Columnist: Tebow could ask for trade after season if not starter

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Well, that didn’t take long.

Even as the Jets try to put to rest the circus talk, and even after an impressive win in the opener, it never stops.

Gary Myers of the New York Daily News, citing an unnamed league source, said that Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow could ask for a trade this offseason if he doesn’t become the Jets starter.


I think he will be a good soldier,” the source told Myers. “At the end of the year, I think he will express those concerns to the Jets. He will want to move on. The one thing about Tebow is he is the quintessential team player. He would never do anything that is going to undermine the team. But he’s football-aholic. It’s in his blood. . . .

“Absolutely he will talk to the Jets or we will have misevaluated his competitive nature,” the source said. “There comes a point, where they get it and realize this is who I am and just accept that role. Tebow is not there yet.”

Aside from the idea that Tebow has great enough value with which to spur a trade ( it only takes one, but fewer and fewer people are going to be willing to take that chance with every pass he throws), there are other problems with that scenario.

Myers opines that Tebow might have preferred New York to his hometown Jaguars because it presented an easier path to get on the field.


The Jaguars have dug in their heels on Blaine Gabbert, and he has shown some degree of improvement.

And that’s good, because Gabbert was dreadful last year.

But the idea that he was on a more secure footing than Sanchez flies in the face of logic. Sure, he’s a year removed from being a first round pick. But many around the league were convinced the Jags were looking around this offseason, and only stuck with Gabbert because they couldn’t find a clear upgrade.

Sanchez has had his problems, and the Jets clearly want to light a fire under him, but he has also played excellent football at the right times. His four road playoff wins aren’t a fluke, so the idea that he’s more vulnerable than a guy who posted a 65.4 rating and a 4-10 record last year in a town where Tebow’s been revered as a God since his high school days seems as ill-targeted as a Tebow pass.

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  1. Sounds more like press specualtion to fill some column inches than actual fact.

    But if it was true, is Tebow just going to become a circus tour moving from team to team until he finds a starting gig.

    2 down 30 to go.

    Unless he goes to Canada.

  2. I don’t buy the assumption that Sanchez will still be the starting QB after this year. I don’t thinkTebow is capable of starting either. But I doubt Sanchez can hang on to the starting role either. Essentially they are both the two worst QBs in football that are close to a starting role.

  3. Gabbert has shown much more than some degree of improvement. Anyone that has watched him has noted that he looks like a totally different person/QB. He still has room for improvement, but the change is very noticeable. Tebow on the other hand looks exactly like he did at Nease High School. A great athlete that can move the ball with his might, but not looking like an NFL QB. As a Jaguars fan, I’m really glad Tebow chose the bright lights of NYC.

  4. If Tebow asks for a trade at the end of the season then I’ve officially lost respect for that man as a football player.

    I’m a fan of Tebow, but if he’s going to choose where he gets traded to from the Broncos, then turn around and ask for a trade away from the team HE CHOSE, that’s a joke.

    Tim….here’s some advice. Learn to throw the football. That’s how you’ll be on the field. You’re an icon, a great person, and a true competitor, but if you just demand trades until you’re the clear cut option at quarterback (which will never truly be the case), then as a football player, you lose a lot of respect.

  5. Honestly what team would want this guy as a starter if they’re serious about winning a Super Bowl? He just isn’t a NFL quarterback, I don’t give a damn what anybody says. He could be a Pro Bowl fullback if he was serious about staying in the league, because I wouldn’t want him as my backup quarterback either.

  6. Choose Cleveland Tebow. It’s obvious that club is in the dumps with wasting a 1st round pick on Weeden. Maybe you and Richardson can give them something to cheer about.

  7. Love him or hate him, until Tebow actually starts, ya know losing, he’s going to get a shot.

    And rightfully so I might add. I don’t want to believe we put such an idiotic view on stats as if this is a Madden video game over wins and clutch performance.

    I’m not saying Tebow can make it as a starter long term, but his record has earned him that shot.

  8. Unnamed sources are a joke!! Myers is a hack trying to stir something up as usual instead of dealing in real journalism.

  9. Thois stuff gets really stupid after a while. Some source speculates about Tebow and people get down on Tebow. Makes no sense. When Tebow actually says something, then he is fair game.

  10. So this is nothing more than speculation about Tebow on Gary Myers’ part, right? So he’s going to pontificate as if he has some sort of “inside” information on what Tebow plans to do? Personally, if he leaves, fine, if he wants out, that fine too. But don’t present yourself as if you know that Tebow is going to ask for a trade after just one game of the season has been played. Give me a break already.

  11. Can we all just calm down a little? After all, we are 1 game into the season and there’s still a lot of football left to play.

    At this point, anything can happen….

  12. “The one thing about Tebow is he is the quintessential team player. He would never do anything that is going to undermine the team.”

    are you kidding me? Teblow is anything but a team player, the guy is all about himself…all he’s done since he got to new york is undermine Sanchez

  13. “WELL, THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG … Even as the Jets try to put to rest the circus talk, and even after an impressive win in the opener, IT NEVER STOPS.” Please allow me to understand. “What” didn’t take long, and “what” doesn’t stop? The “clown” media trying forcibly to turn the Jets into the “clown” team? The Jets make a joke out of all your predictions, with nearly every “expert” not only having predicted a Buffalo win in game 1, but also a Buffalo takeover of the No. 2 spot in the AFC East. After Sunday, the new media line: “Well, the Jets beat the awful Bills. Big thing!” Oh, but what about the “clown” title? Well, according to longtime Jets hater Greg Myers, “someone” in the NFL said that Tebow “might” ask to be traded “after this year” if he can’t start, but even “Mr. Someone” admitted he will probably do it quietly and not make a fuss. Well if THAT doesn’t prove that the Jets “circus” never stops, then I don’t know what will!

  14. I was in NYC when the trade went down, I was going to mail Khan a picture of me flipping him the bird if the Jags would have gotten him. It would have saved me a lot of money though, my club seats in Everbank aren’t cheap.

  15. Everything said here was spot on, about tebow, about sanchez… and im surprised that no one mentioned how the crowd was booing tebow on sunday, he would come in and predictably run slowly up the middle for two yards and waste a down every time.. this is very different from the expected boos for sanchez and cheers for tebow so many analysts speculated about in preseason

  16. I’ve been saying all along that Tebow’s place in the NFL is as the next Crash Jensen. Crash Jensen on steroids (not literally), that is. He could be the ultimate offensive (and special teams) “joker”. The guy could get 8+TDs a year in this roll.

  17. Shocking, does he know what this will do to his image? Timmy is suppose to be a perfect role model and teammate. This sounds selfish to me. Why not beat out the starter in practice or work on being an accurate passer? It is hard to play quarterback when you cannot throw the ball accurately.

  18. I hate how everyone in the media says Sanchez is going to be benched in October like it’s a sure thing. Ok, what if the Jets are undefeated all the way through October? Just saying….

  19. Even I don’t believe for a second that Tebow has that in his contract. That would mean that the Jets braintrust ( thats an oxymoron) planned to make Tebow the starting QB all along.This is Sanchez’s make/break season.

    I really can’t think of any teams that would be interested in Tebow as a starting QB next year as has been suggested the Browns which under the new ownership will have a new HC in place next season looking for a franchise QB with a top 5 draft pick.Maybe Jax if the Jaquars have another lousy season and Gabbert doesn’t progress to sell tickets.

  20. The Tebow circus and cultists will be the roaming nomads of the NFL going from team to team and eventually Tebow will wash out and move on to the next team.

  21. What a joke Teblow was Sunday for the Jets. He showed us his “Lamecat” offense gaining 11 yards on 5 rushes, a whopping 2.2 yard per carry average. Just goes to show how grossly overrated and overhyped Teblow is.

    If Teblow wants to be a starter then he needs to go to the Lingerie League, that way his throwing like a girl won’t be so noticeable.

  22. While I respect Tim Tebow for his many attributes as a player and a human being the one thing that does not earn much respect is his inability to throw a football at the level required in the NFL. Not since the days of Joe Kapp have fans witnessed such a rag arm behind center.

  23. Anyone CAN ask for a trade technically, but this “good guy” image needs to stop. The reason is that if you’re going to talk about how great he is as a person he would shut up and accept his place.

    Character should not be determined by how nice you sound in conversations, how religious you are, or the decision to not curse. It should be determined by how much you can tolerate because if you don’t get the starting job when you do not deserve and, additionally, can’t stand it that is a sign of insecurity. When that happens it could hurt a lot of relationships that you are a part of.

  24. I apologize on behalf of Tebow. He should just accept being a backup like Kyle Orton and just collect a paycheck. He’s getting paid to play football, and he wants to play. This makes perfect sense, but somehow people are going to kill him for this. I can understand telling someone wasn’t his best move, but I kind of doubt he did it. It’s one week. He still has time to beat Sanchez. If anyone knows that it’s Tebow.

  25. Tebow is not an NFL QB. He’s just not. He need to tell his coaches that he will be a TE or RB or a hybrid player but not a good option at QB. Then he will play.

  26. if this is actually true…. Tebow’s IQ is down around his QB rating…. he has nearly zero chance of getting a better gig than he currently has…

    he should run the clock out on what he’s got…. and try to get better at being an actual throwing QB in the meantime…

  27. If tebow wants to be the best, he has to hire the best. Steve young would be a perfect candidate to train tebow to become a great qb. They both are left-handed so that’ll be a hugh plus, young also ran the ball but he also knew how to throw. He should also consider the AFL, to get used to using the improved abilities to be a better QB. I still don’t see any excuses to why tebow hasn’t showed significant improvement in his third year, yeah there was the lock out but even rookies like cam, dalton and locker outplayed him.

  28. Anyone who thinks the Jests season will go much as it did last Sunday have not been paying attention for very long. Tebow will be starting by mid-October, be benched by mid-November and back in the lineup by December just in time for Rexy’s swan-song crushing defeat.

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