true, but Johnson hit on the salient point. He’s the playmaker, and the money maker. When things fall apart, it’s going to fall back on him.

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  1. ‘At the end of the day I just have to continue to work just like my other offensive players.”
    No Chris Johnson, you have to work like someone who’d hold out for a $59mil contract and then say it’s not about the money it’s about the principle.

    Oh wait, you work exactly like that getting 4yds on 11 carries.

  2. I’m sure he’s chomping at the bit to give back some of that money he “deserved” based on his previous performance.

  3. CJ2k was a product of an amazing Titans Oline that year. The holes he could run through were huge. AP is coming off multiple ligament tears and has further proven to be the superior back to Johnson. You are a good back, not elite CJ.

  4. ll the marquee RB’s in the league have to be hating this guy’s guts right now. Basically, he ruined it for them all. The first time an agent for a high profile RB asks for a nice contract the rebuttal will go something like this: “uh uh, no way we’re going to end up like the Titans with Chris Johnson. Your boy is replaceable.”.

  5. True story… I have a life-size doll of RGIII that sleeps in my bed with me. Sometimes we talk about fantasy late into the night…

  6. CJ was crazy lucky that one year with a truly outstanding O line…. then all that craziness with the contract

    you ever notice that anybody who holds out doesn’t play very well the next couple of years? and the guys who get big paydays literally do nothing to earn it?

  7. Maybe I’m feeling generous because my Patriots are coming off a win, in which the young Defense played great, but I give credit to Johnson for manning up and taking responsibility.

    He didn’t fully absolve his OL either – and well he should not – but he didn’t throw them under the bus either.

    It’s a team sport.

  8. Johnson is the poster boy for why teams who page big up front money in signing bonuses should never renegotiate the contracts and give these guys more money. Huge huge mistake by his team.

  9. Hell when one has no heart and is in it for the money this is what u get. and all this BS!!!! the o-line didn’t block or a TE missed a block the QB missed something what the F ever he should be able to fart and get at least 25 or 30 yds he is washed up plain and simple. but because good ole Bud runs such a 1st class organization ha yeah right this is prime example why we continue to be mediocre. we’ll hear Munch say CJ is still our guy all the way up to week 16 before we bench his worthless behind. I say play Harper or search out trades or scour the free agent/practice squads for another option enough is enough already.

  10. Let’s see, Johnson is making $8 million this season, divided by 16 games is a cool half a mil a week. So last week, every one of those four yards was worth $125,000 each.

    Nice ROI, CJ ….. earning every nickel of that fat contract, huh?

  11. “It’s just a situation where me and my teammates know we have a lot more work to do,’’ Johnson said, … “At the end of the day I just have to continue to work just like my other offensive players.”

    Sounds like he’s allergic to responsibilty, choosing to share his poor results with his teammates. He should be sharing the humongous check that he isn’t earning.

  12. Chargers key RB Mathews isn’t even going to play. But if CJ doesn’t crank it, Sunday will a long day for the Titans. Kameron Wimbley will have to get 8 sacks. Not likely.
    PS – the outside linebackers for the Chargers seem hugely improved this year. Locker, keep your arms inside the vehicle and do not approach the wild animals.

  13. Maybe he should have worked out with AP as he was re-habbing his knee this winter and learned something about how to be a professional and avoid “frustration”.

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